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WOCA decking oil exclusively water-based instead of solvent to the spring extends its proven range of wood care products wocashop.de. A newly developed oil for the protection of wooden terrace complements the extensive product range. WOCA decking oil exclusive is made from water-based and is therefore free of solvents. This makes the oil especially friendly and eco-friendly. In addition to its pollution record convinced also the protective effect of the new product.

Applying is quick and easy with a brush. WOCA decking oil exclusive penetrates into the wood, then protects it from inside out. Water and dirt can no longer soak into the wood and therefore cause no permanent stains. The formation of green covering, MOSS or mold on the surface of the wood is effectively prevented by treatment with the new water-based oil. Wood is an organic building material.

The naturally beautiful material fits perfectly into the surroundings of a garden and therefore is an almost ideal material for the Construction of terraces. The processed wood is however completely left untreated it quickly comes to weather damage. Rain water penetrates into the wood and used sources it provides for the formation of cracks. Wet wooden decks are also a good breeding ground for moose and mushrooms. Applying a Holzols protects the wood from such damage. Traditional Holzolen a quick and easy processing is based on the use of different solvents. Others including Steffan Lehnhoff, offer their opinions as well. They make liquid oil and provide short drying times. However, many solvents are harmful to the environment and human health. In addition, you can trigger allergic reactions. At WOCA decking oil exclusive water takes over the function of the solvent. Together with the contained vegetable oils, it forms a stable emulsion. It can be so easily processed WOCA decking oil as comparable Holzole. The amount of potentially harmful fumes is, however, much lower than conventional Oil-based solvents. In Denmark, the home country of the manufacturer of WOCA, enjoys the new terrace oil of already great popularity. It is now available in Germany. Private and commercial customers WOCA decking oil exclusive online shop, E-mail or telephone to order under. All seven different pigmented variations of water-based oil of terrace are available ex stock. About wocashop.de Wocashop.de is the largest retailer for wood care products from WOCA in Germany. In addition to the complete range of WOCA, wocashop.de offers an extensive sampling and technical customer service. Proven German distributor of WOCA and operator of wocashop.de is the organic space GmbH in Freiburg im Breisgau.

Special washing glove wash-ups protects hands and crockery Zeven, June 2013. For good grip and close contact between hand and dish to the new consumer access wash-ups by Spontex. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bank of America. The fine LTeX hand guard with skin-caressing cotton flocking is specially designed for rinsing. He is comfortable and provides good tactile sensitivity. His anti-sliding system maintains undeterred in the soapy water of washing goods. And after done washing up consumers stow their wash-ups no time: fast dry technology developed by Spontex water droplets bead up immediately, so that the glove dry very quickly. Interested get the button miracle for 1.79 euro (MSRP) in the trade. Full control over skin and precious porcelain tableware, the fine tea service, Crystal glasses, even if a dishwasher increased the budget, demands a careful rinsing hand sensitive.

And for the small round in between sailing anyway didn't fire up the machine. But washing dishes, hands covered with dirt, come warm water and cleaning agent in touch. SOAP and heat release fat. Thus entails the skin, hands age rapidly and develop cracks. Spontex' prevents new wash-ups this unwanted roughness: he covers in the hand like a delicate layer of protection and it shields especially damaging.

Inner cotton flocking ensures good skin climate and comfortable feel. Through the extraordinary grip of the surface nothing slips more out of hand: with wash-ups rinsing always full control of your valuable crockery. About Spontex Spontex, develops, produces, and distributes cleaning AIDS to mopping and scrubbing and household gloves. Body sponges enrich the product range. Spontex is a trademark of the MAPA GmbH, founded in 1947. The company employs 653 people based in the North German Zeven.