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prices sometimes are pronounced, but not infinite, i.e. at some point prices corrected and this is due to several factors. If we speak of speculative investors, a good level of benefits satisfies them and they decide to leave the market to make it liquid obtained utility. If these movements are important they will do that price correct, regardless if the trend is bull or bassist.Another factor is the psychological element, which provides a common sense or common sense. When a value or price of any currency traded at levels outside of the common, many investors prefer leaving the market to see what happens and not take any chances.Whatever it causes, prices do not move in a straight line, i.e. we can observe trends within trends. A secondary trend can co-exist within a primary.

Suppose the primary trend is bullish. Within it we find movements bearish or zig-zag that generate what is called secondary trends. Within these trends many operators make their investments at the intra-day and are excellent opportunities to obtain benefits and a widely used tool is the application of Fibonacci ratios, which often determine supports and resistances. Fibonacci lines are very similar to the speed lines. To draw them we only have to select two significant points in the group, for example, from the start of upward until the first stop, with a small start to fall.

From this second point draw the projection up to the height of the first point and divide this distance in two special lines: following the proportions in line 62% and 38% line.Another application are the areas at the time, that consists of vertical lines in periods corresponding to the series. I.e., placed vertical lines in periods of 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc. This line is to identify changes in the trends of the market.With Fibonacci arcs incorporates the variable time. It is not only identified areas of support and resistance, but when going to produce these. It is convenient to use together lines and Fibonacci arcs. Stronger signals occur when the two types of curves match. Since it is a very useful tool, the majority of trading platforms incorporates it as a tool, with which you must understand the principle. Then from the platform indicates the point of Fibonacci numbers that you want to know and potential correction levels will be shown to you.

The economic crisis has affected a lot of people the trend global financial bassist has begun years ago still, the world still has not recovered from its adverse impact. And you are also, in conditions so tight calls of as consiguir credit report and clean it. The value of real estate has gone down enormously, trading fluctuated and there is no way that you can offset its debt. The Bank is already calling your how due mortgage and required due to default in payment. You are now in the worst cases.

The foreclosure of your property is becoming imminent and your credit standing will therefore suffer a negative grade. They really distressed him due to the frequent collection letters from your Bank and real estate short sale is just the perfect solution under circumstances. But you can not make this process as effectively and as quickly as an experienced real estate agent. So, you have to find a trusted broker in! What is short sale? Selling short a residential property is a process where the debtor, the Bank or lender will allow a borrower-owner of a House to sell the property mortgaged in less than the mortgage balance. All proceeds from the sale will go to the lender and shall set the owner of home free of any financial obligation to the lender. Short sale is called because the House will be sold at less than the amount of the demand for debt from the lender.

The borrower agrees with the short sale that will relieve entirely on debt. The lender for its part will agree this process make the mortgage closing, removes an account delinquent in your loan list and incurring a lower cost instead of a foreclosure. The role of a real estate agent real estate agent will acquire the whole process until completed the sale of the House.