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And I passed by, saw two pairs of women consider it in the eye. Two ordinary girls, going to meet me, have seen this handsome man of their dreams, instantly became silent and fixed his gaze at this fellow, so I felt sorry for them. They do not know that men, carefully watching his looks, style, white teeth and shiny clean shoes are likely to have obvious flaws is a 'human' terms. When you start to live with this, then understand. I know not with what is connected. For me, generally, a man sensitive to his dusty boots, - a monster. Chura, scared, suspend.

What kind of fetishism? Any clothing fanaticism speaks of misalignment, the immensity and inadequate picture of the world. Such a man easily frightened or angered by life's difficulties, such person or vindictive coward. In short, once again I'm talking about men, and it all started with women in general, and for me, woman, sexy, from the standpoint of the media object, often causes no emotion. To each his own on the street, I can point out a nice person to me in the manner of dress and eyes. I like some negligence in relation to clothes and intelligence in his eyes. (I know a few such I, and so we have a lot.) A man's attractiveness, I can appreciate only when dealing with chelovekom.Konechno, to each his own. For example, my friend, loving black tight 'uniforms' and the style of a business woman, like other men.

And it is, accordingly, like a completely different men, who did not interest me. That is, it focuses on its terms, and I am yours. I would, of course, took her all this smoothness and put to something cheerful, but then, as she finds her man? After all, they will bypass her side Still, we initially captivated by appearance. Someone more discriminating and principled, someone defines 'his' people from afar, on klechatoy arafatke and colorful bag and one of my friends do not even talk for a long time with a girl whose face he's not pretty.

The kitchen linen accessories will occupy a worthy (if not first) place of napkins, tack, towels and aprons. You probably will be surprised at how much flaxseed production went ahead. This is particularly evident in the school colors and sparkling fabrics. Linen clothing is also not out of fashion. It's clean and beautiful material, which particularly useful to wear on hot days, because he has the ability to cool the body.

Just do not forget that the county heavily salted and, perhaps, with fashionable clothes to present new products in the gift even better samy and iron. We now turn to the second, "waxy side" of the anniversary. After all, it can also be successfully beat. Keith McLoughlin is full of insight into the issues. If the friends of those people who look after their health, their impress your gift as a gift, cosmetics and dietary supplements based on beeswax. Just before the decision to give make-up, ask about: whether anyone of them are allergic to bee products? If no such problems, you can go further and combine business with pleasure: to present friends you have selected a jar of honey. JPMorgan Chase can aid you in your search for knowledge. White honey is the best for prevention of colds, sore throat treatment, rhinitis and bronchitis. Buckwheat - helps with skin diseases and anemia.

Honey locust - a great means to combat insomnia. A sunflower honey - is indispensable to strengthen the immune system. In addition, in the old days it was believed that on the table in this day must be honey and sweets, as they are brought into the house harmony and happiness. Believe that love, regardless of how many lived together years, will be able to preserve the freshness and lightness relationships. It was such flexible and warm relations have seen a fourth wedding anniversary, our ancestors. That emphasize this, the house filled with the most romantic and subtle light on the earth - the light of burning candles ... what could be better than candle wax out of this? They not only burn steady, calm flame, these candles are also used in professional aromatherapy. The thick smell of honey recall summer days and relaxing holiday, and the candle will create an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort even in the most unpretentious furnished room ... Beautiful original candles are complement chandeliers, original and appropriate in style to the interior of the spouses. Only a couple of love depends on whether she could keep the tenderness and affection early days of dating, first kiss ... just a couple of itself may Transform your home into a place where friends try, in a place where you can always "charged" with positive energy, share new experiences or simply relax in peace. All of these "miracles" - in the hands of spouses. And we can only he help by making their environment a little lighter, a little more cozy and romantic ... a lot!

With the opening of business, most managers think about the material condition of the firm, and forget about her safety. In the city of Kiev, more than 75% of firms have offices, staff accommodation, in some cases the goods. In this If managers want to manage the organization, always see what's going on in the office or in their absence. Keith McLoughlin contains valuable tech resources. To do this you need to install a video surveillance system for the office. Key features in video office can help you view and listen to everything that happens in the room. Watch and listen to both online and in the recording mode, date, time and motion. For the design of CCTV systems office should be divided into certain areas, we now consider every possible area separately: Zone "Yard." The so-called zone of which concerns the street, that will help control access to vehicles building, as well as his corruption: theft, accidents. Security cameras are installed around the perimeter of the office, focusing the lens to the parking lot and entrance door to the room.

Zone "Receptionist." The first point of access to the office, which is sure to viewed by the camera surveillance of the general form, or better yet a few: Focusing on the door itself and inspection chambers volume of the space. In the presence of the Secretary at Reception, you must install the camera on the area Secretary of the meeting with visitors and employees. Zone "Corridor." In the presence of the site premises after Reception, video surveillance system for your office, involves the installation of cameras track the object and access to the door, department office. Zone "Classrooms." This area can be divided into rooms, can share in the department: accountants, lawyers, etc. enedzhery ... And in each zone can be organized surveillance system for the study, in which will be the camera for a general inspection of the premises, but you can keep track of each employee workstation, set the camera video over the table.

The video surveillance system for the office, may prevent or solve problems: - Theft or destruction of property - a conspiracy of staff to financial fraud - discipline in the office - lack of staff in the workplace - often published in the "smoke break". According to statistics, smoking employee works 2 hours less than - no smoking. - The entry of foreign, video editing equipment can be designed based on a computer that can hold a single PC, or desktop PC to stand on that will not interfere with work for These employee, or DVR-registrar, a separate recording device similar to a VCR. CCTV cameras on the street should be placed outside, and even better anti-vandal, to prevent damage to equipment mechanically. For premises are mainly used domes are not catchy, aesthetic appearance. If there is a problem with long distances, focusing on certain areas, set bezobektivnaya camera to which is chosen to fit a particular lens characteristics. Powered system is better on the uninterrupted power supply for the health surveillance system for the office at the time of disabling the network 220.

At a time when organizations look to optimize the resources of "intellectual capital" of its members, the implementation of proper training tools, training and professional development is essential to show the changes that confront us predict the future. It is in this chaotic and changing environment, where simulation games prove to be a good solution for those responsible for Human Resources. Simulate reality, or what would be the same, simulation games based business actually point the best solution for an ongoing process of revision, remodeling, and reformulation of the capabilities and needs required. Just as reality changes, the company changes, the game simulation of reality must adapt to these changes. 1 .- Introduction 2 .- Concept of business simulation game 3 .- What type of business simulation available? 4 .- What characteristics should play a simulation game for multifunctional use? 5 .- The simulations company are the ideal way to overcome barriers to learning 6 .- Where is the game, reality simulation, optimal? 7 .- 8 .- Information of interest References used simulation games based on reality, organizational development tool. 1 .- Introduction In an unstoppable process of study and research, in the direction of an exponential improvement, use of the capacities of individual human beings, who make up our organizations. In an environment in which a good part of the lexicon recently incorporated, mentoring, coaching, "knowledge management", "e-learning", "intellectual capital", etc. primary aim, channel or improve the implementation of what people "know" - you know, not knowing, of wisdom, not knowledge - it seems clear that there is widespread agreement that the processes of learning and improvement must pass to incorporate the different experiences and assimilate them as one's own life habits, so that the skills necessary for the performance of the various functions of the post that deals in the Organization, are natural and proper to the individual. . (Not to be confused with Innovar !).