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It is believed that the polycarbonate is best suited to greenhouses. Every fall, in preparation for the winter season, many villagers are looking for material to repair and glass. In livestock, repair shops, warehouses, greenhouses, glazing area is very high and the noise, vibration, temperature difference, fumes, shock, unstable foundations, etc. Glass is often struggling. This leads to serious problems: personal injury and animals, leakage of heat, expensive repairs. It is accepted that the greenhouse frame is installed on the ground - a basis, and there is a huge number of reasons: the foundation is designed to support the skeleton, provides rigidity reason, the presence of the foundation soil and saves himself from the destruction of the skeleton of a greenhouse with water flow, the upper edge of the foundation above ground level, and it provides better security frame from corrosion and, moreover, multiplies the total height and the amount of greenhouses; provides weather resistance due to the quality of fixing the skeleton serves as an anchor of the greenhouse and protects the plants from the bad influence of nature, reducing the overall framework teploubytki.

There are construction of winter greenhouses in Omsk, which do not rely on the installation base. However, practice shows that in this situation, the increasing influence of frame subjected to corrosion, and the duration of its decline. As a consequence, is of great importance in preference to consider the matter frame greenhouse - mounted on a stage made of galvanized steel frame will be longer the very skeleton of steel material. If you are well come to a decision to install a greenhouse on the ground, a lot of effort to smooth out the surface and do not forget about hardening the greenhouse to the ground hardeners. In any situation, with abstentions from the basis of costs to comply with additional measures to protect the skeleton from the mundane share of rust.