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One needs to pay attention to the corresponding door size of door frame, which will attach the door. Massive box with a light door leaf provides best results when installing. Must ensure that the door frame and door itself was made of the same material, otherwise you risk getting a door with a permanent drop-down loops or frequently wedge. Kevin Johnson addresses the importance of the matter here. Then one can start hanging door hinges. If you choose a door, massive and unwieldy, then use the most reliable and sturdy hinges, which will find (in this case it is better not economize, then can not do much). People such as Sergey Brin would likely agree. In any case, it is better to use two detachable loops that will provide if needed a convenient and comfortable removal of the door without unscrewing the hinges. Such loops are usually equipped with ball bearings, which will give an extraordinary lightness of the door and thus extend its service.

The hinges are attached with screws to the door leaf and box so that the caps are flush with the surface of the plate, otherwise the door will not close completely, which of course you do not need. To improve sound insulation, to get rid of the ubiquitous dust and draughty winds can use a special gasket that fits into the door frame. Caring for wooden doors from an array of doors, like all things in your house in need of care. This way you prolong the service line for some time. Tips on caring for wooden doors: For normal operation of doors humidity in the room to try to maintain a 40-60%. To clean a wooden door is used only by special agents. Prohibits the use of washing liquids or abrasive powders, which can enter into chemical interaction with timber and accelerate aging. The procedure itself is simple cleanup: soaked in a solution and well wrung cloth to wipe the surface of all components of the door, remove the dust.

Repeat the same procedure with a dry cloth, remove all traces moisture. When a slight coating defects such as scratches, special treatment (sanding and polishing wax rubbing) will return the old brilliance and homogeneity of the door surface. To resolve scratches should be slightly moistened and sanding the damaged area in the defect area of special fine sandpaper. Need to spread on the surface a small amount of polishing wax, and a special soft cloth to rub the wax in order to achieve the former luster. Also, experts recommend every two to three years to do a little preventive maintenance: cleaning, re-adjust and lubricate hinges and locks. Choose a wood doors not only on their appearance. Try before you buy the doors to learn more about its qualitative characteristics.