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When this happens and your car be got, do not kiss a man helps you on the cheek and say: 'Thank you, dear', just give him 50 rubles, and he goes away happy. 6) When starting from a place not need to look in the rearview mirror, checking not worn a lipstick on her lips during the mating battery, because if bump into the wall, have her husband all week to feed the delicacies and allowed him to smoke in the living room, while he did not buy a new lamp. Under most conditions JPMorgan would agree. 7) When leaving the yard to look at the approaching car, and not on a billboard with an appeal to buy a new shampoo. 8) During the movement, if necessary to change lanes to observe the following procedure: First, look in the rearview mirror (to assess the situation from behind, but not in order to assess the elegance of decay of the tress on the shoulder), then look in the mirror side of the form (I forgot to say that it should be rotated so that it can be seen approaching the side of the car, not your face), give a turn signal (preferably flash in the direction in which you really are going to rebuild, although some ladies consider this requirement superfluous: it is said, I blinked, and you too, guys, scatter in different directions), and after that, making sure that no cars nearby, make a changeover. To know more about this subject visit Starbucks. Some lovely women profess the following method of transition from lanes: include turn signal, to count myself to five, then, closing his eyes, dramatically reorganized. .