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Seated in my table of work, full monday, I obtain to visualize all the more employee production functioning, employees and of the production in its ranks of work making the products waited for our customers. In my front, a pretty plate with my name on and writing under: ' ' Manager of the Qualidade' '. Soon they come me to the mind a phrase of guru Ishikawa: ' ' Better to have controlling with quality of what controlling of qualidade' '. I enter in conflict. ' ' Which my importance to help my company in the search of the quality? I am only one cost more? ' ' I that I worked my entire life in this area! But to this it makes me reflection to think: what it would be if did not have, we, of the Quality? What we really add of value? Quality is an intrinsic term to a product or bought service, almost always proportional to the paid price, that is, how much bigger the product quality, how much and better more efficient the given service, in such a way bigger .o price.

However, inside of the companies she is not so simple this mensurao, this why (and this metaphor is mine), the companies are as organisms livings creature! A company imagines as a cell, with all the functions, each organela cannot simply be removed at random. Thus she is a company, all contribute for the final objective, the complete satisfaction of the customer, the encantamento of the customer and everything more, that she returns with more and more order and the company gains more and more customers. To take off a sector or a process is to desestabilizar all the system being made it to enter in collapse. Inside of this mental exercise, for terms a quality that searchs the perfection, and returning to gurus of the quality, we teriamos that to have the robustecimento of the product, in order that any possible imperfection of the process did not make the lesser difference in the product or the customer it did not perceive (theory of Taguchi), the incessant search for the zero defect and of the zero error (theory of Crosby), but without leaving to remember the 14 principles of Deming, the PDCA, the importance of Ishikawa, Walter Shewart.ufa! until arriving in the Lean modern 6 Sigma.

CONCLUSION ' ' Today the sistmico thought is more necessary of what never, therefore in them we more become each time ahead abandoned of as much complexidade' ' (SENGE, 1990). The analysis of the data, points that the participants demonstrate one high degree of satisfaction. Considering all the evaluated item, of the characteristic satisfaction, the average degree of satisfaction was in 81%, however the 0 variable of satisfaction with the career, the environment of work, position/function and growth demonstrate an average degree of 72,5% satisfaction, what it leads to conclude that the degree of general satisfaction is very good, however the individuals present a less optimistical evaluation in relation to the four last cited 0 variable previously, what allows to conclude that the employees of the located financial institutions in the city of Gravata wait more in relation the workstation, position or function and growth and career, however like it banking work as a whole. With regard to the programs of quality of life in the work, the gotten results lead to the conclusion of that some institutions not yet present programs QVT for its employees or they do not divulge them, since 15.3% of the participants had declared not to have knowledge of activities come back to this end in its workstations. Between that they had answered to possess knowledge of the programs, only 52% are demonstrated satisfied with results and satisfied 53% in a general way with the presented programs. These information indicate that programs QVT in the financial institutions come contributing in bashful way for the maintenance of the quality of life diligent them, front the pressure for results imposed. However, the agreement of the concept of quality of life, on the part of the employees is also a lack. In accordance with the collected data can be observed that the activities developed for the institutions, in the search of to make possible one better quality of life in the work for the employees, is diverse, however can be concluded that the carried through activities more are the labor gymnastics and the express massage and that, perhaps, these is not considered by the collaborators as being action effective for the improvement of the QVT.

The test of the success of memes is in programs of TV that uses the expression ' ' #ficadica' ' , with the same syntax of the Twitter, or in propagandas inspired by videos as ' ' Double Rainbow' ' ' ' David After Dentist' '. ' ' Already a great penetration exists very of what it appears in 4chan and what goes to stop in the global culture pop. We are a base of creation even of grias' ' , it affirms. it knows more Brazilian Encyclopedia goes to show origin of ' memes' of the Creative Internet of trot in web and person who commits barratry they enter in list of the 100 more influential ' ' moot' ' it prevents to place itself above of the site that it created when he had only 15 years. ' ' I am not influential, 4chan ' ' , he affirms Poole, elect in 2008 in popular voting in the magazine Teams as the person most important of the year. The voting, clearly, was adulterated by participants of 4chan. Per many years, the young one if kept in the anonymity, exactly when the site already started to blunt in periodicals and the TV as the point of meeting of the activists hackers of the group ' ' Anonymous' '.

Poole does not believe that it has merit - or it blames - for the sprouting of the movement that in recent years faced governments and companies in the Internet. ' ' Yes, the origins of ' Anonymous' they can be traced until 4chan, but I directly do not see as therefore. ' responsible; ' Nyancat: mixado, remixado and introducing of time in ' mainstream' (Photo: Reproduction) This separation goes of meeting with the vision of the American on the right of if keeping in the anonymity in the Internet, fought currently for giants as Google and Facebook. ' ' The people they deserve to have the right to the anonymity, case they choose to remain thus. Clearly, a half term must exist enters the impossibility of if identitificar the author of an offence, for example, and the constant identification and needs, as in the Facebook.

She would like that the people tried to understand that she is possible to live in this way of the way, instead of defending one extremo.' ' Poole still criticized the censorship in the net, subject that came back to the guideline later that premi British David Cameron suggested that the Facebook and the services of message of Blackberry were disactivated temporarily to contain the recent wave of protests in the country. ' ' It is a step stops backwards, and a dull way to deal with the freedom in the net. In San Francisco, the cellular ones had tried to block the access to prevent a manifestation in the system of suburban trains. What it happened? The manifestation to protest against the blockade finished being bigger that the original protest. It is good for seeing that the people if defend of these aes.' '

& ldquo; Cooperative is an independent association of people who if join, voluntarily, to satisfy economic, social and cultural aspirations and necessities common, by means of an enterprise of collective property and democratically gerido.& ldquo; SEBRAE (2008). Generally, cooperative has intention to commercialize all the production and insumos and to take care of to all the fiscal area, since the association cannot make this work of commercialization. The Cooperative is the link between the producer and the purchaser bringing I obtain the guarantee of the payment. The producers receive better prices and services where the cooperative acts. 2,3 Governmental supports Recently, promising initiatives had appeared of formation of cooperatives of milk captation in the State of the Bahia. This newness generates in the sector the expectation of that the cooperativista system comes if to more fortify each time in the region.

A way to fortify the state milky system was the creation in 1983 of the Company of Development and Ao Regional (CAR), tied with the development and regional Integration of the state of the Bahia. With the objective to make possible the captation of the resources necessary to the implementation of regional programs and to promote regional and municipal the development, with intention to support cooperatives, associations organizations of producers. According to ZOCAL, 2005: The cattle one of national milk at the beginning suffered great transformations from years 90, being the main causes pointed with respect to these changes the deregulation of the milk market to break de1991, amaior opening of the economy for the international market, in special, the creation of the Mercosul and the stabilization of prices of the Brazilian economy. From 2005, one expects that new changes happen with the implementation of Normative Instruction 51, that it establishes the new regulations technician of production, conservation and transport of milk. In relation to this, we can detach the paper of the government around the well biggest one that is the incentive the international production local, partnerships and the improvement in the quality, changes that they are transforming Brazil into a great milk producer, and with this taking the regions Southeastern, with Minas Gerais and So Paulo, South, with Santa Catarina and Rio Grande Do Sul, and Northeast, with Bahia, enters others, the very high platforms of production the national level.