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What they do, that would reduce sales? Draw up the documents, as convenient to them, not customers. Example: Try to arrange the return of the client. It is possible for the accounting department, with its accounting policy, it is difficult re-enroll at the balance has shipped goods. But for someone running a company? For the client, or accounting. Falling sales? If you refused to accept the return with the words "and we do not hold a book-keeping." WHO true culprit Decline in sales? Finance marketing activities, as is convenient for Fin. statements.

It's no secret that marketing efforts for clients related to the mass of material incentives. Prizes, gifts, travel and etc. All this costs money and therefore be in accounting. Conduct is difficult. But this does not mean that it will pay for the client. Example: Wholesale company held amongst its clients marketing share.

At growth purchase, customers have participated in the contest. For winning the contest prizes were. Kettles, microwave ovens, etc. The process of transferring these prizes are so delayed that the whole effect of the event was ruined. Why? Kettles, microwaves are not good for the profile of this company, have difficulties with balance transfer to, and then holding and removal from the balance sheet as gifts. Sales go down? WHO true culprit sales slump? Total savings funds. Example: The company has extensive price list. Fat lot of page magazine, the cost of its production from 30 -50 rubles. And a wide network of clientele. Part of the customer "silent" until they do buy. However, freight forwarders and managers moving along the route, leaving the price for them. Thereby throwing, according to economists, 50 rubles to the wind. Reducing costs, Ch. Economist seeks ban the delivery price list, for those customers who do not make bookings. Begin if they ever fly? Falling sales? WHO true culprit sales slump?

Accounting outsourcing is now the market is not one or even ten companies. How to choose a company that is truly effective, and most importantly in a short time can perform tasks. All of this quite difficult in the absence of its own staff accountants. Reporting information about costs, profits and other other charges can be quite a strong influence on the operation of the company subject to errors in it which can dopuskatsya profane in this matter. Accounting requires a painstaking approach that can pohvastatsya few companies in the domestic market. In tax accounting, asset, which is not considered a major tool, refer to the actual inventory. According to the universal rule of price EMF, inserted in the material costs, pricing is oriented on the basis of their purchases, while taking into account the commission of retaliation, paid by the intermediary organizations, import duties and taxes, transportation costs and other costs associated with their purchase (Sec. 2, Art.

254 Tax Code). When you receive a wealth of free cost of buying the same zero. Specifically, because the Finance Ministry said, as if such price can not connect to the wealth of the costs, diminish the tax base according to tax revenue. In particular, these explanations have been provided by the Office of letter of 05.12.08 03-03-06/1/674. Consistent with our views, with Siim withdrawal allowed to debate. Fri 2 notes in 254 of the Tax Code provides a single pricing schedule for MPD, the rest of the wealth in the form of excesses found in During the inventory, and (or) the wealth gained in dismantling or demolition of decommissioned major funds, and even when repairing, upgrading, reconstruction and technical re-equipment, sample Elimination of the major funds. Price thereof have been used as a focused amount of earnings, discounted by the taxpayer in the schedule established by Fri 13 and 20, notes 250 of the Tax Code.

Outsourcing or transfer of service functions to third-party IT organizations in terms of progressing the crisis remains one of the most stable areas of the IT industry. While growth in other areas of IT business gradually slows down, the IT outsourcing shows a steady growth. Although large and medium customers continue to avoid the habit of such services relying on older methods of doing business, the company fine businesses and individual entrepreneurs are having a more flexible business are beginning to use this type of IT management. Let us consider the main benefits of IT Outsourcing: HR's independence, transparency and handling services, security (most leaks are caused by internal rather than external contractors). Comparing the cost of the services of internal IT personnel and outsourcing professionals, companies rarely take into account the cost of training of its specialists, as well as the necessary knowledge to meet the needs of IT services: even in a small company uses many specific applications that one person in everyone just can not understand, and more wasteful of staff for the company. In a crisis, customers have reduced internal IT staff.

Compression leads to what is left of specialists who could adequately solve the problem. On the other hand the abundance of free IT professionals in the market gradually reduces the value offered by autsorsinogvyh services. All this only drives demand for IT outsourcers. IT Directions Outsourcing is now an IT outsourcing market has shared in several segments, depending on the degree of integration into the customer's business: Comprehensive services throughout the customer's IT infrastructure - still a rarity in Russia. Service jobs - in principle the service "system administrator for a day": it is most often used by small companies. Maintenance of certain services - business applications, server rooms, telecommunication equipment, etc. Usually this kind of work take on those services and they instilled.