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This is where you get your business cards. I recommend that the name of your business in a way that communicates what you do and get some basic business cards to start. Vistaprint.com those are great. $ 10 or $ 15 easy to start, but I recommend that additional spring five dollars and choose not to have his mark on the back of their cards. If possible, your card of invitation to contact you. For example, my own cards advertise my free marketing report and invite people to download from my website.

5. Create tools of attraction. Enter a few "Top 10" articles and a "special report" dealing with the biggest problems your potential clients are experiencing. Here is a highlight for you: if you do not think you have enough experience in the field who wants to teach - start interviewing few experts. 6.

Build a basic website. Do not wait months or years. All you need are a few simple pages to communicate your magnetic marketing message, giving a place to post their articles and invite your visitors to sign up for your newsletter or ezine. Oh, I guess it would step six and a half? start your ezine! It's so easy to do, there simply is no excuse for not having one. You can start with something like - will cost nothing to send a monthly message if you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers. If you have a long list already, use something like (the system I'm using.) 7.