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The financial portal of Internet investment America room, developed by Saxo Bank, meets his first year of life. And coinciding with its anniversary, the web site also welcomes the incorporation of Monica Coronatti to his staff as editor for North America, joining a team of journalists who comes for the most part of Bloomberg News. So far, Coronatti worked as a correspondent from New York. Born in the heat of the consolidated model of his brother portal, room of investment Spain, the website publishes daily, weekly and monthly reports on currencies, commodities and stock market, as well as articles that include data and macroeconomic perspectives from a year ago. In addition, it has an education section, where the experts explain everything you need to operate successfully in different types of markets. One of the resources most demanded by investors also are the ideas of trading, content that is also offered daily by the digital site. Sala de Inversion It publishes reports of the team of experts of Saxo Bank and his large team of employees.

In Spain, the portal also has the analysis of Activotrade, Agenbolsa, ClickTrade, Cortal Consors, Dif Broker, Inversis, Orey iTrade and Self Bank. For its part, room investment America can find material that produce Research for Traders and ruarte Reports from Argentina, while group Bursametrica and meta-analyses do the same from Mexico. Room of investment covers the European and Asian markets, of the United States and Colombia, in addition to the Argentine and Mexican. In addition, both portals keep your users informed at all times through their pages on Facebook and Twitter. Already there are more than 13,000 fans who follow the portal on Facebook every day (more than 11,000 in America and almost 2,000 in Spain), posting your comments and ideas. On Twitter, Sala de Inversion has more than 3,600 followers so far; more 2,500 in America and more than 1,100 in Spain. This year, the portal He will seek closer to the computer room of investment users through social networks, to achieve even a dialogue more personal, so very soon fans of the web page may converse with the team on Facebook, or follow them directly on Twitter. On the other hand, and as gift by its first anniversary, investment America room is offering users the option to be downloaded free from the web an unpublished guide on the market, which contains the 10 most important keys to invest online.

The document was drawn up by experts, answers major questions from investors, provides strategies for properly assembling a portfolio, and explains where to get analysis and reliable trading ideas, among other topics. The link to download the guide is in the version of America, and for the Spanish version. Original articles: America: Spain: more information: Uriel Alvarado Cancino Head of Marketing, Latin Region. Saxo Bank + 45-3977-4643 Aida Blanco Real Marketing Project Manager, Latin Region. Saxo Bank + 45-3977-4195 about Saxo Bank: Saxo Bank is an organization specialized in negotiations and investments online that allows their clients to negotiate Forex, CFD, shares, futures, options and other derivatives. Saxo Bank also manages portfolios through SaxoWebTrader and SaxoTrader, leading online trading platforms. SaxoTrader is available directly through Saxo Bank or one of the Bank's institutional clients. The white mark is an area of important business for Saxo Bank, and supposed offer Saxo Bank's online trading platforms to be customized and adapted with the mark of another institution financial or corridor.

Editor's Note: Argentina is a country that is accustomed to move in the ends. A convertibility furious its currency that already not resisted greater prolongation in time went without mincing to a furious devaluation also, that many became rich overnight overnight, but others lost all their savings, so extremist was also the situation for the Argentine population. And the model suffers again today. They can send me your comments to: have been exhausted the effects positive from the Crisis Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 6, 2008 I know many people who suffered harshly the crisis that Argentina went through in 2001. One of them, a neighbor of mine, lost much of the savings of his life with the famous financial corralon established by the then Minister of economy, Domingo Cavallo. I also have friends that cost a lot get a job for quite some time. Even in the neighborhood where I live, there is a supermarket that was looted in the midst of the crisis. It is true crises aren't good and generate many costs to society, as it is clear in these cases I know in depth, but in the case of the Argentine crisis, derivations of the same that had provoked you a series of positive effects to the economy were also generated.

The explosion of the convertibility (thats what was, an explosion of the model), allowed freeing the exchange rate against the US dollar, which in a few weeks trading to $3.70 for each green ticket went from 1 to 1. And beyond that the speculations of analysts at that time indicated that the dollar could continue its flight toward the $7, with consequences (hyper) inflation, the truth is that you allowed him to the Argentine economy a substantial competitiveness improvement and thus having a higher external demand, at a time where domestic demand was going through a deep crisis and where the financial system was totally unable to powerat least, try to encourage it. Product of the crisis, was also achieved balance the fiscal accounts.