Conclusion One concludes that the subject of the corruption has been associated to the leaderships of the legislative chambers, to the executive, the judiciary one and the Senate, for considering that the actions leave of them, but all have family, all had been to the school and all had heard some segment or belong to some municipal or state oligarchy until arriving in the top of a mountain of the hierarchy politics. Therefore, I do not understand because still they say that the corruption starts from top to bottom. Therefore, I am contrary to this thesis. I do not believe to be possible to construct the building from the ceiling, nor that if it plants a seed starting for the top of the tree not even for the trunk and, yes for the base, for the cell to mater of the society: the family. Details can be found by clicking Charles Kushner or emailing the administrator. But they do not think that I consider the insolvent family or I want quite to the contrary that it if dissolves. It educates its son for the citizenship with respect and equality.

Its pupil teaches to have proper ideas and to be he himself. He has respect for its controllers and collaborators and he does not use them to make solid its campaign in its proper benefit. While he will have son (a) disobedient, indisciplinado pupil (a) (a), father and mother bad-character, disloyal, managing professor (a) (a) not ethical, trading and dishonest entrepreneurs, will have place to lodge the corruption.