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Many believe that the best service you can provide only an authorized dealer. My personal experience shows that it is not so. In the proof is given case, which happened to me 2 years ago. Safely open season and rolled after 2 more months, I began to notice that something with my bike is not the case, namely when driving heard strange metallic sounds from behind. The problem was a broken rear wheel bearing wheels. Having established this, I decided to apply to the motto. Thinking that the best quality service I can provide only an authorized dealer, to sell motorcycle, I decided to go to him. The closest to my location residence okazazalsya "Avtokontsept." The essence of the repair I produced was clear, only it is only necessary to remove the rear wheel hub itself and replace the bearing in it.

To save time, the operation to extract the hub I did itself. Since the bearing puller vypressovyvaniya from the hub, I was away, I turned to the "Avtokontsept." Next comes the fun part, try to describe everything in detail and make their feelings. I came to the salon itself, large room, glass showcase, there are brand new motorcycles and cars, sit at the reception beautiful aunt, everything looks very civilized, in general, something like this would look perfect Motobike Salon. I appeal to them, they send me the service, located on the opposite side from Leningrad. I ran towards the motto in the hope of a quick solution to my problem.