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Before 1981, Emilio Reyes has specialized in breeding tobacco. Then he left the company, but not stopped to advise her, Windsore Shade Tobacco Co. and other companies specializing in the cultivation of tobacco. In 1981, Reyes began working in his father's company - Tabacos Amantina, and left it at the end of 1980. 'That was when I changed the name of the company on 'Flor de los Reyes' (Flower Kings). " I get a light offered me a cigar Reyes with Connecticut wrapper and immediately realize that I had never tried a cigar like this.

Taste with a hint of exotic spices, but without the pepper, just to describe impossible. Intriguing aroma of golden-brown cigar is very well suited for smoking after dinner: a clean taste, no tar colors. Enjoying a mellow taste of ripe cigar, I once again surprised by Don Emilio, unexpectedly again by contacting past and future. 'In 1997 our family has developed a new tobacco, called by us' Rese'. Essential oils that contain an unusually strong tobacco floral flavors, and a higher nicotine content tobacco gave a fortress. We have added 'Rese' in our mix of tobaccos, which, in particular, sell on the Russian market, like our other counterparts around the world.

In your cigar - a mixture of tobacco with the inclusion of Rese '. Before Don Emilio brands have become popular in the United States, crowds of vacationers vacationers literally swept off the shelves thousands of boxes of cigars. Emilio Reyes said that, encouraged by such a sale, Reyes family prepared to present the brand in the U.S.

Energy aggressors people may be a result of serious illness, destroying their aura. Sometimes they become vampires after a dangerous hobby magic. Secret training alone, without an experienced and responsible manager, generate numerous strains in the aura of the person. In addition, some people, fascinated by magic, promote the appearance of the poltergeist. Do not think that all the energy vampires - the villains. No, it is likely bioenergetic disabilities, victims of another's influence. They usually do not even eat that aura around him.

But this process of seeing psychics. It turns out that while communicating with another person in the aura vampire in the solar plexus, there is a hole. From the edges of the hole in front of the psychic grow tape, like tentacles, stretching to the solar plexus of the victim. After that, the aura of a vampire begins to increase in size, and the victim - to decrease. All this happens without any effort on the part of the vampire, unknowingly. There is only the result of a vampire is pleased, and the victim - the discomfort. Researchers have isolated two types of energy vampires: active and passive. But regardless of the nature of their behavior at all vampires is the same - they take energy away from the people around them.

Their attack leads to a noticeable loss of a man of his bio. If the attack was a single, the case is limited by the fact that the victim becomes lethargic, irritable. A day or two after the attack, her aura is completely restored. If attacks are constant, then the field does not have time to recover, and people suffer. Chronic loss of energy is slowly but surely destroying the body and cause serious diseases - such as diabetes, heart failure, and cancer. Aggressive vampires are open. They attempt to provoke the victim, calling it a dispute, quarrel. These vampires are always looking for and finding a reason for conflict. In anger, people bioenergetically defenseless.