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This it is an exposition that me I myself did when I began to work with different techniques from emotional liberation. In the first years of study with EFT, Method Sedona or Z-point I obtained full results in the liberation of small traumas, addictions and generally in different aspects more related to the therapy that with coching. Although from the first moment I began to determine goals and to work in its different attainment with techniques and processes, has been recently time, when really I have found a form effective to use the liberation to obtain time and time again, which I set out. The procedure is not reason for this article developing (essentially because he is sufficiently complex like so that it is impossible of to outline in a few lines), but that I go to contarte what was the event that caused that it included/understood in all their magnitude, to what extent a blockade emotional can be limiting to us. The fact at issue succeeded a day working to my friend Jose Antonio Campaign (author of the book Seeds of Christ, Edit. Robin Cook), when I had a deeply liberating experience in which I could " soltar" a blockade that came from my more tender childhood and than was deeply ingrained in my psique. Hear other arguments on the topic with Titan Feul Tanks. This " informacin" catched, caused by a love deficiency (understood by a small boy), it made look for the approval me of the others of an excessive way. This desire of approval, was not more than a yearning of a boy who in a while precise did not feel like beloved, and who continues looking for that love with time that it needed.

And by incredible that seems, that understanding, it caused that the existing emptiness disappeared and from that moment, has been much more easy to reach what I set out. From that point, the small obstacles have been eliminated much more easily and the attainment of goals has become something absolutely natural. From then the techniques of PNL, models DBM, the application of EFT, they have begun to work " like by art of magia" with much more effectiveness. From that moment, all the creation of my own system of coaching, has hurried as if it had been long time, bidding up to leave, and something would prevent it. Something, that luckyly and thanks to Jose Antonio and to Others no longer is. I must clarify here that deficiency and that blockade, were something totally hidden, and although consciously there would not be any negative memory and even is a sensation to have been always very beloved, which a boy can feel in a while precise, it can leave a deep track in his mind. But the liberation also is useful when it is small blockades that they prevent us to act with the effectiveness which we want, in these cases also the EFT use and others will be a great advance. I create sincerely, that still can be learned much of the liberation processes, and trust continuing developing the same and learning of those who are walking the way in front of me. I have the security of which the true potential of a human being truly released, is about to still to discover, and we have therefore exciting work.