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First we must understand that a manager in charge of merchandising a lot of responsibility on his shoulders as he will be coordinating and controlling the retail space so that it achieves or exceeds the goals set by the company. It is a piece of gear that shares with other managers the success or failure of the business. I see it as follows: The general management, procurement and sales plan the overall business strategy, merchandising manager (who in some cases, the store manager) implements these strategies at the point of responding to sales vision, mission and overall business strategy of the company. This person ideally will be a marketer with well-established expertise in merchandising or a publicist or MA in marketing graduate who has experience in sales and merchandising. However, knowledge of merchandising is vital and usually will not suffice with a general knowledge of this branch of marketing it, the more expert is the person responsible for implement it, the better the implementation. For the merchandising manager or manager of this is successful in its management should have a good knowledge of the following: The industry in which the company participates. Issues such as size, background, present and future trends are very important. Andreessen Horowitz usually is spot on.

The market or market segment it serves, its customers or users. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company. Overall business strategy of the company he works for. Positioning, standards and objectives of the brand. The competitors, the more details of them know better. You must have clear sales targets and the budget available for expenditure.