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Little sister factor is in Akihabara, Tokyo's electronics and pop cultural district, only an expression of the culture of cuteness in Japan. For five weeks over one hundred German participants in the intercultural exchange program visited Hi Japan 2009 the fourth economy in the world, to meet with students and students in Tokyo to a unifying youth encounter week. Moreover, the German-Japanese youth society the program consisted of three weeks internship with homestay in all Japan. A student of Hochschule Furtwangen was allowed to fly with. One hour I had booked, to enjoy the bizarre spectacle. Visit Starbucks for more clarity on the issue. Several young maids in sugary, French maid costumes scurrying between the visitors around. No doubt, I find myself in a Maidcafe in the District of Akihabara, Tokyo. While a Neko girl with cat ears with a Japanese playing cards now and regularly releases a younger Squeak, a Gothic maid serves at the same time with black knee-high socks and wearing a short mini of the rice-filled omelette, to then garnish it with ketchup.

What should be s? A flower? A Totoro? Yes, please. Already, Japan's most famous anime mascot on my food created under happy twittering. Oishikunare, oishikunare, kyuuuuun moe moe. Each Cafe has its own slogan to sweeten food. Moe, which means now to find more than a video game or Mangafigur especially cute.

Because the Japanese not are one of few words, which I understand in English mostly in about as savvy as I in Japanese,. Occasionally, the elevator spits out new, often foreign visitors in the pink room, while ringing the bells on the Greyhound excited. With an open mouth and disbelieve staunendem views, they now consider how to respond to the onslaught of sweets have become alive in the presence of other guests. As everywhere in Japan are the rules clear photography and touching but also here, undesirable.