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I had to remove half menyushek because 'basement', 'cap' and 'sidebar' is not required to repeat center, which also has a list of partitions. We have put links to price and contacts so that they could be seen immediately. We written at the top of the phone. The work has been done a lot. Then we bought a link with the muzzle, this time with my anchors, placed dozens of articles posted half a dozen press releases. And, most importantly, we've added video content ... For even more opinions, read materials from Alphabet Inc.. Instead, needs something to read - enables users to view and listen to some video presentations. They say the site was sold.

First of all, all my anchors were saying 'buy', 'sale', 'order', name of the nearest subway. We can assume that they can be found at the very people who actually intend to buy boots. Actually I can not stand to hide the icon with the key words. If my head is the word 'Order' - I did write 'How do I order boots? To do this ... ' or 'We have received a new batch of boots.

This latest European boots. Order and delivery will not take more than three days. " And yet ... Think need a bit of something else. The fact that the a result of endless improvement not make things worse. Commercials attract the attention of visitors. With video, you can give consumers a lot of information. Video site keeps visitors. Presentations seen easily, over a cup of coffee, without the need to digest mnogobukvie. In any case - the site with commercial or PR-video, or video blog from the pages of which you can watch a movie - leave in the minds of visitors to more pleasant associations. What conclusions can we do? Of course, any improvements are necessary and desirable. Just hold on to them once, and very well thought-out scenario. Should immediately make the whole list works, and set to work only after the announcement and approval of the list. Vladimirov, PressTopic.ru

Why is the owner of the blog high PR and TCI, will not explain (and reveal the importance of these two key terms, too!). This was long known to all. And if you're out of the small group of people who still do not know I say that, ultimately, it affects the amount of earnings that can bring you to your blog. Ways to raise the value of these indicators, there are many, and not all of them are free. In fact, quite a modest budget (20-50 dollars per month) is enough to blog has been held in high esteem by G. and H.

(I hope you know who is behind these letters), but pay for puzomerki - the inheritance of the weak. So think very many people. And I, to confess, not shied away from simple just enough to register the address in your profile immediately after signing up for service. The simple, in general, a tactic brings excellent results. On a personal example, I found that getting a dozen 'Piarist' adds several links units PR. In my case, Google returns my site selected 'four' after two months of his stay at zero.

However, I enjoyed not only in this way, but I think it was decisive. I heard, however, that no other way to get bloggers managed PR = 6 - I do not know, believe it or not. Some services will be added advantage publication of your article (of course, referring to the promoted resource), and not so important, where it will be done in the text or signature to it. But, I repeat, a bonus that you get if you register on their websites that accept articles for publication. The format of this publication does not allow to put here a list of services that I used to get fat options. But you can always admire it in the 'miraculous increase PR by' fat 'options'. In the same article, last paragraph, you look at a simple but very valuable advice.