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The film was named as in the Leservoting of the magazine may 2011 to the creation of the month. We are proud of this success. With Danuska3, we have found a creative partner which produces animated films for us, which combine sophisticated entertainment with strong emotions and thus offer potential for viewers", so Meyer. The award-winning commercial online shop has achieved online and in television several millions of people. On average, the spot was seen three times by every viewer.

This has led us, to build on the success of the last cross-media advertising campaign with a new creative commercial", looking forward to the new TV campaign Marketing Manager Julia Voigt. Commercial runs in the German and Austrian television in a multi-week TV campaign runs the new spot of the online shop from August 15 until September 3 in the German and Austrian television. In Germany, which is Spot on n-tv, N24, DMAX, cable one, Tele 5 and SPORT1 on many transmission sites to see. In Austria, the funny commercial maintains the viewers on PULS 4, ServusTV, ATV +, ORFeins, ORF2 and ORF SP + to many different times. The commercials, the making of the 3-D-cinema spot and insights into the own production of the online printing can be obtained on the own YouTube channel diedruckerei. About onlineprinters GmbH, the onlineprinters GmbH was founded in the year 2008 evolved into one of the largest online printers in Europe within a few years. The German company supplies 31 countries in Europe. All common printing needs in offset printing quality and flexible digital printing are manufactured in the PSO certified production. Handle print jobs themselves"is the claim of business customers, the brochures stitched from business cards and stationery, flyers, postcards and posters up to adhesive bound catalogues, and large-format advertising systems their printed material in the online shop ordering and printing data upload. Product and company information available in the mobile shop and in the online shop of press contact: onlineprinters GmbH Andrea Lachmuth head of press and public relations Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 10 91413 Neustadt on the Aisch Tel.: + 49 9161 6209800 fax: + 49 9161 662920

If you are looking for a location that has beautiful beaches for your next vacation, probably you not taking into account to Panama. That being so, it may be losing the opportunity to visit some of the best beaches in the world. Panama has more than 1500 miles of Pacific and Caribbean coast, assuring you a travel happy, relaxing and unforgettable. Playa Blanca Playa Blanca is a small beach on the Pacific coast, away from the southeast coast of Panama. Perhaps check out Jonas Samuelson for more information. This beach contains many resorts as a complement for visitors. In addition it has the ability to stay on dry land near the city of Panama, where also localized accommodations with access available to marine regions. From there you have the ability to take a boat for transportation to or from the beach.

One of the ways of getting a place to stay is looking for panama city hotels online. The Republic of Panama has a lot of hotels and resorts to choose from. Coronado Beach located along the East coast of Panama. On this beach you can take advantage of golf courses; make purchases; have a fine dinner and much more. The solfeadores and bathers enjoy warm sands and friendly waters of the area. Gorgona Beach vacationers who are looking for a relaxing stay with access to a little more than activity will be Gorgona Beach enthusiasts. This is a region of beach endowed with condominiums and beach houses.

Palms and white sand give the beach an idyllic image, which you can appreciate from the Windows. If after playing professional basketball decides to experiment with other activities or enjoy the nightlife, because you know it will be just one hour from the city of Panama. Gorgona beach is located on the southern edge of the country, facing the Pacific Ocean. Punta Chame La playa Punta Chame beach is a peninsular Beach on the southern coast of Panama. Because the peninsula is surrounded by three waters. This area has remained without development, thus, making it an excellent place to relax and enjoy the sound of the sea. For easy access, the Beach is near the via Pan American, which means that you can easily have a hotel in panama. People in Panama are very hospitable; This combined with luxurious hotels with access to beautiful beaches are the combination for a perfect holiday. Find comfort, amenities and Add-ons that a business traveler needs, visit us: hotel panama. Spend a memorable stay and save, click here: economic panama hotel.

(Do not forget that sometimes contain motors consumers may be incorporated simultaneously, for example, refrigerators after power failures. In such cases, you must connect the generator to consumers in turn: first, the most powerful, then after the launch of next- power, etc.). Howard Schultz may also support this cause. The resulting power increase by 10% - this is the power necessary for you generator. Kick-off gain can significantly reduce the power generator, if you're using power tools or secondary high power. Suppose, for example, must be connected to a generator 1,2 kW electric saw and other loads with a total capacity of 600-700 Tues To start the saw is necessary to provide free power generator 3,6-4,2 kW, this value add power other customers and 10% - reserve. The result is that the required generator power 4,6-5,4 kW. If we take the generator with a starting gain, to run the saws should be provided 2,04-2,1 kW power, adding here 600-700 watts and 10% - margin, we find that the required capacity of 2,9-3,1 kW generator with a starting boost. Gain in weight and size of the generator.

If you still have difficulty in choosing a generator, please contact us! Before each run, make sure that overall, the total capacity of connected consumers did not exceed the rated wattage of the generator. It should be noted that the electromotive consumers require higher starting currents, due to which, in turn, may be recession of stress. In addition, consumers such as motors and transformers consume so-called reactive power (Briefly, at the time of inclusion, the inductive power consumers consume many times more than indicated in the technical documentation Unlike inductive consumers ohmic consumers - home machinery, universal motors, etc. - do not require start-up current, so you can use to calculate their cardinality data without any other indicators), which is especially apparent at the time of inclusion. Since generator for generating a voltage itself in need of reactive power provided by the capacitors, only a limited part of it can be given at the disposal of inductive consumers.

The technical parameters electric motors under the net power in watts or kW mean mechanical power released on the shaft, the same power consumption in watts or kW shall be determined from the specified rated current, cos r or rate efficiency (for example, three-phase motor 1.5 kW with a short closed-rotor, 2825 rpm, and power factor (cos r) 0.8 and marked the nominal current 3.4 A at 380 V will consume 3.4h380h31 / 2 = 2,238 VA, net power consumption 2238h0.8 = 1790 W; besides this three-phase motor takes a moment when the current is several times more than the specified rated current. Output power generator set in the VA. Really given up by the same utility power is determined by the appropriate power factor cos . For a given power factor cos = 1 given up by the net power in watts is equal to the aggregate nominal power in VA. Power factor cos p = 0.8 means that 80% rated power unit can be ordered as a clean, usable power). Also note that the volts and amps depend on each other - increasing the voltage - current decreases and vice versa. Rule AC - real power output = 207 V x Ah. sale of diesel generators