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At the end of this chapter, article I would like to criticize a common misconception about what the furniture looks best manager in the western version. Domestic refineries can now produce a wide range of office furniture the aforesaid price group, which by its consumer parameters, the degree of workmanship and level of finishing materials are not inferior to foreign analogues. Utmost importance in an atmosphere of working space available upholstered furniture. Soft office furniture allows to implement a cozy element, relax a potential customer, and staff to provide maximum cases for the rest. The underlying query for this type of office furniture is practical, due to the fact that the average office employs 20 to 50 employees, and the flow of visitors may amount to tens of people a day.

On this basis, selected type of upholstery fabric and upholstery constructs. As for load-bearing elements, it is desirable to arrange them in a steel version. Reason for this extremely simple - the metal is more sturdy and durable than wood stove or wood struzhchataya. For the upholstery of office furniture is most often used leather and leather. It is these soft furnishings can make a significant load and not lose pristine appearance for a couple of years of dynamic use. In class "Upholstered furniture for office" includes a variety of sofas and armchairs. Along with this, the set has the right to decorate a poof and a small table, implemented in the same stylistic solution with the basic home furnishings.