Morgan Stanley

The derivation of the international financial crisis, in the sharp fall in the prices of commodities in general, has carried relief central bankers who did not find the way to curb the inflationary rise caused by external factors. Latin American countries breathe a little relieved by minor inflationary pressures from external source that appear on the horizon, although they do not leave regrettable by the decline in the international prices of their export commodities. And some countries complain more than others. If you have read about Stuart Solomon already - you may have come to the same conclusion. On the day yesterday, the price of a barrel of WTI oil was trading for $75. Its price is minimum levels in more than one year and this is undoubtedly a problem for Venezuela, increasingly more dependent on the black gold country. If you would like to know more about Charles Kushner, then click here. The reality was totally different since only a few months ago when the price of oil threatened to reach $150 barrel. Beyond of reverse which means to Venezuela this collapse in the price of oil, one might think that the crisis international financial has its positive country face to reduce inflationary pressures. Although it is still premature, at the moment there is inflationary dynamics in Venezuela remains strong and threatens to increase it.

So far in the year, the month of September inflation in Venezuela accumulates a rise of 21.8%, where the food already accumulated an increase of 27.3%. For 2009, Morgan Stanley analysts foresee an inflation of 40 per cent in Venezuela. Some analysts estimate that the international financial crisis, will have its impact on the growth of Venezuela, although its authorities still consider a 2009 with 6% expansion of its product. In this scenario, getting naked several of which holds the Venezuelan economy and problems that can be transformed into risk factors for its stability. Venezuela's public finances are highly dependent on oil revenues. Chavez knows that in these moments care should resources, therefore, in addition to approval of a budget with an estimated value of a barrel of oil in US $60, stressed the need to increase savings, and called for increasing efficiency and approve an austere budget, for 2009, whereas the worst scenarios of the world economy.