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Social bookmarking (social bookmarks) allows you to retrieve interesting links at any time from anywhere. Social bookmarking allows users to create bookmarks, to divide them into categories, to provide with appropriate tags and publish this link collections. Bookmarks of other users can be viewed, rated and commented, or added to the collection. The advantage is that you anytime and anywhere the own links can retrieve portals about the social bookmark. Such a portal is. Informative links mainly around the themes of Web 2.0 and online marketing available here are the users. It is designed value, that all registered links are also useful and valuable for the user. This means that links should also be used for the actual source, so that the information is directly available.

But twigle deals not only with Web 2.0 and online marketing. News can also be entered in the fields of politics and economy, fun, health and fashion. Also the Aspect of the social network not neglected. Once the free registration, you can create a detailed user profile with contact information and photos. Other users can be added as friends. The sharing of common interests via groups, in which links can be discussed. Twigle Mr Gernot Gawlik has created a new online portal that enjoys increasing popularity. Mr Gawlik is employed as a sales representative in the field of online marketing of KIM Krick interactive media GmbH in Eibelstadt.

Short URL services offer the ability to create short aliases (alternate links") for such a long URLs. The meaning and purpose of a short URL service a URL can very long in a deep link are. Such links are called deep links, which refer to the home page of a site but directly on a specific document. The resulting links are not often so long that they don't even fully viewable in a browser's address bar. Short URL services offer the ability to create short aliases (alternate links") for such a long URLs. This short link then refers to the Internet page of the short-URL service and will go from there to the actual destination of the link.

The most famous short-URL service is TinyURL (tinyurl.com), but now there are many more service providers. For example, it is possible the link on an arbitrarily selected document of the Federal Government, the better viable link to convert ..pdf/aa-nachhaltigkeitsbericht gn.cx/nhb. This is very comfortable, has but what domain it refers to the drawback of that to look at the short link anymore. Here dangers, phishing is a keyword to do so". The user can have a short link either run directly on a phishing page, or the mapping table in the short links are associated with the original links, can be hacked with the provider (www.pcwelt.de/ ../kurz_url_dienst_leitete_millionen_urls_falsch_um/). To increase the security, short links can be created in a Variant, provided a preview of the linked resource.

With the help of a guide can be found on the contact details of all companies and businesses. Courier services, travel agencies, wholesale markets or therapist schools, tanning salons or waste disposal companies, the business directory has all contact data. Due to the fact that the Internet as a source for the various information is viewed, more and more companies offer a Web - YellowPages. The operation of this website is very simple. The interested party must enter just the title of the relevant industry and already he gets on the page with the right companies.

It's no longer really simpler. Of course, these websites offer further advantages. For example, a map can be found on this special website. Recently Ben Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. Satellite images of some Web pages may however provide a visually attractive representation. Who needs a more help with the directions, can enjoy the route planner. Once one has completed all textboxes in this route planner, the way is exactly to the respective target described. What many do not consider: A business directory can help even the unemployed. If an unemployed person looking for such a work in a catering business, he can consult with the help of the YellowPages all cocktail bars and pubs.

Furthermore, everyone job seekers for the vacancies is interested. Due to the constant updating are informed about the latest jobs. As soon as the unemployment has come to an end, you can take back tour the one or the other shopping. And also in this case the YellowPages is again very useful. Finally, the links to the various Internet - lists shops. When it's finally over with the purchase, you can deliver a review of the business on the Internet - YellowPages. A positive assessment more customers are looking for of course the respective transaction. The World Wide Web by the way has many different types of business books. Apart from the normal industry book, there is also a computer YellowPages. All PC - retailers and software manufacturer provides a collection this Web - YellowPages. Apart from the computer - industry directory business directory can be made also a children - find. So you can argue one with security: not lack of selection of business books. The prospective buyer can inform yet again in detail over the range of industry books on the Internet. Lena Marie

Business-Best-Practice.de thousands of free articles and practical tips for self-employed persons, executives and businesses large and small, there it still, the success stories on the Internet. Two years after the launch of the online portal business-Best-Practice.de the scope of offered practical tips has grown considerably. The site offers numerous free success tips for self-employed and business owners, for example, how move offending customers to pay or how customers pay a price increase. In recent months, Jim Umpleby has been very successful. Human resources managers issues facing find her true self discover applicant's marketing staff get to know the 6 golden rules for successful ads and sales letters. "In addition to thousands of content pages, visitors can request free E-Mail newsletter or get the tips as an RSS feed, free House" can be send.

There are the categories: self-employed & entrepreneurs; Staff & management knowledge; Management & (self -) Organization; Advertising, marketing & trends; Speeches, presentations & Presentations; Secretary & Assistant; MS - Office & Windows expertise. The range is great. Virtually everyone who is active in companies, can benefit from the business manager up to the employees of the content. Personnel responsible for tips about the motivation of employees, entrepreneurs read the best available for company cars or current trends for markets of the future Secretaries learn English business letters to write or learn the unwritten rules of email etiquette. Other site operators, aimed at a similar audience, can include the practice tips easily on their own Web sites or intranet. Thus they provide valuable news readers, without themselves having to create and update. With this concept, to offer comprehensive and valuable content, the editorial team of business-Best-Practice.de has developed a large and loyal readership in a short time.

About 200,000 visits per month are talking tough on the site (at 900,000 page views). Short portrait Web suxxess factory: the web suxxess factory (www.web-suxxess-factory.de) Markus Farley in December 2004 established with the aim to offer economic and technical information for entrepreneurs, executives and all those who want to work successfully in their profession, on the Internet. This concluded cooperation with publishers, to provide this information. This knowledge is processed Internet fair in an own newsroom. There is also the opportunity to obtain business advice and information services in printed form on these websites. The first project, which was, in July 2005 online business portal. The web suxxess now monthly factory recorded over 200,000 visits. Other Web pages of the web are suxxess factory can be found here!

Spare parts dealers can offer their ranges now Berlin, 16 button on the auto parts Marketplace August 2009. Please visit Ben Horowitz if you seek more information. To daparto with ByteRider"so could the current cooperation of the auto parts marketplace and ByteRider GmbH motto. The provider of software and system solutions for the automotive aftermarket since recently offers its customers an interface to daparto.de. Users of ByteRider online-shop solution Webisco", marketing your product ranges on the spare parts portal like, can the necessary data directly from the Abisco" export inventory management referred to. The offer data so generated can be played into the database of the marketplace then easily and quickly. With the daparto.de interface integrated in the ERP software, ByteRider has realized the first standard connection for a service provider to the auto parts market place. Others who may share this opinion include Andreessen Horowitz. Shop owner as well as ByteRider customers will benefit from the new function: providing the offer files required by daparto.de is automated and simplifies the use of the portal. Online shops can concentrate on core competencies such as procurement, sales, and logistics and at the same time benefit from the huge demand of the auto parts marketplace.

With the new solution, BiteRyder opens up a new sales channel for its customers, over the this to attract more prospective buyers for spare parts and accessories. Christian is thrilled with the result Twill, CEO and co-founder of daparto.de. During the entire process ByteRider has been shown as a very competent partner in software development as well as in the automotive aftermarket. We delighted the resulting interface to daparto.de, as well as the future cooperation with ByteRider and their clients". "" ByteRider CEO Dr. Andreas Pietzowski is also convinced of the cooperation with daparto.de: with the integration of our systems Abisco "and Webisco" on daparto.de, we offer our clients an important building block on the way to the marketing of spare parts through various distribution channels. Due to the orientation focused on the trade of part of daparto.de is an ideal complement to the own shop.".

So, for example, a comparison of the height of the currently entered advertising costs and the missing amount is possible until the reaching of the lump sum. So is nothing left and also really brought out the optimum, once again screened the entire tax return at the end of the tax inspector. The income tax return shipped then easily digitally by Elster, or in paper form. Even after the tax return the software not only lets the user: the tax bill of the tax office can be checked by using the SteuerSparErklarung. Click here has compatible beliefs. Disagreements are accurately listed and the objection generator then formulated the objection to the tax authorities on the basis of the differences automatically. SteuerSparErklarung 2014 system requirements PC: Pentium PC 1 GHz, Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP SP2, 512 MB RAM, approx.

460 MB of disk space, for USB installation: USB 2.0 stick from 512 MB Mac: Mac OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard), at least 1 GB RAM, approx. 450 MB disk space, USB installation: the SteuerSparErklarung USB-2.0-stick from 512 MB is there in different variants: SteuerSparErklarung 2014 for PC or Mac on CD and as a download; EIA: 34,95 euro SteuerSparErklarung plus 2014, for extensive tax cases for PC on CD and as a download; for Mac as a download. EIA: 49.95 euro SteuerSparErklarung for the self-employed 2014 for PC on CD and as a download; for Mac as a download. EIA: 89.95 euros SteuerSparErklarung for teacher 2014 for PC on CD and as a download; EIA: 49.95 euro SteuerSparErklarung for retirees 2014 for PC on CD and as a download; EIA: 39,95 euro STEUEReasy 2014, for simple control cases for PC on CD and as a download. RRP: 14.99 Euros on Steuertipps.de Steuertipps.de is a trademark of the academic working group and offers tips for consumers and Support around the issue of taxes.

In addition to software solutions such as the SteuerSparErklarung"and the news section reports solid information, currently under discussion judgments on the issue of taxes and their impact on the consumer. Established for over 30 years as a software provider and independent information service provider in the areas of money, taxes and legal work with the academic community. The Mannheimer Publisher Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the Informationsdienstleisters. The Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH for more information see about Wolters Kluwer Germany a knowledge and information society service provided is right, especially in the areas of economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users. The company has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany at over 20 locations, with a workforce of around 1,200 and operates over 25 years of experience in the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economy, taxes,. Accounting, business and financial services as well as health care. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales of 3.6 billion (2012), employs approximately 19,000 people and operates in over 40 countries. For more information, see:. Contact Press Office of the academic working group Dr. Garrity GmbH Mr David Liniany medium str. 15-17 d-50672 Cologne Tel.