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Increased production of rice, corn and wheat does not guarantee by itself that the impoverished countries of the planet can afford prices that dictate the rules of the market for those subsistence food that needs its population. In several cases, these countries abandoned the field to adapt to structural adjustments dictated by the World Bank to address external debts. In the 60s and 70 United States and some European countries gave massive subsidies to their farmers, which filled the market of cheap food that sank the agriculture in impoverished countries. More than thirty years later, the surpluses of agricultural production still turning in the countries of the South, drowned by debt and lack of food that can no longer afford. Aid for development to promote the productivity of the field in the countries of the South have short-range.

Although they could return to their subsistence economies, would have little chance of exporting their products by protectionism and the inability to compete with subsidized products from the first world. If the population amounts to 9 billion by 2050, food production will have to double, as holding the director-general of FAO. In that sense, Jeffrey Sachs's approach to the eradication of hunger shows an overall view to incorporate health and education in aid programs to avoid that this population has been reached and, above all, the approach that many more children, better. Why refers to cooperation for endogenous to be born of the peoples themselves, sustainable, global and balanced development. Support in the agricultural sphere, accompanied by health, responsible maternity and education programs, would provide that balance. Without forgetting that it may not be in charity what is owed in justice. Therefore, international organizations should denounce subsidies and dialogue to a trading system fairer and more humane.

Referred to the regional integration of securities markets, Brazil, as it has done on other issues, wants to put at the forefront of this initiative and through the Bovespa, lead integration with several bags of the region in order to improve the attractiveness of Latin America and secure flows of investment in the region. To this end it has already started contacts with Chile, Peru and Colombia. Investment Banker can aid you in your search for knowledge. With Mexico and Argentina, Brazil already has links of integration, although still not have been able to realize. Vice President and director of development and new business of BM & F Bovespa, Paulo Oliveira Junior, said during the visit that he made to Chile in order to facilitate trading between the two markets: our interest big maintain the liquidity of the market here, in our continent, in creating new products, develop bilateral relations of countries and prevent a flight of capital or investment in other places. This possibility of integration of Latin American stock markets, undoubtedly opens the doors to contributors enterprises to achieve a significant improvement in trading conditions that may significantly improve the liquidity of their roles and this may involve you improvements in the cost of financing and the possibility of access to larger volumes to finance their investment projects. For investors, also the realization of this proposal represent one more good news considering the possibility of access to a much more liquid market and with a greater capacity for diversification of risk. You might also think that greater volume achieved by the integration of securities markets, you a greater boost to mergers and acquisitions in the region, since they could have greater access to funds for this objective.

I understand that the current context by which pass through the region's economies is the most appropriate to advance in this type of projects. The possibility of having a capital market at the regional level with concrete possibility of generating financing for projects existing in Latin America investment it would be a step for the consolidation of regional development. Of course, that this proposal should overcome the barrier of the heterogeneity in the regulation of Latin American stock markets. A barrier that not has been able to overcome for example, to achieve that Mexico and Brazil bags are integrated. If one examines it in detail, this proposal for regional integration of securities markets, is not something isolated as it is framed in the context of development that is succeeding in Latin America, which requires, to consolidate it in developed financial markets.

The mortgage requests registered an increase of 2,0% in the week finished on May 1, it boost that it occurs at a time when interest rates are at its highest level since March of this year. More info: MetLife Korea. This is explained by the fact that they are anyway in tempting levels for decision makers. Without a doubt, the good news have begun to emerge in the U.S. economy although the hardness of the crisis makes doubt about whether you can expect the U.S. economy to accelerate his recovery. From my point of view, all these positive data have the potential to generate a virtuous circle that autoalimente to consolidate the way out of the crisis. Without a doubt, the gradual improvement in the labor market, dissipate fears and encourage consumption.

Families will begin to lose their fear of becoming unemployed and limit their precautionary savings. The improvement in the Economic Outlook will lead companies to think about reviving their investment projects. It is a good opportunity to achieve repositioned in competitive markets, so, those companies that have a capacity to do so, probably start to think again about realize such projects. Minor doubts about the health of the banking system, may lead institutions to reduce their efforts to sustain the confidence about its strength and focus on reviving the sector's activity. Credit bid may charge vitality before a demand for consumption and investment, so that probably begins to recover. With families and businesses to recover, the real estate market improves their prospects and with him, the large number of sectors linked to the activity.It may be prudent to wait a few more weeks to confirm the evolution of the American economy, but the data that emerging, renewed hopes. Slowly becomes more likely the economic recovery in the U.S. until 2009 comes to an end and this is good news for the global economy and for Latin America in particular.

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Analyze each case separately would be a interesting exercise to find the real factors of success. However, you and I, what we need is money and soon! In fact everyone needs it in greater or lesser degree of urgency. But bad will need money and need it fast? Many will tell you even the love of money is the source of all evil, and true. Eye that the bad thing, but the love of money is not money that if it becomes a problem. But that is a topic discussed on another occasion. All have found either by attempt or by chance, hundreds of offers of quick money on the Internet. Some sound attractive at first glance but when you escudrinas a bit more closely you realize that they really are fraudulent or deceptive and that the only thing that really achieve if you associate you with them is win money fast for them.

Constancy excellence anonymous concerned does see as increasingly more universities, especially national ones, they have entered into a phase of debacle in academics, where in sight, a significant deterioration in academic excellence, training and training of its professionals, feels, especially those relating to economics, and technology. All this is detrimental, not only for professionals who graduate, but for the country, for the Government that is supposed to must have good professionals that help to develop economic, social, technical programs that has been proposed to perform. Increasingly noticeable, the deficiency in the training of professionals who are not formed according to the profile of the present demand, such is the case of administrators, economists, industrial relations, accountants, engineers, industrial, mechanical. There has been a neglect, lack of concern of the authorities of several national universities, evaluate, what should be the professional of these mentioned races, that are necessary to function successfully according to the requirements of the national stage, of the opportunities, threats, challenges, changes that arise constantly. Many writers such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch offer more in-depth analysis.

There is a feedback in the curriculum of these races, which take step to knowledge, tools that are necessary to guarantee optimum performance of the professionals who graduate. Many subjects, knowledge that do not correspond to the present, seriously affecting the learning of the professional who graduated are maintained. This certainly has been deteriorating academic excellence, besides that does not makes use of field research that contribute to the solution of many problems facing these races, especially in a Venezuela full of uncertainty, risk, threat, but also presented him opportunities to know them leverage can help academic excellence to rescue it. Looms much passivity in universities, very little commitment to the current reality, almost no manifests that proactivity that you need, the express opinions, participating dynamically before serious problems than political, economic, technical the country faces. It is regrettable, that crisis the world is facing, the low prices of oil, the insecurity, the national universities through the faculties of Economics, engineering, do not participate, do not give to know their points of view, in answer to this reality, giving it aso talent and contributing ideas, solutions that they benefit to the country.

Now the readings of this book I can already propose and integrate all parts to form my learning community for the good of all the communities that we are all part of a whole, we are part of the kosmos. In holistic education learning communities are emerging as a proposal by the urgency of this change that we speak so important in education, to transform the meaningless and reductionist which formed this mechanistic education a comprehensive and meaningful learning, a learning for life. Caught my attention a term and it comes in several books line of Ramon Gallegos and I think we as people can interpret it with clarity, we talk about this change, standardized, mechanistic school to learning, holistic learning, must be rooted in dynamic learning communities forming not only professionals, but also good human beings. Holistic education aims to nurture the best of humanity, is an education for human development which is focused or is focused on learning.In holistic education and learning communities the dialogue is one of the bases to get to do an education education meaningful and transcendence, is contrary to the communication a path where all members of the dialogue going in the same goal, without having to impose your idea. Blake Krikorian is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Dialogue is the way to create shared common meanings.

In the dialogue, the priority is to communicate to us, therefore we create values and develop a common purpose, we create something where everybody wins, respenado, being humble that it is something that need us to many teachers, patient and tolerant. Mentions Ramon Gallegos, when we say that education has more quality, actually we are only saying that it is better managed, but better manage education, although it is important is not enough to enhance learning. Recently listened to modern techniques of education, changes that have been made to the educational system to solve the problem of education imposed and standardized, but continue in that pattern, which cognitive abilities are equal to the best education, together with the adoption of the technology but this know that it is not warranty, subject-object relationship.

Specific activation of certain brain regions, including some of the centers of pain perception (such as the limbic area and hypothalamus) can be demonstrated in the application of acupuncture. Also in the West are considering new ideas about acupuncture to explain its operation, leaving aside the theory of Chinese medicine.According to this new scientific stream, the needles inserted into specific points of the body makes the brain segregue various types of endorphins in the brain which causes raise the pain threshold and generate us a true welfare State, explaining, in part the because it is a very effective treatment against pain and why it is effective in cases of anxiety and depression assistance. If embargo is still much to investigate, there are still few quality studies that have some scientific weight both in favour and against this therapy, however millions of people around the world ensure their effectiveness. Further details can be found at Douglas Oberhelman, an internet resource. However, it is important to emphasize that acupuncture is fairly safe when applied exclusively by professionals properly trained in this technique, what makes this therapy more difficult (and expensive) apply. However new advances in this regard are underway, as for example acupuncture Lifewave patches, designed from modern techniques of nanotechnology, than applied on certain points of acupuncture in the body, perform various functions by raising the quality of life, either by reducing the pain to increasing levels of energy and vitality. Advances in the so-called energy medicines are really spectacular and the coming years will give us pleasant surprises, but today we already functional and useful therapies such as acupuncture and its derivatives, such as the acupressure or Lifewave patches..

Aquilino Polaino called lower self-esteem disorders. This can happen by factors relating to the development, personality, process of upbringing, education or socio-cultural aspects. But also must be taken into account that self-esteem is one of the psychological aspects that are first altered in some psychiatric pathologies. Alterations of self-esteem in multiple psychiatric disorders and in this sense there are changes in self-esteem (either positive or negative sense) should be considered as agreement symptom that I would point out to us that something is wrong and therefore that it is necessary an accurate that it clarified the origin of such alteration diagnosis. We can not forget that multiple processes psychiatric, such as mood, anxiety, personality disorders or psychotic, involve alteration of this and are part of the constellation of symptoms that accompany these processes.

The alterations the self-esteem that is observed in this kind of disorder is to what Dr. Aquilino Polaino called major self-esteem disorders. In the case of mood disorders, authors such as Beck noted as important features what it calls the cognitive triad: negative view of self, the future and the world. This negative view of self appointed by Beck keeps close relationship with self-esteem deficits observed in depression. But while there is a tendency to consider the alterations of self-esteem in terms of decrease or negative, there are various psychiatric pathologies in which the alteration of the same happens in a positive sense and excess. Such is the case of disorder as the manic depressive, characterized by swings between manic and depressive poles encouragement or hiccups in that in these phases can be seen and a manic, perception and sense of self expansive, envelope valued and oversized, this constituting an important diagnostic feature. Also We can observe alterations of self-esteem in this sense positive in substance use disorder as it is the case with alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines and other psychostimulants. Original author and source of the article.

Tinnitus, or ear beep is a most common hearing condition of what is believed. Although in many cases it has been for a short period of time, considered that much of the population has suffered from it at some point in his life. Tinnitus or tinnitus as the perception of a sound is defined without the existence of an actual external source thereof. Although its pathophysiology is not clear, is considered the central and peripheral nervous system could be implicated in this condition. The greater the tinnitus problem arises when ears beep is a constant nuisance that interferes at all times in the life of one who suffers it, and may even cause problems sleeping. There are several variations of this symptom depending on the type of sound, duration and intensity, as well as many possible factors that cause it. One of the most common causes of ear beep is to the overexposure to a too intense sound source. This overexposure causes lesions in the inner ear (cochlea) causing a beep of varied intensity and frequency in these patients.

In addition to being the most common tinnitus such; It is also the most harmless, since in the majority of cases, it lasts only a few hours and then disappears without medical treatment. When the beep becomes a chronic condition or one greater nuisance for anyone who suffers from it, is time to resort to the specialist for your diagnosis. It must be taken into account that tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease in itself, so it is very important to define its cause in order to address their treatment. It is important to know that most of the causes of tinnitus do not correspond to conditions that may endanger the life, and although in most cases the beep of ears is not removed completely, there are many treatments that dramatically improve the quality of life of patients. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

Francisco Camps only has managed to be both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a Robert L. Stevenson that compose the script without. If anything, whom more has been able to influence such ambivalent public perception has been alvaro Perez, the whiskers, but not aware that the Orange Market Manager knows even write. For even more opinions, read materials from Andreessen Horowitz. Before the unfortunate day they both crossed their destinies, Paco Camps offered the untainted image of a modern, weighted and effective Manager. It is true that he had already taught fangs to the heirs of Eduardo Zaplana, who either were little angels in his belligerent defense of that legacy.

But in the end could with everyone. Even the unassailable Ripoll, the Alicante Asterix, eventually surrendered to his feet, that Yes, with help of his involvement in the case Brugal. The truth is that it will achieve its third mandate, despite that contradictory image, due to possess a speech persuasive and compelling, although many times the data to then endeavor to refute his oratory, every day more vehement as approaching day of judgment, If not final, Yes just as dramatic. And it is that he seems convinced that, inexplicably, there are still people who has not learned how much he makes for all of us every day, since it rises until lie. Angel Moon up a man so seriously as he has finished appearing on the television show La Noria, which is checked once again that nobody is perfect. Because Serio Angel Moon nobody WINS him: even when stone Strip no hidden hand, as others do, with what the judges were about to cut at the behest of the talking hands PP., years after he lost the Mayor's Office of Alicante has returned to the foreground of the policy from the hand of Jorge Alarte andabove all, Paco Camps, longer than if it were not for the case Gurtel Angel moon would remain a perfect stranger for the public at large.