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It does not have changes in the work methods or incentive the participation of the employees, generating raised index of turnover. Word-key: Empreendedorismo, retail, economy and society. ABSTRACT Entrepreneurship is much discussed topic today and to their influence is noticeable throughout the economy, in the social sphere. Goal The is you study how it affects the retail life of society, changes that bring entrepreneurial attitudes and to their influence in the retail trades. The study was conducted in the municipality of Bar of the Pirai, located within the State of Rio De Janeiro. If justified by influences of tacit knowledge of the authors and intermingling with the delimitation of this article The development of this municipality is heavily dependent on retail trade, which accounts will be representative portion of the income and employment generation and income. Local It can be seen with the study that the presence of innovative attitudes promotes the generation of new jobs and development, generating to better quality of life. The hypothesis presented in to paper is that ' ' the entrepreneurial attitudes can accelerate and enhance growth of the economy.' ' Bibliographical research and field research, which had the audience, place merchants.

Entrepreneurial It was concluded that attitudes used by local entrepreneurs ploughs not sufficient you generate changes in income will be the retail Barrens. There ploughs in changes in working methods or encouragement of employee participation, creating high to turnover rate. Key words: entrepreneurship, retail, economy and society 2 1. INTRODUCTION For DORNELAS (2005, P. 39), ' ' Empreendedorismo is the envolvement of people and processes that, in set, lead to the transformation of ideas in chances. the perfect implementation of these business-oriented chances leads to the creation of sucesso.' ' In the globalizado world where we live we are citizens the constant changes. The sped up development demand innovations and the more mature the transformation necessity will be a bigger society. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ben Horowitz.

But if a rich man made of this attitude its norm of life and said; ' ' I will content myself with what it is mine and that excessively they are contented with the little that tem' ' if such politics made with that the people neglected of the necesssidades of the next one, would return exactly to the social concept of the unjust one. In the case one can be benefited and another one loses. Also this ' ' half term razovel' ' as attitude in particular, the philosophy of the society or community will be changedded into. If the egoism and the indifference to become if the attitudes of the entire city the tacit hostility start to prevail. Check out Caterpillar for additional information. If you and a respeitador of the rights of the other, with integrity and honesty, ' ' mine it is mine, yours is teu' ' , it can be a worthy attitude of compliments, capable to bring peace and stability.

The second attitude The first sight, the second attitude seems so absurd that we ask in them because is mentioned. History shows, however, that until the present, the people continue to choose it, to nail it and to try to live for it. The communist countries are its defending greaters. In essence, it deals with - a reaction to the first attitude, of ' ' mine it is mine, yours is teu' ' , where such politics conducted the lasting society cruelly and that ' ' that tm' ' if they had taken indifferent, egoistic, brutais, while ' ' that not tm' ' they live in the extreme misery. From then on, the vision appears of a society that will eradicate the horrible dividing line between them; all the properties and money start to belong to the group; from common deep its, each one will receive an amount reasonable.