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The concept of O!Mygood relies on frozen yogurt as a differentiating element of the mark, not in vain is the pioneer of this product in Spain chain. The Ensign began in 2010, starting with a business model reproducible by the system of the franchise, which began to grant in 2011. Thus the brand offers to entrepreneurs who wish to self an option of entering in the catering sector (one of the least affected by the crisis and that has in the summer your best moment) with a reduced investment. According to a recent report by the DBK consulting on the ice cream sector (including yogurt), in 2011 the number of ice-cream parlours in Spain increased up to 4,350, of these, 22% were part of an established chain. Average growth of those chains, such as O!Mygood, was 30% in number of units. Thus, despite the economic situation, networks showed an increase in sales of nearly 7%, reaching 155 million euros, while in the independent local East parameter suffered a decline of 4%. The central provides an investment of 56,000 euros to a kiosk in Mall, wrench in hand (including the work of adaptation), and an average of 63,000 euros for a room of 65 m.

In both cases this amount includes the entry fee, and must be added 2% and 3% on the concept of exploitation royalty billing by the advertising. Responsible for O!Mygood estimate the return on investment in less than 2 years, as well as a billing that can exceed 240,000 euros. Requirements for the premises are a surface from 30 m, in areas of high traffic of people, and in provincial capitals of the entire national territory as well as coastal populations. Aside from these requirements, our franchisees must be people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, highly proactive and very involved in the management of the business. From the central support for the franchises both in training and in marketing and communication actions will be constant, especially during the first 6 months working very closely with franchisees until they acquire a fluid business, management points Ana peak, owner & Director of O!Mygood. O!Mygood is specialized in the marketing of frozen yogurt of first quality, accompanied by an innovative and exclusive proposal for toppings. O!Mygood is not an ice cream shop, it is not a cafeteria is much more; It is the meeting point for lovers of pleasure but also of how healthy and natural; and so the chain by all Spain, is being developed through a franchise model that adds the consumer experience of an innovative, healthy and delicious product with a high profitability making it a really attractive model that arouses the interest of entrepreneurs.