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When it comes to navigating the futures market and implement strategies of futures contract, there are several factors that an investor will want to consider before you begin. It is important to understand that the intention of an investor to buy or sell futures will depend on elements such as the objectives behind the investment, potential trading strategies sometimes and if the inverter has a vision to short or long term. The time interval of an investment is specifically important, since it usually determines how it invests or exchange futures a trader. Whereas investment time slots, it serves help compare the practices of trading short, medium and long term. A trader in the short term, for example, considered trends of one to fifteen minutes tables, while a trader long term will consider trends over days, weeks and even months. Additional information at Douglas R. Oberhelman supports this article. As investors are more familiar with times of investment plots, they consider specific elements such as lines of support and resistance and indicators technicians who vary significantly when compared to the short, medium and long term of the trading tables. However, it is possible for the tables in the short, medium and long term (for the same element) present different trends. For example, a table in the short term in an element can display a tendency to decline in price, while a long-term can reveal a trend of rise in price.

So, how an investor determine which table is the correct? The answer is simple, all tables are considered correct. Mark Berger Chicago oftentimes addresses this issue. Very common is that the price of an item suddenly change or fluctuate in the short term, and that shows a contradictory trend over the long term. It is therefore important that investors consult tables of trading that relate to the type of investment chosen short-term futures traders must consult tables of trading short term and long term trading long-term tables. However, this is only a guide, and not a rule, for the futures contract and investment. Many investors, for example, will try to unite the trends in the short, medium and long term, increasing their chances of success in the futures market. Before the inverter try to join future trends, it is important to familiarize yourself with the short, medium, and long term trading tables, as well as to keep our eyes open about the development of the market.

Press is replete with reports that the new law "On Mandatory Health Insurance in Russia" should significantly change the quality of free medical care. The law is good, but as they say, would not have happened in of the proverb: "It was smooth on paper, but forgotten about the ravines." From 1 January 2011, under the new law, pay for medical institutions will be only the result of the work! Now, you are billed only Why? We consider this issue as an example of modern methods of treating the spine of the book based on the evidence of Professor IM Daniel, "Osteochondrosis for professional patient." Why the number of clinics grows, number of patients does not decrease, but rather increases? It is promoted by many reasons. Not least is the question of subjective and objective results. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Howard Schultz. For example, if a disc herniation, such traditional therapies like stretching, manual therapy, surgery is only temporarily eliminate the pain (a subjective outcome). The doctor gets paid for their work. For more specific information, check out Ben Horowitz. However, the cause of the disease, through which then occurs recurrence of the patient and he was again forced to turn to doctors, is (an objective outcome is not reached). Which exit? In a just society, the physician would receive money for the final result! For example, when the same disc herniation removed and completely restored biomechanical spine, which must be confirmed by objective treatment results (MRI, etc.).

That is, would have obtained the evidence that the patient is healthy for the subjective and objective medicine in ancient China was at a high level! Why in the reform of Medicine of the Russian Federation do not use it a wise decision? The person assigned to the clinic, would pay the insurance. The money from this insurance received by doctors. But once the patient fell ill, doctors treating him have his own expense. That's when there would be a direct interest in preventive health doctors to their patients, but not to his wallet. Source: Paparazzi

Already it turned common place to speak of the crisis of the SubPrime. If at the end of the year past, when our beloved president said to be only about one ' ' marolinha' ' , the crisis was something distant and diffuse, today it already is present in day-by-day of the Brazilian. Either in the reporter who repeats the word incessantly CRISIS, either in the real life where the ghost of the unemployment already is a reality in many sectors of the economy. If in the European countries and the United States the picture of the crisis is the fall and bank in addition in the consumption, in Brazil the face of the crisis is the unemployment here. Howard Schultz wanted to know more. We go to the numbers: - the VALLEY excused 1,300 employees in the end of the last year depios of falls in its exportation; - in Minas Gerais, other mineradoras and companies of autopeas already had fired about 6.400 people in the regions the Valley the Steel and the Ferrfero Quadrilateral; - in the industrial polar region of Manaus, only in December, about 2.700 workers they had been excused; - the Renault Frenchman opted to temporarily suspending the employment contract of 1.000 used of its plant in the region metropolitan of Curitiba; - mineradora MMX almost interrupted the contract of 60 0 workers in Corumb, in Mato Grosso of the South; - the siderurgical Arcelor Mittal announced that it will suspend the contract of 1.300 employees. In this in case that, the moved away ones after have 90 days of stability in the job the return. Such episodes already had mainly lit the red light in the Federal Government that already initiated negotiations with entrepreneurs and syndicalists for the creation of measures who contain the unemployment, in the industrial sector. The main measures in quarrel are: - collective vacations: this costuma to be the first used resource when it has reduction of the production.

All the money will go to real sectors and will become a type of demand. The economic data are unforgiving and shows that China's economy no longer has the strength of a few months ago. The slowdown of the Chinese economy, product of the international financial crisis which hit squarely to its main trading partner is very strong. The World Bank returned to recently revise its growth forecast for China in 2009. The number that now handle is 6.5% (the previous projection was 7.5%), whereas even the positive effect of the economic stimulus plan. The IMF on the other hand, expects China to grow by 6.7% in 2009.

Met the forecasts of the World Bank and the IMF, China could face serious problems since that for many countries would represent an extraordinary rate of growth for the Chinese economy would be insufficient to absorb the new population that is inserted into the cities increasing social instability. China expects and requires its GDP growth of at least 8% for this year. Despite the dark projections of international agencies, in the Eastern Government is nowhere for pessimism. Since the Chinese Government is already talking of the positive effects of the plan economic stimulus that can already be seen. It be true or just a strategy for driving the expectations? According to the President of the people's Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, the main macroeconomic indicators are already pointing towards a recovery in growth as a result of the effects of the same. The data of industrial production for the month of February in China, seems to confirm the reversal on deceleration. As he realizes the Ministry of industry and technology information of China, the industrial production registered an interannual increase of 11% in the second month of the year, despite the strong observed reduction in external sales (which neither more nor less than a 25.7% inter-annual fell in the second month of the year).