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The brewery Garcia is the first CO2 neutral brewery of in Austria and receives prestigious environmental award on July 13, 2012 the brewery Garcia in the framework of the 24 hours of Bikens of the ecoregion Kaindorf of public was the first and so far only CO2 neutral brewery of in Austria presented itself. This was achieved on the one hand on the other hand a number of conservation measures in the area of production, through the acquisition of CO2 certificates from the eco-region which can provide these through the humus construction project. The approach of the brewery Garcia differs from that of other producers, the fact that not only the in-house production for the CO2 balance was considered, but that the Joanneum Research in Graz, which conducted the analysis, regarded the entire value chain. Ranging from the production of raw materials through the malting and brewing process to the transport to the customer all CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions have been compiled. The CO2 balance should be clearly marked, that the brewery in 2011 29.4 tons CO2 equivalent causes of emissions has, which corresponds to a value of 120 grams of CO2 per bottle natural beer.

It is for the environment around some friendly natural beer from the home of Garcia to drink than to drive a kilometer drive, because even a modern car emissions 15% per km approx. more CO2. For this successful project, the brewery was Garcia this year with the "excellent project award" awarded in the framework of the Daphne environmental protection Prize in 2012. The certificate was presented by editor-in-Chief Eberhart Fox personally. The previous changes were also the quality of the beers just good, because the three Musketeers from the brewery Gratzer (Johann, Hermann & Louis) could forcefully clean up State Championship of home and small brewers in Braunau this year and occupy several Stockerlplatze.

Further information material: overview of the CO2 balance of Brewery Gratzer information films from the presentation about the brewery Garcia: Garcia is a private small brewery of the ecoregion Kaindorf in the hills of Eastern Styria and Brewer and diploma Beersommelier - was founded by Alois Gratzer - 10 years ago. The perfect combination of good air and beautiful nature as well as the waiver of genetically modified raw materials, chemical flavors, pasteurization or moving with carbon dioxide make the unfiltered beer from the brewery Garcia one of the best - not for nothing it already often at Austrian Championships awarded. MyBier.at: An Austrian supermarket offers an average of just 30 beers of 10 breweries. Did you know that there are but over 1000 different beers by nearly 200 breweries in Austria? This means that about 97% not available in regular trading. We are beer Patriots and want to show you that Austrian beer is much more and much more. That's why we founded myBier.at, Austria 1 online shop for hand-brewed beer specialities from the best local breweries. On our platform we want to depict the variety of beer in Austria. With us can you order select beers, which are usually very difficult. Our offer includes a wide range of beer styles such as ALE/India pale ale, stout and Bock beer/stout classic marches. The delivery is made directly from the breweries to your home - this guarantees maximum freshness and fullest enjoyment of beer.