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The most important facts has become many times more expensive on the tiresome subject "Fees collection centre" (GEZ) In the new year. Just think of electricity, water and gasoline. Since you would save like the one or the other, so for example the fee of Gez. Why must we pay? You must generally pay GEZ fees for any radio or TV. This arrangement results in Germany from the experiences of Nazi propaganda during the third of Reich.

As far as possible to prevent manipulation by the broadcasting, it took over the system of public broadcasting in the United Kingdom in Germany after the end of the second world war. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jim Umpleby. All recipients pay for their radio and / or television sets and allow a relatively independent (public) program largely free from influences of the State or by advertisers. So should be also allows, in addition to entertainment topics from sports, culture, politics, economics etc. getting a place in radio and television. That's why public broadcasters also the clear mandate to establish a balanced, i.e. also as broad as possible content and send. Unless one has a radio, TV, or both in the apartment, you have to pay such a fee. It is no matter whether the device is connected to or just below in the basement or the attic.

The theoretical possibility of watching TV or listening to radio is sufficient for the GEZ fees are due. In addition it doesn't matter what you look at in the television: many people argue, they would look just commercial television, which was Yes ad-supported and therefore they would have to pay no fees. The fees are independent of the content. Since January 1, 2007, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons also for all operationally used, Internet-enabled computers must pay licence fees, even if these machines in operation are not intended for the television or listening to the radio.

Copyright levies on CD and DVD blanks drastically increases. Also Blu-ray blanks will be required from now a levy. ZPu (Center for private recording rights) dramatically increased the copyright levies for CD and DVD blanks. Also Blu-ray blanks will be required from now a levy. Taxes are now so highly dramatic boost by the ZPu according to the trade, that it actually increases not for traders, continue to sell these media.

The current increases was carried out by the ZPu (without final consultation or information of the trade). Thus, few of them know. Filed under: Ben Horowitz. Here it must be vigorous information work. All provisions relating to the new levies can be found in the Federal Gazette of December 30, 2009. The commercial upside...

So far the HEK for Blu-ray media amounted to approximately 1.50 to 2 euros. What now, however pointless selling blank Blu-ray almost makes is the new regime after the occupied a Blu-ray with a copyright levy by 3.47 euros. Who can not complaints or want to, must include these charges in its prices and dissipate. Now, after not only the Medienkanibalismus and confusing pricing policies under CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc ensures restraint in trade and consumer media, the chaos is complete. Last but not least... The most notable tax boost is CD-RW blanks. Here, nearly 600 percent at the cost side (previous submission below 2 per cent - from almost 20 euros / cents... mind you per disc). Now arises the question of whether not the CD, DVD or Blu-ray production of stamping plants makes more sense. Of course minimum quantities of 500 or 1000 pieces are here, yet a clear division. Also is a higher quality of the media by the hand in the production of press work point (playback behavior, robustness, durability, print quality, etc.) > CD manufacturing about a press shop, DVD production about a pressing plant, Blu-ray production about a press plant... More NEWS at:

How I maintain myself against fierce price filing shear? What time is optimal to bring the price in the game? Bargain hunters and customers who want to express a price, are common. It is all the more important to know how to successfully claim his price - under pressure - as a provider. In his latest book, repartee in price and fee negotiations", Matthias Pohm presents a five-level discussion and negotiation system, with everyone a little preparation and practice, can undermine even intense traders without prices courtesy and without long discussions realized prices. Tips & tricks the reader learns the psychologically ideal moment to speak on the price to come and how the price sent is included in the consultation. Negotiating professional Pohm also makes clear why it may grant a discount without consideration.

Furthermore, the author explains what to look at body language and non-verbal signals such as the handshake as or when shock claims or Strategic advantages in breaks. Numerous sample dialogues numerous methods and tricks, like prices without long lines of reasoning can be better and more frequently enforced, this useful guide book of well-known media negotiation professionals complete. In short: For those who previously had problems, to enforce their price or fee ideas with clients, Pohms should necessarily take on their wish list book, which is entertainingly written and enriched with numerous practical examples and sample dialogues, and read. Matthias Pohm repartee in price and fee negotiation Pohm Seminarfactory 2011 167 pages ISBN 978-3952368015 28 (D + A), 44.80 SFR (CH)

Municipalities increase burial fees by up to 25 percent of Hamburg, May 24, 2011 in many municipalities citizens are asked increasingly burials to checkout. Beginning of 2011 revealed a drastic increase of local burial costs. A new survey: the burial fees also have been massively increased since 2008. In Frankfurt am Main, Germany increased the fees by almost 25 percent. Citizens must pay 1.144,-euros to the city for a burial at present, fees for the Tomb are not included here. Also Stuttgart, Mannheim and Bochum collect high fees. (Not to be confused with Kevin Johnson!). The current funeral fees for a burial were the basis of the study.

In addition to Frankfurt am Main also Hamburg (13 percent) and Bochum (12 per cent) have significantly increased the fees. In Bochum, the need for a fee increase is not to understand: the city rises with 1.500,-euros already the third highest fees nationwide. Sole (1.669,-Euro) Stuttgart and Mannheim (1.517,-Euro) more cash. In Berlin, citizens pay, however, less than one-sixth as compared to frontrunner Stuttgart. The investigation shows that the fee differences are not regionally justifiable. In Bochum, members pay more than double than in the neighboring food. Even experts can not explain the high burial fees.

Why is dying in Bochum five times as expensive as in Berlin? ", wonders's Managing Director Fabian Schaaf. Also the consumer initiative Aeternitas is critical of the high burial fees. Many municipalities always continue turning the screw of the fees. We expect that more and more citizens are - complain and the to right. ", Aeternitas spokesman Alexander Hamilton. For the next year, the experts at expect a further increase in the burial fees by up to 14 percent. Fabian Schaaf requires more responsibility by the local authorities. We cannot accept that nationals burials increasingly financially burdened be. We ask therefore lowering the burial fees to a plausible and reasonable level." offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. In addition, the independent Internet portal offers users the opportunity to compare prices and services by loading Stattern. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web:

Do you know that it is possible to see over 2000 (two thousand) television channels with quality satellite on your PC (computer)? Is it possible to watch tv on the computer without any monthly fees? In this article we will address these questions. Television has become today one of the mass media which is available to almost anyone around the world. Just get a television crew to be aware of what is happening every day in our surrounding. The internet today has allowed remote places TV signals: we can admire a beautiful sunset on the beaches of Cancun and a beautiful sunrise in Calcutta. Or you can inform us of a French recipe to make a delicious cake.

Or see that movie that thought never see again, and that brings us pleasant memories. And is that internet TV, besides offering entertainment offers a range of options for all tastes: religion, fashion, gastronomy, sports, travel, culture, music, concerts, antique and modern programs of tv, etc. and what of global football, Olympics and other important events at international level? With the tv on the internet increases options locally or pay tv can not always offer. And best yet: on some channels the option back in the transmission and see what we could lose at any given time. Forgot your favorite show ended a few minutes ago? No problem! Access this settings that offer the majority of channels online, and watch your favorite program. He failed to understand the dialogues, or lost some part of his movie or news? Just a button to go back in time and get the missing part. On the internet there are many sites that offer free signals of television, but not always with the quality that you want. What is needed to be able to enjoy a good signal, quality satellite with no monthly fees? Below I leave the link for more information. Now already you can see the tv from your computer!

The currently weak order situation is useful due to the free introduction phase of the ERP system MoldManager. The company can start in the recovery thereafter prepared. ", explains Ingo Kuhlmann, Managing Director of IKOffice GmbH. The ERP system MoldManager is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises of the tools, forms, model - and device construction. It helps to plan the resources of such a company and to use. It maps customers, suppliers, requests, offers, orders and a structured overview of the order situation in production in a single system.

The software is fully implemented, the company can start structured on the upswing. Interested companies can sit with the IKOffice GmbH in conjunction. The staff of IKOffice are available with help and advice companies target industries. Advise the companies during the implementation phase and advise on the integration of entering master data, the establishment and organization of the System. IKOffice monitors the system and takes care of any maintenance, installations, updates and backups of the data in the user.

About IKOffice: IKOffice GmbH develops and sells an industry-specific ERP solution for the mould and toolmaking. Process optimization by preparing offers customizable software solution helps small and medium-sized enterprises to resource planning. In addition to the ERP-solution IKOffice MoldManager the company developed maritime, a solution specifically for the business operations of international shipping companies and charterers also IKOffice. IKOffice is characterized by customer orientation, advice and care. 2007 the company received the Special Prize for international alignment.

23 to 35 per cent of the annual salary are industry-standard fee for the service. Paid will be staggered in General; purely performance-based fees is deemed to be frivolous. Necessarily agree: A flexible adaptation of the list of target companies in the course of the search, as well as the possibility to be able to terminate the mandate of the search at any time otherwise threaten additional costs. Entrepreneurs should be also to certify that the company and its workers for the recruitment are taboo at best for a full two years. Recruitment success and for the broad masses of recruiters offer no recruitment agencies; the mixing of professions is considered to be not serious. Legal recruitment is a brokerage; Since 2002, it is no longer subject to a permit.

Recruiters acquire open abroad of all levels, create a candidate profile and match it with their existing candidates. Billing is not expense after the signing of the contract and other than for personal advice - but erfolgsbezogen. For companies, the Commission is eliminated when not achievement of the intermediary. An open secret in the industry: Using dummy ads sites are written out, to generate applications. Recruitment is a point on which a candidate from the pool created in this way seems to fit, then the data of a candidate on good propagate lucky not infrequently even without the knowledge of the person concerned. Intermediaries give the candidate search on Internet platforms like as a headhunter"out. Recruitment agencies can request a success fee by the applicant as well as of the companies.

"Headhunting high school for the elite headhunting also Executive Search" called starts at an annual salary from 150,000. When Dax listed companies looking to hire their top management, headhunters are commissioned. Search tool is only the direct speech with tact, good contacts and discreetly. The wedding is"perfect, is usually a murmur through the industry. This top range is covered by only a few specialists. Via the recruitment people & projects e. k. is nationwide with four locations; all consultants have decades of experience. Founder and owner is Holger Fahrmann. People & projects in addition to the personnel consulting itself, also interim management, project consulting and corporate succession management offers consultancy.