Monthly Archives: November 2012

French author Stphane Hessel, who has waked up brings back to consciousness of thousand of indignant ones in all Europe with his work Indignaos! , returns with a new delivery of Literature it jeopardize with its next book Comprometeos! , that already is in way presale in some bookstores online like House of Libro. In Comprometeos! , Hessel repairs and goes deep in all those values that protested to wake up in brings back to consciousness of the individuals in their previous book, analyzing in depth the commitment that it identifies like necessary in the present society and, of more specific way, how to make specific it and towards where directing it. Thus, the French author, from one releases conversation with Giller Vanderpooten, of that they separate to him more than sixty years of difference, outlines the necessity that the citizens of the present world, writers, artists, explorers and personalities generally they take a step forwards to be elevated in the referring one of our present society, implying itself thorough in his reality cracked by the crisis and the lack of ideals, through its thought and action, helping to illuminate the future with an attitude jeopardizes. Indignaos! has become bestseller in France and Spain and, in this sense, Comprometeos! arrives at the opportune moment to catalyze the immense big wave of indignation that crosses everybody..