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The defections of the customers can be reduced when guiding the community of the company in the adoption of new positions, in the intention of additions of the benefits. Word-key: customers, companies, equipment heavy. METHODOLOGY This work was carried through from qualitative, exploratria, theoretical research with changeable sustentations and objects of studies, having as have supported the authors of bibliographies (Kotler F 2000, Hoolev Saunders, Piercy, 2005, Loureno, 2010, Souza, 2010 and Campaign, 2010), are unanimous in affirming that ' ' the projection valorada in the customer, can change the total vision and perspectives of empresa' '. These affirmations validate the theory of each one, when completing with the thought of that ' ' it is not enough to dominate the techniques to attract new customers, the company must ret-los' '. According to Loureno (2010) and Souza (2010), they corroborate with the analysis of that ' ' the administration of relationships are directly on to the way to lead the personal and interpersonal differences of colaboradores' '. For Campaign: (2010), ' ' if it will not have a good planning of action does not exist success in good empreendimento' '.

All these theoreticians evidence the relation of ' ' good convivncia' ' between the collaborators, having as approach the insertion of the customers in the market-target in the companies of small has carried medium and the retention of the same ones. In this context, the companies are directly responsible for the actions and services, whose omissions intervene with the life of other people. Collating the main administrative characteristics mentioned by literature with the observed ones in the practical one, they had been evidenced ' ' points fracos' ' in the administrative deficiencies of the Bergmann, as: the lack of strategical planning for evaluation and services that the proponent company offers the customers, having this, to repass for the collaborators the effect of its works stops with the clientele.

According to Snows (2001), 60% of job and 50% of the GIP in U.S.A. are kept by familiar companies. experience evidences that it urges corrective politics to assist the successory process of these companies, because the succession continues being one of the biggest problems that independently appear in this type of familiar structure, of its dimension or branch of activity where they are inserted, and that most of the companies does not survive to this obstacle. Therefore the sensitization how much to the vulnerabilities of these organizations, whose purpose is of assisting the survival and intensification of the same ones, it becomes necessary with bigger possible brevity, in view of, that today one of the biggest concerns of the managers of these companies, that suffer in the confrontation of operational or strategical problems, result of the difficulties related to the inadequao, as much in the use, how much in the choice of the tools and the available resources for reaching the differentials longed for the administrators of the type of company in question, in searchs of the objective and waited goals. Ahead of this context, the survival of the familiar structures it is today the main concern of its managers, with emphasis in the small business companies, who generally are more vulnerable to the difficulties, for the lack of investments in the professionalization of the enterprise management. In this direction the problematic one in question aims at here to search the organizacional environment and which the suffered vulnerabilities in what it refers to the successory process of the familiar companies and as to analyze the operational and strategical planning of these. This study it has for purpose to search tools that still assists the heirs in very devoid the successory process of efficient ways that aim at to the survival of the familiar organizations and the search for the competitiveness in the current market. .

It fits to stand out the importance of the accomplishment of other research for the evaluation of the relation between terceirizados and the contracting companies, and thus to be verified measured and practical that they can be applied, having for objective one better relationship between the companies and the terceirizados ones, and consequentemente, the success in the reach of the goals of the business. Ahead of these evidences the difficulty evidenced for the research can be concluded that the terceirizao of the area of human resources is not advantageous, therefore is the confidence in the relation of the management with the terceirizados ones can be interpreted by the lack of clarity how much to the equity in the work conditions, to the perspectives of development, the remumerao and the diverse treatment with regard to the terceirizados ones. Douglas R. Oberhelman understands that this is vital information. REFERENCES LIGHTER, Patrician August of, GARCI'A, Fernando Coutinho. Alphabet will not settle for partial explanations. Relations of Being able in the terceirizao processes. Available in: . Article 2010. Access in 20 Set.

2010. BUCKI, James.

For the planning of the production resources, one defines the total necessities of ressuprimento for each product from the warehouse of the organization, endorsed for the programming of each product and for each place, that will be consolidated for manufactures in the same molds of it calculates of the MRP.Para each place and product considers the existing balance of available supplies, supply of security, duration of ressuprimento and emitted amount of order, it stops in the case of decentralized supply. The total necessities reflect the demand of the customers and places of distribution, as the survey of each place, thus generating the programmed acts of receiving. Kevin Johnson has similar goals. In this context, the source of the management of the transport and the distribution has as main goal to carry through a balance that reduces the total cost of the operation, supplying the level of desired service. Its objectives assign: To assure that the resources are available to satisfy the necessities of the internal and external customers, searching to satisfy the movements daily of products. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andreessen Horowitz. The planning and monitoramento of all the resources to inside supply a service of the parameters of costs and the waked up criteria, are determinative factors in the minimizao of the time and in the distance of trip. On these aspects, where the 0 variable time and distance are decisive, the management of transports is based on the modal ones of transports, that are characterized for: Road? Railroad worker? Aerial? Aquavirio? Dutovirio.Em one it analyzes comparative, the modal one of transport is one of the factors that impactam the final price of the product, aspect of basic importance for the competitive advantage: Figure 3? Comparison enters modaisA choice of the transport is related with three types of necessities of the company: Cost? based in the distance covered: Fixtures = basic depreciation, licenses, wages. 0 variable = maintenance, fuel, tires, oil, expenditures and overtime of the drivers.

The policemen who work in 24-hour scales, generally work in a high level of estresse, therefore a turn 24-hour demands very of its physical and mental capacity. The scales of work in Quartis, Viaturas and Operational Bases of Military Policia Santa Catarina, generally are organized in continuous fixed turns, a time that the services of these institutions demand an uninterrupted functioning during the 24 hours of the day, seven days per week. A worker of the area of Security Publishes, has that to be completely intent in its functions and attributions, has seen that this will always act in conditions of conflicts, therefore whenever a policeman is requested for the attendance of an occurrence this environment already is subject to a high level of estresse. With this a submitted individual the modified secular projects, as it is the case of a Policeman who is scaled in 24-hour turns, in case that this has that to take care of a request, after the 12 first hours of its planto, certainly it will not be an attendance standard, therefore the Policeman already will be overloaded by the previous atendimentos. Some contend that Jonas Samuelson shows great expertise in this. Being thus a scale 24-hour he is harmful to the policeman and the citizen who for happiness to need its of its supports.

' ' ... the case of the workers who work at night, can external present disturbances in its endogenous biological rhythm in function of the secular conflict between biological clocks and social project tax, therefore we must remember that the organism will pass for an adaptation phase. The species human being is diurne e, being thus, to work in the inverse direction to the physiological functioning of the organism can take the alteration of the physical performance and mental of the worker, what it can cause consequences to its health because, in biological terms, the night is the moment where the organism if prepares to renew its energies.

The communication helps inside in the aiming of the actions of the organizations, seen to have the possibility of return of the involved ones, of more active form. Continue to learn more with: Caterpillar Inc.. It is capable to add to all and to search greater participation, being aimed at to keep living creature the process and the objectives of the company. For Viana, (2004) ... the good Communication is a work permanent, that it demands investment, time and harmony enters the specialized direction of the companies and its professionals. Ahead of the displayed one, it is perceived that the communication is, without a doubt, a with priority requirement for the strategical differential, therefore when the organization keeps an opened communication, transparent and of credibility, the work becomes stimulant and oportuniza the growth of the company, beyond not only displaying for the market the differentiated and competitive value that developed in its activities, satisfying the old customers, but conquering still public distinct who veem its expectations to be taken care of. Ben Horowitz has much experience in this field.

5. Consideraes Final the competition between the organizations grows frightfully, therefore no strategy that aims at to the differentiation and the creation of competitive advantages must be ignored. No organization withholds the knowledge or all all the necessary resources for its autossubsistncia. Therefore, it is necessary that if it makes an examination minute of the company to perceive what it can be improved. If they cannot fear the changes when one is about the marketing competitiveness, the old tools that had one day functioned can be obsolete and & ldquo; gritando& rdquo; for innovations. It is in this context that the organizations must be used the Strategical Planning, defining goals, objectives, strategies, politics of performance and action to be implemented so that the company as a whole can take care of to the expectations of the customers, collaborators, shareholders, suppliers and society. Amongst the innumerable organizacionais strategies, importance of the Social Responsibility is emphasized it as powerful tool in relation to the competitive differentials.

Giovanna Sgarbi Ribeiro Rosimere. the Carmona Navarrese Vleide The society is each time more accustomed to the services that function 24 hours. To take care of to this demand it has a great number of people who work outside of the conventional schedules. These professionals are more inclined to reveal, cardiovascular riots and problems of social conviviality digestive. With regard to the feeding, research demonstrates that the nocturnal worker has greater inhabits to ingest foods frozen daily pay-stews and also & ldquo; beliscar& rdquo;. It is important to remain the schedules of the meals, therefore when this does not occur, the food finds stomach unprepared e, for lighter than either, causes me the digestion. In the lack of what to digest, the enzymes produced for the biological clock attack the proper digestive device, propitiating the appearance of gastrointestinal clutters, as azia, gastrite and ulcers. Moreover, many companies do not make use of a cardpio that offers a nutritional diet and that it takes care of the necessities of the nocturnal worker, including until feijoada for these people. The manager has the duty to guide the nutrition service to adjust the feeding of its collaborators including the awareness by means of lectures, cartilhas, abandonment of harmful habits as tobacco and alcohol, the incentive of the practical one of physical exercises, tips that contribute for a more healthful feeding, is actions simple, however efficient that the employer must make, diminishing the expenditures with the health and social welfare and improving the quality of life.

b) Enterprise culture: So that the collaborator if involves integrally and truily with the company, it he must be identified and atrelado emotionally with the vision, principles and values of this company. When feeling itself attracted and motivated with the culture of the organization, them ' ' they will dress camisa' ' spontaneously. c) Attractive positions: Wools Houses (2006, p.110) placed that the position needs to possess a positive differential to the eyes of the people, as an increased creative benefit becomes that it only in the market, that walks to the meeting of the necessities of the public-target: the wage, the incentives; everything inside of the resources and the capacity of the company. It is as to vender a product: what it can contain more than calls the attention the consumer, and leaving of this premise to develop you add and benefits that make with that the product is advantageous and desirable for the customer. Hear from experts in the field like Electrolux for a more varied view. d) To attract and to select the best talentos: The first step to identify them is in the election process. Which must be stipulated the profile adjusted for the destined candidate the determined position. Already in the interview it must be known its abilities not only, experiences, qualifications and disposal of integration; the culture must be given to a bigger attention, to the way to think and the personal profile of the candidate, in order to verify if this if identifies with the values, vision and mission of the company, therefore the more in tunning they will be the causes of each one, more motivated and integrated the employee it will be inside of the company. e) Training: In accordance with the studies on the attributions of the Area of Human resources inside of the corporations, are verified that the training is one of the indispensable tools most important and for the same ones.

This work of course conclusion searches the profile of the entrepreneur, according to Dornelas. We know that the entrepreneur is that one that has good ideas in the idea to not only open a company, but during all the life of it, that, puts the hand in the mass for, with persistence and pro-active attitude, to transform chances into reality. Empreendedorismo is not still a science, even so is enters the areas where more research. It knows, however that empreendedorismo is a cultural phenomenon, that is, it is fruit of habits, practical and values of the people. To undertake is, above all, a mental attitude that engloba the motivation and the capacity of an individual, isolated or integrated in an organism, to identify a chance and for concretiz- with the objective to produce a new value or a economic result there. For complementation of these affirmations one of the enterprising greaters of the City of Saints it was interviewed and with this to trace its Profile according to Dornelas author who affirms that the entrepreneur is the buscador of chances..

The objective of this study is to investigate of the performance of the commission of document evaluation in the scope of the assistance institutions the health of the Federal University of the Bahia, with special approach in the criteria adopted in the evaluation of the handbook of the patient, through study of case and direct comment intensive type interview. The study object is the units of health of the Federal University of the Bahia: University hospital Edgar Professor Saints (Clinical), Climrio Maternity de Oliveira and the Medical Service University Professor Rubens Brazil. In the first chapter they have it introduction of the research, evidencing the problematic one of the boarded subject, the adopted objectives, justification and procedures. In as the chapter it approaches the relative questions to the documentary management evidencing its origin, evolution, phases, concepts and documentary evaluation. The third chapter points the thematic one of the research, that is the handbook of the patient. It still approaches what service of medical archive and statistics and the permanent commission of document evaluation. Finally, contextualiza the case study, telling a little of the description of the searched units and the results of the research.