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You should look for thermal insulation, self-cleaning, security for all year round a pleasant climate can prevail in roof living quarters, when the choice of roof window on the latest systems. Experts dach.de leading online portal around the topic know roof: Modern roof window become true all-rounders thanks to heat and sound insulation, security, self-cleaning and thaw effect. Large window surfaces in the roof represent more nowadays no structural challenges and can be realised easily and just about anywhere. This increases also the personal comfort in addition to the daylight. In addition, the premises have a visually friendly and moderm.

Especially, high-tech features, such as a natural cleaning effect impress modern window models. A thin, invisible coating that is applied to the outer allows the decomposition organic pollution by means of UV radiation. The next rain without rinsing the dissolved particles Formation of drops just off. Alternatively, a rope effect coating is possible. This provides an increased surface temperature of the outer sheet - without losing energy. This occurs less condensation on the outer and the undisturbed Outlook remains largely preserved. Modern skylights offer added value also energetically.

In comparison the possibilities have become to previous Windows and three tempered glass with highly insulating frame. This overall design allows a reduction of the heat transfer coefficient, also known as U-value (), as a result, more heat and therefore expensive energy in the roof area can be held in the winter. In reverse, they reduce overheating of roof spaces during the summer. Dach.de experts also point out that also improved sound protection comes with a heat protection. Another advantage of triple glazing: the security aspect. Both from the outside and the inside, three glass reduced by means of a tear-resistant and tough elastic foil between the two inner glasses the risk of uncontrolled glass breaking. Also increase the burglary protection because not just smash the glass. Modern skylights offer all the comfort you could wish for in combination with the best heat insulation values. In this respect, also a window replacement can be a worthwhile investment.

Due to the demographic development, the Planner inevitably deal with the structural measures in terms of accessibility. But is this idea for Sinneseingeschrankte enough, for example, for visually impaired and blind people people? To be old, the social phenomenon in our society today is still a variety of Stigmatas. When still a disability makes it difficult getting older, the thought of it allows a little positive Outlook. But the topic is from point of view of demographic trends continue to gain momentum, as the worldwide increase of see injured seniors is among other things to the phenomenon of an ageing society and the increase in life expectancy. The WHO estimates that we have about 1.2 million blind and visually impaired in Germany alone. Nearly two-thirds which the group from Zigmund 60 year olds. The remaining third is the growing age group aged 80 and over.

So those who might spend their last phase of life in old people's homes and residences must. For as long as possible within your own four walls independently the pace of his life to follow the trend, remains many older ver again. Alphabet understands that this is vital information. To raise awareness of the issue, the United Nations has the international day of white stocks on October 15, 1969"launched. The feast dates back to President Lyndon B. Johnson, five years earlier, white long canes of blind people had passed symbolic act on October 15, 1964, in a. Exactly this day is the final day of the week of seeing for more than 20 years in Germany. Many organizations use this as an opportunity, on the problems and to make aware challenges blind and visually damaged people. Accessibility a specific architecture? The focus of the age structure to respond to, the question is beyond any doubt, as senior centers be designed to improve the care and support see damaged nursing? Most people know the situation: in a complex building a specific To find place can be the challenge, not only for blind and visually impaired people.

Who comes once in the holiday or business in the Portuguese capital, should focus be sure its on the wall tiles. Who comes once in the holiday or business in the Portuguese capital, should focus be sure its on the wall tiles. The city at the mouth of the Tagus is worldwide the metropolis for wall tiles. Wonderful wall tiles on historic buildings found anywhere in the old town. How extensive are the wall tiles in Lisbon, shows the work of a research group. For ten years, they try to map out the wall tiles in Lisbon and photograph. It is still open, how old are the oldest wall tiles in the capital city of Portugal.

Unfortunately also wonderful historical wall tiles for posterity were lost through earthquakes, fires and floods. The wall tiles in Lisbon are in most cases based on the same principle. The background of wall tiles is white and painted it blue. In most cases, the wall tiles have swirly ornaments. The special thing about it: the individual tiles can be arbitrarily combined.

So there is no up or down in the wall tiles. No matter how to rotate such a tile before applying, she adapts always to the existing. Who these wonderful patterns for wall tiles created is unclear. Experts assume that this decor were very strongly influenced by the Moors and Indians. In fact, there are many parallels to the very old wall tile in Lisbon and in historical buildings in India and the Arab world. Special wall tiles are also used in Lisbon. They are, in contrast to the others, not over a large area on the outer walls of the houses, but individually. Like the Portuguese a street or a House are under the protection of a particular Saint. This is painted on wall tiles and placed above the front door. The house number is to see in Lisbon as wall tiles. The same applies to the names of the inhabitants of a House. Here there are no even reselling in the letter box, but wall tiles.