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You should see if the violence is brewing, or if your partner is violent or has a tendency to be violent from courtship we say. You can prevent one greater violence and exit from the start, to then decide whether to continue or cut with the link. Here look at how to overcome emotional violence or psychological from the outset, since their first symptoms, the first control, the first aggressive look, first sarcasm or contempt, or by the first push: here a small sample to hand over to hurt because you are preanunciando the physical violence that could be a victim. Put into words your disagreement with their behaviour intelligently, it will make you feel more liberated and will begin to create an invisible but palpable limit, than the mean well, if he is a peaceful person or non-violent, or poorly understood if in reality is violent or has hidden that behavior which goes on the attack sometime in the coexistence, or closer even during courtship. Sergey Brin
can aid you in your search for knowledge. If you follow the steps or tips, and you can feel and look objectively, you can overcome the emotional violence from the beginning: fundamental point to avoid dropping your self-esteem and become a slave. Violent behaviors in non-formal relationships are not perceived as violent, nor by the victims or by the aggressors, because usually confuses abuse and offenses with love and interest for the couple. Dating moves mere sympathy or the simple like a new relationship of greater knowledge, and which in turn must be inspired by the spirit of dedication, understanding, respect, delicacy.

Violence masquerading as love is difficult to detect (but possible).The signs of abuse during courtship are unknown for much of women who confuse them with samples of affection from their partners, since they feel that it is the love of his life, and are actually hiding controllers behavior. The fundamental that you recognize abuse early symptoms or signs of control, and act to break the cycle of violence that begins to surround yourself. He begins talking, guiding the situation in search of curbing violence through the agreement. You can see their intentions and their tactics and simultaneously despertaras and will know if this person can recognize or do not follow you. Follow these steps: 1. restore mental balance and calm take a deep breath through your nose, retains the air five seconds, gently release by mouth.

Repeats endlessly until you feel your heart beating quiet and your muscles more relaxed as you can. 2. For a few seconds, look objectively, look at the situation as if outside another couple look as if you were a third person looking at the scene of this couple arguing. Imagine and think how do to get out of this situation in a peaceful manner. Ponte in action then. 3 Disturbs another by asking and putting indirect limits is an important strategy to disarm the opponent with phrases or questions how to explain me good to see if you I understood what I say I understand your anger but do not accept that I speak in this tone and give me orders.., I need that treat me well, I'm a person and I have my spaces and you can too my rights and you, because you are worth much, open your eyes and see the signs of violence and act soon. It is necessary that you leave the violence or see if we can eradicate it to follow. Observes and acts!

Waiver of any need for external approval Whenever businesses require new tools, skills which will ensure effectiveness, efficiency, good results. The modern management with their existing knowledge, enabling them to interpret reality in competitive business environments, they must be conscious of how the changes, challenges that arise in scenarios where they operate, forcing them to redefine their processes, systems, operations , are effective in order to obtain positive results in performance. Currently this is required to consider what is in everything related to enterprise architecture, which establishes the organization's current state, desired state and the gap between them with respect to the business vision. When addressing the analysis of this issue must be considered that the enterprise architecture is the scheme by which represent all the components, processes and policies that handles a particular organization through models for aligning business rules and technologies existing information. We add comments about enterprise architecture that describes the company as a coherent structure. The architecture documents the organization's current state, desired state and the gap between them.

The system architecture model should not be seen as a capsule. The characteristics of the architecture must have been derived from an analysis of the business which will split to determine the strategy of Systems. The strategy uses four perspectives systems to reduce the gap between business needs and technology. These perspectives describe the processes needed to achieve corporate goals. Business. Information. Applications. Technology. Each perspective describes the current state, future state and the gap between them.

It fits to stand out the importance of the accomplishment of other research for the evaluation of the relation between terceirizados and the contracting companies, and thus to be verified measured and practical that they can be applied, having for objective one better relationship between the companies and the terceirizados ones, and consequentemente, the success in the reach of the goals of the business. Ahead of these evidences the difficulty evidenced for the research can be concluded that the terceirizao of the area of human resources is not advantageous, therefore is the confidence in the relation of the management with the terceirizados ones can be interpreted by the lack of clarity how much to the equity in the work conditions, to the perspectives of development, the remumerao and the diverse treatment with regard to the terceirizados ones. Douglas R. Oberhelman understands that this is vital information. REFERENCES LIGHTER, Patrician August of, GARCI'A, Fernando Coutinho. Alphabet will not settle for partial explanations. Relations of Being able in the terceirizao processes. Available in: . Article 2010. Access in 20 Set.

2010. BUCKI, James.

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