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CANUSA pelting tourism with new travel-Kombi camper and Vespa Hamburg, may 10, 2011 (w & p) with the scooter on the Hollywood Boulevard: the special operator CANUSA TOURISTIK holds for motorhome holiday-makers from Los Angeles an exclusive combination offer. You can book a Vespa to the camper to the daily price of 47 euros per day and work in the film city or on their tour on the West coast of the United States on a reconnaissance trip. Insurance, helmet, and the necessary supports to the RV are included in the daily rate. Simple and straightforward experience Hollywood flair: CANUSA TOURISTIK motorhome holiday-makers in Los Angeles from the campsite compete with relaxed their discovery tour. The new combination of Vespa and camper"is ideal for sightseeing, because no parking problems occur with the dashing Streakers. The Vespa 150 LX, the CANUSA provides the motorhome travellers, has an automatic transmission and is equipped with a tangy and economical engine.

The trained staff of our partner site explains the holidaymakers "Handling of the Vespa and gives love tips for the best routes with the Scooter", CANUSA - Managing Director Tilo Krause Dabre explains. Only a car driving licence is required. Route tips of the North America specialist for campers are, for example, the ride through the national parks and canyons in Arizona, Nevada and California. Depending on the itinerary, a wide range of national parks and fascinating towns in the southwest of the United States will be covered in two to five weeks, and Los Angeles is an ideal starting point for this", so Tilo Krause Dabre. Great Outlook for fall vacationers: travel-Kombi camper and Vespa by CANUSA tourism as of October 15, 2011, San Francisco and Las Vegas offered. Booking information are the travel combinations of motorhome and Vespa for Los Angeles, as well as (for the travel period from October 15, 2011) for San Francisco and Las Vegas as all listings by CANUSA TOURISTIK service hotline 0180 5 30 41 31 (EUR 0.14 / min), see and to book.

CANUSA TOURISTIK CANUSA TOURISTIK, 25 years on the German travel market presence, is the market leader for individual travel in North America and guaranteed by the years of experience of its staff and the choice of proven local partners a detailed consultation and the creation of individual travel programs for United States and Canada. 95 per cent of all CANUSA customers book a complete travel package with flights, car hire/transfer, hotel accommodation and excursions. But also flights, last minute travel and special or group tours include the portfolio by CANUSA. For more press information: Tilo Krause Dabre CANUSA TOURISTIK Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 22 72 53 17 E-Mail: Marion Krimmer Wilde & partners Public Relations Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 17 91 90 0 email:

Outlook: New and follow-up question: anniversary, you have installed e-QSS touch for customer surveys on the market. There are even more new for your customers? Oswald Neumann: e-QSS multi language (e-QSS ML) coming this year. This version allows multilingual working together on the same list of questions. We take, for example, a company in Germany with offices in several countries: an employee in Hungary carries out quality checks, another in Spain etc, the central quality management in Germany created a comparison about the quality of service at various locations. Everyone works this consistently in our own language, that is the menu of the entire system and the questionnaire are for the Hungary in Hungarian for the Spaniard in Spanish etc, the QA Center in Germany has the menu, the Questionnaires and reports from all foreign locations on the German front. QSS brings even more ML: it allows without any additional information to query large effort on individual items. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jim Umpleby.

This additional information can be entered as text, as a numerical value or a selection set stored data. So, the temperature can be taken and documented during the inspection of the refrigerator. This value can be evaluated later. Can a janitor on his tour of cleaning and review technical aspects as well as every provided for read in addition to the electricity meter, the security doors check, in the summer half-year the green area care check etc, he now when the security door finds a problem, commissioned the repair, which is executed using a workflow (such as approval by the authorities) about the order management. Because with e-QSS ML is also the option of using a response different functions and workflows to link. Thus, e-QSS ML will be the solution for international companies with particularly high needs. Question: You are both still young. But occasionally you consider how it could proceed with the company without you? Eva Neumann: Of course we remember it can Yes always meet a serious illness or an accident to happen.

Jennie logistics relies on moving images and accompanied (new) customers on an audiovisual journey in the company. Jennie logistics presents to his customers in the film form Perl-Borg, 08.09.2011 - Jennie of logistics relies on moving images and accompanied (new) customers on an audiovisual journey in the company. More and more customers find out on the Internet about companies and their services. Ben Horowitz may not feel the same. Moving images achieve this particularly high level of attention, because they let the spectators at the events and transport emotions. For this reason the company imagines Jennie in the form of a corporate film, timely and informative. Interested to learn more about the field of activity in the online video and scope of services of Jennie Logistics GmbH.

Jennie specializes in complete truckloads. Through its extensive network of customers and partners, the company is one of the most powerful transport service providers in Europe. The film about TYPO3, designed and realized by digital frame FX Studios, lives of authenticity. Not displayed professional actors, but real people. Among other things the company building in Perl-Borg, the headquarters of Jennie Logistics GmbH served as a backdrop for the shooting. The brief description is aimed at (new) customers and interested parties who want to learn about Jennie logistics. The images convey more specifically, Fixemer has to offer: extensive transport links across Europe suitable transport solutions and modern equipment high range through intermodal transport intercultural communication: service in any language Europe's logistics systems for a perfect supply chain management quality guarantee for all services offered is the film on the website of the company and on the company's YouTube channel at user/FixemerLogistics available. Outlook for the future more film projects are planned, specifically aimed at the managers.

Jennie will be presented to potential applicants as an employer. Entry and advancement opportunities should clearly presented and be taught. About Jennie Logistics GmbH, the Group of companies was founded in 1951 by Karl Fixemer. Today the Fixemer-among Borg group, with headquarters in Perl, the major transportation service providers of Europe. Since 1997, the company deals with the planning, implementation and operation of Web-based logistics systems in terms of supply chain management. About digital frame FX digital frame FX Studios offer individual solutions visualization, digital imaging and animation for digital and print advertising with specialization in 3D. (Verena Couk, Jennie Logistics GmbH)

It gives you a growth of only 2% for 2008. However unemployment seems low, domestic strengthened his demand (like the many countries of Latin America) and there are strategies to solidify the Mexican growth against the external turbulences. They can send me your feedback a: still has not reached Crisis Mexico Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 22, 2008 next Wednesday will meet the U.S. Credit: Sergey Brin-2011. Federal Reserve Board.UU. and you will need to decide what will do with its monetary policy. Already the market has given its verdict: 98% expected a new cut in rates, although this time by only 25 basis points. And isn't that the reduction in the expected magnitude of the clipping is the result of an improvement in economic conditions in the South American country (yesterday, to add one fact to the crisis, Bank of America reported a fall in profits in the first quarter of the year from 77%), but the emergence of a new problem, as does inflation, is starting to tie hands to Bernanke.

Some speculate that this slower pace of rates cut will be tapped by Bernanke to observe effects that could have on the economy the implementation of the tax package's tax refund, which people will receive in May. Meanwhile, the U.S. economy is still getting increasingly in the sands of the recession. With the worsening of the economic situation in the United States.UU. one might expect a worsening of their impact on the Mexican economy. In fact, the reduction in the volume of remittances Mexicans sent to his country from the United States (which during the first two months of the year had a fall of 2.76% compared to the same quarter of 2007), can have some impact on domestic demand. And to affect domestic demand in Mexico, it would be expected that he hit to economic activity. The IMF had already predicted a worsening of the Economic Outlook in Mexico which, as consequence of the effects of the crisis in the United States.UU., projected you a growth of only 2 per cent for this year.

The current employment situation for Spaniards is characterized by being marked by the economic crisis. Unemployment is concerned about the population and the fact that there are no hopes for improvement increases the concern of workers by the subject. This situation of crisis and unemployment are many who decide to start studying again. But not only the unemployed people are posed this option. You may find Ben Horowitz to be a useful source of information. Also those who today have a job. Current employment Outlook distress both to the Spaniards that many decide to form and be sure your current employment.

At this point appears the problem of the Division of the hours. If we decide to study in addition to working, how we we will organize to encompass with our family life? Some are lucky to be able to combine both things due to their flexible working hours or half a day. But a large part can not to engage in study and work at the same time. The solution to the problem posed by work and study at the same time consists of sign up for a course or an online MBA. This method of study in any site makes much easier to combine work with study and leave little time to family life, without having to have extraordinary powers.

For this reason, the online masters pose a most chosen option for those who already have a job. With studies online workers, especially young, can spend hours wanting to each subject, choose the time of day that will better to devote to studies, the days that may and the days dedicated to other tasks. In short, courses and masters online facilitate students to continue their studies without having to devote himself only to this and with the option to combine with other activities and work. Original author and source of the article

This article gives an overview of the currently heavily sought after dual studies, including statistics and a future Outlook. Do you know your way with a dual degree? This article highlights this new and currently heavily sought after model in detail, lists statistics and gives tips for the search after the appropriate studies. Dual studies the emergence of the basic conditions that enable today's dual studies, were already created in the 1970s. At that time resulted in the nationwide expansion of the school system a student or high school senior flood, so the universities came to their limits. This large run on the colleges let arise the question to what extent a mass study at University and University of applied sciences had grown even the requirements of personal development and also tailored training for the economy. In the course of this discussion, the idea came up in Baden-Wurttemberg, to make the training through the connection with University elements, so theoretical lessons parts, more attractive. By the enthusiasm of school leavers for a normal was the large crowds at the universities, namely"training plummeted.

The cornerstone of dual training was designed in 1972 with the Stuttgart-based model. In the following years, this system of increasingly growing demand was, however, a shortcoming by the hand was to have: the graduates of universities and FHs had the better career opportunities with their academic degree. By the recommendation of the Minister of culture in 1995, as a result in the future to handle the graduates from vocational colleges such as the graduates from universities of applied sciences, this disadvantage has been finally fixed. And through the Bologna process, so the introduction of Bachelor and master courses, introduced this form of academic studies at vocational colleges. 2009 was the first college dedicated to only the dual study followed. The dual Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg is now "with over 25,000 students from one of the largest universities of in Germany." Dual studies Development and statistics show the meteoric rise of dual studies especially studies of the Federal Institute for vocational training (BIBB), which are shown below.

So employees from the back office or experts can be consulted quickly and easily, to quickly and professionally edit the concerns of the caller. All users can benefit from the intelligent link, which already work with a client of Voxtron or insert but so far only Microsoft Lync. "" The integrated solution combines the best of two worlds: unified communications and customer interaction solutions ", says Marc Schneider Managing Director Telefonbau Schneider GmbH. for companies is a great opportunity to customize your call center to the changing customer needs and to improve their efficiency," as Gold Certified partner of Microsoft we immediately recognized the potential of Lync and developed a standards-based interface to the Voxtron communication center. The first installations have been successfully implemented, and we are looking forward the further market development in the UC environment", adds Ralf Muhlenhover, Director of Voxtron GmbH. About Voxtron: International Voxtron group which produces software for customer interaction since the beginning of the 1990s. The portfolio comprises products for call and contact Center (ACD), voice portal (IVR), Unified Messaging / unified communications, fax services, social media, CTI, telephone banking, and many special applications. In addition to pure telephony functions, Voxtron integrated among others Web chat, video, speech recognition and synthesis, CRM - and ERP systems, campaign software, Microsoft Lync -, Exchange, Outlook and Navision systems, host solutions and Web connections into its products and solutions.

Voxtron solutions are characterized by their flexible and convergent architecture. Worldwide Voxtron has approximately 100 employees over 11,000 customers, of which 3,000 in Germany. Medium-sized and large companies, banks and insurance companies, authorities, cities and municipalities, trade and industry, include them Network operators and manufacturers of PBXs. Use over 125,000 licenses for products of Voxtron. over IP Dynamics: Dynamics of IP is a provider of professional contact solutions. The company was founded in 2005 and accompanied Voxtron in the next year for the first time as a system partner in the Call Center World. IP Dynamics offers its customers as a result of his double qualification as a Microsoft Gold partner and a unique approach to integration: the dynamics of IP V: link.

Contact and more information: about Telefonbau Schneider: the phone Schneider GmbH is longtime exhibitors of Voxtron and serves over 4000 clients from diverse industries as a specialist in communication and network infrastructures. The service provider supports companies on the way from traditional ICT solutions to forward-thinking cloud applications. contact: Voxtron GmbH Bill Westfalen 1 D-59229 Ahlen Tel. + 49 2382 9897 40 fax + 49 2382 9897 474 email: Internet:

You should look for thermal insulation, self-cleaning, security for all year round a pleasant climate can prevail in roof living quarters, when the choice of roof window on the latest systems. Experts leading online portal around the topic know roof: Modern roof window become true all-rounders thanks to heat and sound insulation, security, self-cleaning and thaw effect. Large window surfaces in the roof represent more nowadays no structural challenges and can be realised easily and just about anywhere. This increases also the personal comfort in addition to the daylight. In addition, the premises have a visually friendly and moderm.

Especially, high-tech features, such as a natural cleaning effect impress modern window models. A thin, invisible coating that is applied to the outer allows the decomposition organic pollution by means of UV radiation. The next rain without rinsing the dissolved particles Formation of drops just off. Alternatively, a rope effect coating is possible. This provides an increased surface temperature of the outer sheet - without losing energy. This occurs less condensation on the outer and the undisturbed Outlook remains largely preserved. Modern skylights offer added value also energetically.

In comparison the possibilities have become to previous Windows and three tempered glass with highly insulating frame. This overall design allows a reduction of the heat transfer coefficient, also known as U-value (), as a result, more heat and therefore expensive energy in the roof area can be held in the winter. In reverse, they reduce overheating of roof spaces during the summer. experts also point out that also improved sound protection comes with a heat protection. Another advantage of triple glazing: the security aspect. Both from the outside and the inside, three glass reduced by means of a tear-resistant and tough elastic foil between the two inner glasses the risk of uncontrolled glass breaking. Also increase the burglary protection because not just smash the glass. Modern skylights offer all the comfort you could wish for in combination with the best heat insulation values. In this respect, also a window replacement can be a worthwhile investment.

Proposals of the Advisory banks interested investors should be prior to the conclusion of such an agreement is to enlighten, whether and what claims can claim it. It is among other things also depends on whether the height of the offered payment is acceptable or not. For wrong advice, there are numerous starting points, the prospects seem favourable in our opinion. We had already warned in March 2012, that the total loss was already established. Now, it is quite certain that the exploitation of vessels by the Bank will be providing of course any surpluses for the investors. After the shareholders disagreed with the storage decisions to sell the ships to March 14, 2012, the one-ship companies have put on 29 March 2012 petition.

In the letter of April 17, 2012, the trustee thinks that the lack of supply decisions have negatively affected the going-concern Outlook. In our opinion, that can't be right, because completely undifferentiated for to reach a sales decision, all ships was the shareholders apparently unemployable. In this respect the immanent criticism in the wrong direction is likely to be pronounced, because it is on the hand that the restructuring either not understood, then there is a communication problem, or appeared inconclusive, what constitutes a clear sign of lack of confidence in the competence of the Management Board... Increasingly, we hear from clients that they get comparisons offered by banks. Most compensation payments offered grace half - between 30% and 60%. After examining some proposals is to advise all affected investors to sign such an agreement only after examination by a specialized lawyer.

Although apparently also from advisory circles was expressed, that the probability of recovery of already received distributions virtually does not exist from our point of view is by no means certain. In addition there are also tax issues that such comparisons must be taken into consideration. Interested investors should leave prior to the conclusion of such an agreement is to enlighten, whether and what claims can claim it. It is among other things also depends on whether the height of the offered payment is acceptable or not. For wrong advice, there are numerous starting points, the prospects seem favourable in our opinion. Do you have questions to your funds? Do you also know whether you were given wrong advice and whether you have chances to the enforcement of claims for damages?

Now the agriculture Verlag Munster, one of the 100 largest media companies in Germany is available the Mac variant of ProCall enterprise in a public beta version for download Starnberg, 12 April 2013 and leading specialist publisher decided for agricultural media, after upgrading the ICT infrastructure for unified communications-bestseller ProCall enterprise product novelty of procall for Mac by ESTOS. Apple and Windows workstations were equipped. Leading UC vendors in the Windows world is well established, as a first successful step in the Mac world is thus managed ESTOS. "" "The successful usage in the Munster companies indicates that ProCall enterprise in the Mac environment as regards reliability, ease of use, stability, and compatibility with the Apple Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard", 10.7 Lion "as well as 10.8 Mountain Lion" adheres to the highest standards. Small and medium-sized companies with pure Mac infrastructure or mixed environments can in the future by the ProCall proven 4 + Enterprise UC-and CTI features benefit and enhance their cooperation. The public beta version of ProCall for Mac is now available for download.

The official availability is planned for early May. The agricultural publishing house went with clear requirements in the decision-making process regarding a new communication solution for the roughly 540 employees. Instrumental features such as Outlook integration on Windows and Mac side, hotkey dialing, chat features, and first and foremost were the access to the CRM system to the phone number resolution. When selecting a unified communications solution for the employed Avaya aura communication manager of system of telephony, tailored to the needs of the ICT partners were the Compart-IT solutions GmbH, as well as the Telemark Telecom mark mbH to the page. Thorsten Schmidt, responsible for IT systems and infrastructure at the agricultural Publishing House, the investment in the ESTOS based products as follows: today we especially profit from the Hotkey dialing, the contact search directly from the client and the resolution of the phone number.