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Information provided by the banks and the potential customer is, too often, biased, cryptic or even misleading. Transparency must be the flag of banking, especially if the information is intended for the public in general and not to qualified investors. A look at a website of a financial institution should give us a good orientation of the requirements for granting us the mortgage based on our economic characteristics and the House that we want to acquire. There are two key points to estimate our chances of obtaining mortgage financing: our economic situation and of the possible guarantors that we can contribute to reinforce the operation (type of contract, monthly payroll, existence of other loans, working life, etc.). The value of buying and selling and the pricing of the House that we wish to acquire. Depending on the percentage of financing offered by the entity, we will know if we need to have savings or provide alternative housing our o of a guarantor for mortgage (what they call in banking second warranties). This time will discuss the second factor and how to decipher some actual sentences that use the websites of banks and: give 100% of the value of the House what a user of this phrase? It depends on what you understand by the home's value.

And it is not a trivial distinction. If refers to the appraised value (what is usually considered the market value in banking jargon) probably can finance 100% plus expenses if the pricing is high. On the other hand, if refers to the value of buying and selling, we will need to have saved the cost of the mortgage amount that around 10% of the purchase. Normally this phrase translates as we give 100% of the purchase value and you must have saved for expenses. These conditions are for operation with an amount of mortgage on the appraised value and the purchase value of the property up to 80% after this sentence there are true linguistic engineering.

We have a concern shared with hundreds of thousands of people. It is not for less, there are always reasons to fear. Companies care maintain their profits. When output to the market of goods and services declines then investment in salary are forced to be diminished. When that moment comes nobody is indispensable.

No matter who. This situation significantly hits the mental health of people. All depend on an economic livelihood. Without money we cannot solve most of our problems. Or what about the responsibility that we have with our family. How we would do to feed, clothe and fit our children. No longer keep same financial slack that we have now.

It is a very strong concern. Any, I repeat, anyone can lose the employment in these days of uncertainty. And when there was uncertainty? Because now there's more. We must reflect, plan, be prepared. That is the key for the confrontation of this and many other problems. It is unacceptable that we do not have a savings account. This is a true guarantee in times of crisis, but it is not the only thing. Preparation is essential. Take care of performing unnecessary expenses, we must set priorities. What else is needed. We reflect what more. Certainly the issues and current concerns not can be faced closing their eyes. There is no effective way of finding solutions to deny the existence of problems. By much mental control that have, by lot autosuggestion is applied by saying to ourselves that all is well, it won't work. They are real and external problems. They exist and affect us regardless of who we want to or that are not there. In some religions are practiced cults who put in such trance people that makes them able to walk barefoot on fathoms and amazingly concentrated in believing that it is not and can not feel pain.

And this order is guided by intelligence which gives animation to matter. Perhaps an intelligence or universal consciousness. . (2) the spirit, the mind and intelligence are the principles that eliminate chaos. The spirit possess a high number of conceptions, deal with some definitions, in order to get an idea more clear and precise.

Knowing discern, that is what could culminate with chaos. As we know, young philosophers and physicists. The first time that in philosophy is esboso the concept of spirit was in Greek Antiquity to present the concepts of nous. As a material reality than reality, a thinking principle whose meaning sometimes has been considered similar to the alma Psyche which is, strictly speaking a vivifying principle; If same Pneuma, top principle to the organic, as it transcends it, has resulted in many occasions by spirit. In latin of where comes effectively the Castilian Word spirit spirits equal to blow. Breath is designated an intangible entity endowed with reason. Spirit in any case has been understood in very different ways, but in all ways always to indicate anything that transcends the purely vital or organic.

Among the Scholastics, the term spirit was used to designate the immaterial substance. The concept of spirit (GEIST) reached its great development in the thesis of hegel, for whom the spirit is a concrete and living reality whose abstract aspect is the idea in German idealism. It is a partial truth that need to complete to become the truth of everything. Because absorbed the error in a manner that in some ways philosophy is the philosophy of the spirit.