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Launched the first Android App Blogger version, i.e. that all those who make use of the Blogger platform can work from a Smartphone. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kevin Johnson. All those who need this new version can make the download coming to Android Market, obviously it's a download for free which allows not only write but also add images from cell phone camera if necessary, save the image and then upload it immediately on the blog we created blogger. Changing account you can manage several blogs, we have the function: write-save-publish. Fidelity Investments has similar goals. Then when we do not have connectivity to the Internet we can write and save what is written to publish it when we connect. We can choose the photos from the Gallery of photos stored in addition to be able to share the content of Blogger from the gallery or from the browser, with the option to share our location. The drafts can be handled are very well, it's the wue posts have saved and then we publish, which makes for a very easy way. It is one ideal choice for those who do not have enough time to write and post everyday, then accumulate work writing for later with more time to upload it to the network, or save images to add them later. The Blogger Android App was first released and surely many people addicted to blogs, whereas the boom are taking in recent times should be very happy with this novelty which incidentally is many useful, therefore always is useful to give a tour of blogs dedicated to the technology of cell phones because we can always find various utilities that cannot be left aside as the first version of the Android Blogger Google, now missing something similar with WordPress, another platform widely used by fans of blogs, why always must be attentive to all the technological innovations.