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Jane Fleur fights 2011 on Malta, for Germany, to 3 world titles the exact date is not yet fixed, but Jane is the international election of "Miss European tourism beauty 2011" and the "world bikini model international 2011" in addition to the election of "Miss photogenic of the world 2011" for Germany! On the occasion of the elections, numerous fashion shows and photo shoots are held, that for Germany the model Jane Fleur will take part. On the island of Malta, the young model gets Jane Fleur from Heide, Schleswig-Holstein, the great chance to prevail against 58 other Nations and for their beautiful country - Germany - the Crown to bring home. To capture those magnificent moments in Word and picture for Germany, the German press has commissioned the photographer and model coach Michael Marx to to document Jane's most beautiful experiences. There is a gallery with about 300 images of one of the last elections on Malta on the Web page of his Agency (www.Media-Models.Eu). Jane was not easy only by a vote for this title elected, but she was discovered by the organizers and numerous German photographers and prominent jury members as "Fotogenstes young model of in Germany". To the judge Hosti ("Hosti", the internationally renowned designer & cartoonist) "Jane with so much courage"Waterfall shoots"at-8 degrees in the waterfalls took; "the me with the look at the pictures already froze". Although Jane Fleur still 1 cm for the height of the great models is missing; (Yes, so it looked there...) Nevertheless, she differs greatly in every shooting. "Naturalness rather than guard measure" as the press in an article wrote about Jane, shows once again "exceptions prove the rule". And an exception is Jane Fleur, from the North of Germany. When she began modeling three years ago, the streak was still no end - Jane put a lightning start in the tough business of model and which is second to none.

You need no special occasion to wear a hat (female!) clothes make the man? No, hats make dresses! The right hat enhances every piece of clothing. The hat was an indispensable part of the nightlife clothes earlier in Europe, its main function today is to protect the head against cold, wet, or solar radiation is. Only on official occasions, wearing a hat is expected to partly even today by women, as for example at the races in the Ascot. Click Alphabet Inc. to learn more. The real Hat lover needs but no special occasion to wear a hat for her, among just like shoes and handbags, everyday. To wear a hat to the hat in the 20th century symbolized the social welfare of women in the early 20th century. While the hats were gigantic large and richly adorned in feathers, flowers and ribbons around this time, narrow hats in fashion, which is not fully covered the Kurzhaarfrisur of the Bubikopfes came in the 1920s. If a woman was as well dressed wanted to apply, she dared not bareheaded on the road.

Since the 1950s the hat has finally largely lost use as General head covering. Mid-fifties Hat economy in the merged \"Arbeitsgemeinschaft hat\" for the Hartwig Gottwald, advertising manager for a hat factory, a successful advertising campaign under the slogan \"Man wearing a hat again\" performed. Hat parades and straw hat tournaments he hosted in the streets of major cities and luxury resorts. Nevertheless, all efforts could not stop the loss of importance of the hat. At the end of the 1960s colorful headscarves as well as the leather and straw hats of the hippies of the Knave in the strict sense made an end, and the Mad Hatter craft lost its importance. The indestructible Panama straw hat today's industry, their hats to get into department stores, relies on inexpensive goods, you just throw away if it is crushed or discolored.