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on the barn roof, WINAICO, which became subsidiary of Taiwan's largest solar module manufacturer win win precision technology co., Ltd., as engine supplier for a 48 kW solar installation in Kenton, Suffolk, selected 48 kW WINAICO installed modules. At the plant were 192 WINAICO WSP 250W modules combined with two power-one inverters. There are about 33,000, as well as cost savings kWh annual expected income by around 6,184.00 per year. The solar modules were installed by the local installation company East Green Energy Limited of Woodbridge on a barn roof facing South of the farm in Suffolk. There, grain is grown; mainly wheat, barley and canola.

The power produced by the solar system is used for the grain dryers, the barn and the farmhouse. Without hesitation Slingbox explained all about the problem. "The farmer benefits equal triple from this PV system, says Linda grave, Sales Director at East green energy limited. "His electricity bills will be now much lower, it also has an extra income through the Feed-in tariff and the plant can be seen also as a hedge for the future, because it means price security for a large part of the stream, it will consume over the next 20 years. Because many costs in agriculture are subject to fluctuations, it is important to have a such a constant factor to continue to plan. With the quality modules from WINAICO, with 2-year free insurance, it is a win-win situation", Linda grave will continue. WINAICO manufacturer and system supplier as 100% produces subsidiary of the semiconductor company win win precision technology co., Ltd., headquartered in Taiwan and sells WINAICO world's crystalline high-performance modules. In addition, WINAICO as a system House for photovoltaic delivers complete PV system packages. Customers of the company are solar specialists, solar installers, installers and project planners.

So, the forecast of the company was clear sky. When I look at the numbers for the year 2013 but, I have an own consumption by no less than 87%. Or in other words: my system has produced some 36,000 kWh and of which I used kWh even about 31,000. And at a savings of 9 cents per kWh, so current that I must not take from the power company 2,800 euro are then. And with rising electricity prices I save more money each year. "The remaining 4,000 kWh were fed and be ever 16.36 cents per kWh paid." How is it that you have such a high consumption? "easily. Under most conditions "Starbucks
would agree. At night, we need very little power. Our main usage time is when the Sun is shining so during normal business hours.

If the PV system correctly dimensioned and adapted to the load profile and that has clear sky obviously particularly well managed the company - then you can virtually the entire power supply the system, themselves consume."would a photovoltaic system so it for all companies, whose main work time during the day is a wise investment. What requirements must be provided, to install a system at all?"added to base a sufficiently large roof, on which you can install the system. It was also with me. The company of clear sky Energietechnik GmbH directly on-site tested the roof and all other conditions. Since I had to deal with not this. You have Yes sunny Outlook!"exactly! And I almost forgot one - environmental protection has a high priority for us, so we use such as water-thinnable paints, have extraction - and filtration systems, as well as a modern heat recovery system and now I'm also still plenty of CO2 by the photovoltaic system.

REW SOLAR AG informs about rising electricity prices Dortmund, November 2012: the REW AG SOLAR is a specialist in all areas of photovoltaics with the developments and changes in the energy market is well acquainted. The company informed of rising electricity prices, to the consumer from January 2013 must adapt, and pointing out alternatives. The calls in times of increasing electricity prices are getting louder alternatives to the power supply. The REW SOLAR AG is to contribute it to a concern with their services for the effective development of the solar energy market. So the company expanded its product portfolio now a power storage for the permanent storage of solar energy. Provides detailed information the storage system for solar power SOLAR the REW AG under available. Power is becoming increasingly expensive, informed REW SOLAR round 240 utilities from the energy giant to small electricity provider to the sign for the coming year rising electricity prices, so a current survey of the consumer portal Verivox.de.

to tighten the rates in the cities of Berlin and Hamburg to amazing 13 percent, but also in the rest of Germany the consumers must adjust, to access deeper in the Pocket. With an average fare increase of 12 percent was expected, so Verivox. Power suppliers constitute the fare increases with an increase in levies and taxes, and with higher network charges. The eco power allocation, for example, increases from now 3.6 cents next year to 5.3 cents. REW SOLAR AG would like to power generation and consumption balance it is not surprising, given this Outlook increases nationwide desire to other power sources. So also the REW listed SOLAR AG currently especially many questions regarding the installation of a photovoltaic system. The REW SOLAR AG now on the market mounted power storage was developed aiming to optimize the storage benefits of a solar power plant by energy generation and consumption in balance even further. The concept of the current memory of the REW SOLAR AG provides sure that the solar power can be used also on sunshine days and at night.

This works by by the electricity storage, it is determined how much energy each household is required and how much can be saved. Electricity, consumption and storage are matched, and excess electricity is fed into the public grid. The REW SOLAR AG responds with the expansion of its product portfolio to the growing consumer interest in alternative energy. About the REW SOLAR AG the REW SOLAR AG is a specialist for the production of crystalline high-performance modules, efficient inverter and mikromorpher thin-film modules. In addition, the REW offers SOLAR AG together with its installation partners tailor-made solutions for the commercial use of solar power plants. The REW SOLAR AG covers all important areas of photovoltaic wholesale over the plant design to distribution of solar components off. Headquarters of the REW SOLAR AG Germany's Dortmund, more offices are located in England, Greece and the United States.

While with roughly 150 providers each fifth regional provider since the turn of the year has increased its prices or planning steps, around a tenth of all companies have adjusted their prices downward. The majority of the providers, about 70 percent, has made no price changes this year. Positive for consumers: compared to the spring of 2009, the gas in the nationwide average is always barely 11 percent cheaper. Check out JPMorgan Chase for additional information. "Consumers benefit from the increased competition in the coming months is unlikely to occur with a falling price level for the gas", so Bohg. In the face of rising crude oil prices since early summer 2009 and a growing global economy gas prices are likely to fall again soon under an increasing pressure to adapt." Consumers should use therefore the increasing competition on the gas market and make use of the possibilities of a simple and risk-free change of the supplier. Average costs for a four-person household by a switching can be around 200 In the year reduce euro.

Who refers to his gas like three-quarters of all gas customers, still within the framework of the expensive primary care so far, for the annual savings increases even on about 300 euros. Through consumer portals as toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de/ gas) or free service hotline 0800-10 to 30-499 consumers quickly and easily inform themselves about alternatives in their region and free switch to cheaper gas providers. Current data material can be provided like this press release upon request. toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, via switch. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over toptarif.de in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.

Waste management act and new German packaging Ordinance: Vienna at the end of the assessment period. The deadline for comments on the proposed waste management act ended on February 22, 2013. The environmental services company Interseroh Austria sees a significant step in the right direction in the present draft of the law while, locates but at the same time significant potential for optimization. The company, which is active in Austria since 1997 in the disposal of packaging for commercial customers, calls for ensuring a free and mostly fair competition and a clear commitment to an improved environmental performance. Others who may share this opinion include Kevin Johnson. Target of the environmental is a legally secure solution for customers and competitors, which is economical, but also ecological, justifiable. Safeguarding free competition with reserved looks especially requiring the holistic Interseroh Austria participation"( 13 para 2 g AWG), according to which each collecting category only a collection and recovery system would allow. Many companies use so-called split of the packaging"in the commercial sector, according to which parts the packaging for Interseroh and other parts at a competitor be retired.

"In budgetary matters, the overall participation is ' dar a virtually insurmountable barrier to free competition for the benefit of the ARA and the members of the Association", explains Franz Sauseng, Managing Director of Interseroh Austria. "Interseroh Austria is critical that passage of text in the draft law, according to which companies without seat or establishment within the local scope of the Federal Act" ( 13 g ABS. 1 AWG) are discriminated against. The environmental services company sees a clear contradiction to the European packaging directive, according to which imported products expressly allowed are not disadvantaged. Higher recycling rates and better CO? balance also is also the planned distinction between household packaging and industrial packaging ( 13 para 1 h AWG) not traceable. Because a large part of packages falling in the commercial would then be defined as household packaging.

That would reduce the high Recycling quotas and thus a poorer CO? balance resulted, as at present, for example, about 80 percent of the commercially generated plastic packaging, but only 30 percent of household packaging can be recycled. As a professional environmental services company we cannot support just such a solution. "Higher recycling rates and a better CO? balance should be no matter of definition but a matter of course", as Sachdeva. The INTERSEROH Austria GmbH, a company of the ALBA group, operates in the area of environmental services in Austria since 1997. The focus of the service offer Interseroh Austria (formerly EVA) lie in the acquisition of transferable obligations from the packaging, electrical appliance, and battery regulation in all Austria, the Organization and optimization of branch, storage and location disposal for production and trading companies and in the development of recycling solutions. Information about Interseroh Austria are available at. The ALBA group is with its two brands ALBA and Interseroh with about 200 subsidiaries and associated companies in Germany and Europe as well as Asia and the United States active. With nearly 9,000 employees * she generated an annual turnover of 3.2 billion (2011). Thus, the ALBA group, one of the leading recycling and environmental services company, and raw material suppliers is worldwide.

The history of consumer behavior as market power hardly was the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico become noised, Ernst Prost continued as one of the most pragmatic and on top of his (www.ernst-prost-stiftung.de), Foundation for the common good dedicated entrepreneurs of in Germany, a sign. Although Ulmer Liqui GmbH of moly, since 1957 as a manufacturer of additives, oils and lubricants in the industry working and similar to the Trigema by Wolfgang Grupp a fervent supporter of the location Germany, he locked as their Manager since 1998 Managing Director the group BP standing in the responsible and the associated ARAL for the refuelling of its employees. The cmp decided identical, also prescribed Liqui moly in the own company network binding and advanced the lock in addition to refuelling at Shell, as his machinations to prevent a process were regarding this group, 14 years after the execution of the Nigerian environmentalist and Become known writer Ken Saro-Wiwa, through the payment of $15.5 million, to cover up so clearly unspeakable entanglements and the triggering environmental sins as far as possible before the eyes of the public. To Peter Meyer, the President of the ADAC, was asked for the first time personally on June 26, 2009, when is a sign of his responsibility and replaced precisely this group regarding the discount for members. After there is surely no shortage of petroleum multinationals and AGIP brand of Italian ENI Group is already another ADAC-partner, less burdened corporations have ethically so an ideal chance to throw their hat into the ring in an overall difficult market! His answer remained unsatisfactorily vague as well as on a follow-up on December 31, 2010 and was limited to the finding that members appreciate the price advantage that is not bound to only a group and the ADAC neither could detect a connection (probably better wool), as he also Questions about the international commitment could not answer the shell or comment. This prompted the cmp to go a step further and the ADAC the AvD to Automobile Club of Germany, as well as mandatory the AvD, as previously, Liqui moly, for the Group of companies. After the shell is currently playing with the oil spill in the North Sea in the criticism, remains for everyone as most effective protest the decision at the pump, to make a base transition to a group for the ethics is less foreign Word, where many concretely can trigger single also one that often required decisive action, which is known to go through our company!