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(FERRAO, 2009) With effect, it is understood that the politics of management adopted for the person from de state of espirito santo government points with respect to a new way, creating a culture of valuation of the knowledge and motivation of the server come back toward a social learning, ornando efficient the public administration in fact, efficient effective. The results show start it and that it has to earn she is all the society. 9. FINAL CONSIDERAES After the accomplishment of the studies, were possible to notice that the Administration of Human resources comes if becoming practical one of great importance for the healthy development and of success, either in public or private organizations. This practical makes possible a management model that values the serving collaborator, giving elements to it so that it carries through its activities with satisfaction and sights to the growth next to the organizacionais objectives.

The main idea of the related study was to analyze the public organizations in what it is referred to the motivation and the management of the knowledge of the server. It is important to emphasize the new models of management that are being used in the public sphere, allowing to face the incapacity that if established in the State in taking care of to ace demands of the society, wants either in the quality or the amount of the given services. Inside of this perspective, the necessity becomes significant of if to think the benefits offered for motivation instruments and management of the knowledge. These instruments assume a role of essential character for one better functionality of the daily activities, many of the dull and exhausting times, what it causes a feeling of loss of heart and disinterest. Of this form, directed actions are justified the practical motivacionais, with objective to become the work most attractive, beyond valuing the professionals who are so important inside of the organizations, also in the public environment, where practical with these rare parameters they are e, when existing, fragile and inconsistentes. In the analysis on these new models of management, it is excellent to notice the paper of private prominence to the servers and the process of reinforcement and increase of its proportionate autonomy for the valuation of its work through