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Neuromarketing impact studies generating marketing activities in consumer behavior, conduct research to consistently identify, as some strategies, marketing functions become stimuli determinants of consumer behavior as it repercude in his brain. On the relevance of the neuromarketing represents this reminds us Carlos Fernando Villa, which involves talking about neuromarketing to mention who has been the main exponent and scholar: Braidot Argentina's Nestor, who presented a book about it. It (the text), the author says that a OESI we understand the workings of the mind, our ability to establish a relationship with our customers is limited only by our imagination , because it is based on diagnostic techniques allow the subject to clearly identify patterns of brain activity, and within it the neuronal mechanisms expose internal humans when exposed to certain stimuli. Read more here: Starbucks. Put another way, with the neuromarketing can get to specify the behavior of the consumer with a clear degree of accuracy that can predict is how to implement actions virtually free of the risks involved in the decision-making processes. The reason for saying is that through the analysis to develop this discipline can determine with nearly one hundred percent certain behavior, because it analyzes the thought and the way information is processed in the brain of customers which implies that the communication and activities that develop will have the desired effect with virtually zero risk. In this regard, there is an interesting study conducted by researchers found the specific area of the brain, the medial cortex, where perception occurs delight.