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The effectiveness of any employee of a company depends not only on the availability of necessary equipment, but also on the arrangement of the workplace. Therefore, cupboards, shelves, tables and other office furniture should be considered not only as part of the interior. Its convenience, the correct location of the premises, the availability and functionality of full-time staff to allow the company not to be distracted by petty domestic issues and more time and attention to work. And, of course, no office is complete without seat - an important component of the equipment of the workplace. Read more from Andreessen Horowitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Depending on the type of activity, employees spend up to eight of them, and sometimes more, hours, so the office chair should be as convenient as possible. They presented a number of requirements, including attraction, universal design, and as a result - a harmonious combination of seats with the rest of office furniture. But far more important factors such as durability, reliability in use and ergonomics. Ergonomic office chairs by means of their friendliness and the features of the structure the human body. Read full article on the site

With the opening of business, most managers think about the material condition of the firm, and forget about her safety. In the city of Kiev, more than 75% of firms have offices, staff accommodation, in some cases the goods. In this If managers want to manage the organization, always see what's going on in the office or in their absence. Keith McLoughlin contains valuable tech resources. To do this you need to install a video surveillance system for the office. Key features in video office can help you view and listen to everything that happens in the room. Watch and listen to both online and in the recording mode, date, time and motion. For the design of CCTV systems office should be divided into certain areas, we now consider every possible area separately: Zone "Yard." The so-called zone of which concerns the street, that will help control access to vehicles building, as well as his corruption: theft, accidents. Security cameras are installed around the perimeter of the office, focusing the lens to the parking lot and entrance door to the room.

Zone "Receptionist." The first point of access to the office, which is sure to viewed by the camera surveillance of the general form, or better yet a few: Focusing on the door itself and inspection chambers volume of the space. In the presence of the Secretary at Reception, you must install the camera on the area Secretary of the meeting with visitors and employees. Zone "Corridor." In the presence of the site premises after Reception, video surveillance system for your office, involves the installation of cameras track the object and access to the door, department office. Zone "Classrooms." This area can be divided into rooms, can share in the department: accountants, lawyers, etc. enedzhery ... And in each zone can be organized surveillance system for the study, in which will be the camera for a general inspection of the premises, but you can keep track of each employee workstation, set the camera video over the table.

The video surveillance system for the office, may prevent or solve problems: - Theft or destruction of property - a conspiracy of staff to financial fraud - discipline in the office - lack of staff in the workplace - often published in the "smoke break". According to statistics, smoking employee works 2 hours less than - no smoking. - The entry of foreign, video editing equipment can be designed based on a computer that can hold a single PC, or desktop PC to stand on that will not interfere with work for These employee, or DVR-registrar, a separate recording device similar to a VCR. CCTV cameras on the street should be placed outside, and even better anti-vandal, to prevent damage to equipment mechanically. For premises are mainly used domes are not catchy, aesthetic appearance. If there is a problem with long distances, focusing on certain areas, set bezobektivnaya camera to which is chosen to fit a particular lens characteristics. Powered system is better on the uninterrupted power supply for the health surveillance system for the office at the time of disabling the network 220.

Only a properly selected projection screen can provide a really bright, quality image and create a comfortable environment to watch a movie or presentation. Choose a projection screen, based on the terms of presentation, including characteristics of the room in which it will be used, and of course, customer preferences. Choose the type of screen design I. Projection screen for permanent use in one If the indoor presentation will be conducted in typical office or room ... ... consider the option of buying the screen roll. Securing the stationary housing for wall or ceiling, you can easily expand the canvas screen a spring mechanism and also quick to fold it after use. The case itself may be masked by drapery or hide in the alcove.

Or you can just order a screen with a designer case. For example, elegant screen TabScreen Electrol (Projecta) in black aluminum body, not only will not spoil the look of your room, but on the contrary will give it a modern and stylish look. And the screens Artisan / Series E (Draper) provides for the possibility of manufacturing exclusive case from solid wood with different finishes. Roller screens are equipped with manual and electric (motorized). At some of them to stop the election, depending on your budget and personal preferences if you have a special room for negotiation or equipped with a separate home cinema, you can choose ...

... Wall tension screen. Due to its design tension screens are perfectly flat surface and provide amazing picture quality. The taut canvas mounted on a metal frame in different ways: using clips, buttons, elastic cord or tension rods and hooks. There are also spring-loaded tension gears. If the standard aluminum frame that comes complete with a canvas, you do not like, you can replace it with a decorative - with black velvet trim or finish under the skin. For example, a velvet frame can be ordered to screen tensioner Clarion (Draper). A surface tension screen Cineperm (Draper) on the perimeter is surrounded by an artificial black leather stripes. II. Projection screen for use in various areas, including on-site presentations are available for this purpose mobile (portable) screens that are easy to carry, assemble and dismantle without special tools. Mobile screens come in various designs. Mobile screens on a tripod (tripod) Steel screen, which concealed extractor blade, easily mounted at any height tripod. Sturdy tripod has a bearing retainers for maximum stability. These screens are reliable, easy to operation and are ideal for heavy use. For convenience and protection of the screen during transportation can also order box or bag. Portable screens with folding frame screen size for use at major events. Can be installed almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Due to their design, they are very stable and have a perfect surface for the stretched image projection. Represent a collapsible aluminum frame, removable legs and a screen cloth, which is attached to the frame with clips or buttons. Compact roll-up screens Roller screens in a portable package, from which the canvas is stretched (turns) on the show. Provide for the installation of the body directly on a desk or other surface. Ultra-compact and lightweight, for example, desktop screen TableScreen (Projecta) 76h102 weighs only 2 kg, they are ideal for mobile presentations.

Capsule coffee in coffee machines Capsule uses pressed coffee in capsules. Sealed plastic or aluminum packaging perfectly preserves the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee. Capsule, charged in a coffee maker, first pierced in three places, and then a powerful jet of air is mixing it well content. After that, the chamber with the powder under pressure enters the water. By regulating the heat in the capsule coffee makers can whip the milk frother. Combined Combined coffee coffee, as a rule, combine the functions of droplet and 'espresso'. The difficulty is that for drink preparation and method of drip coffee espresso needs, different degrees of roasting and grinding. Doubtless Coffee is the advantage of their portability, especially their useful in a small kitchen.

Combined coffee machines are good for small office, where certainly there and espresso lovers and regular coffee. Coffee machines are the most expensive type of coffee machine designed for making coffee in large quantities and with the shortest possible time. They are fully automated. Use them in coffee shops, restaurants and bars. Now there are coffee machines in offices and large companies. The most popular among the manufacturers of coffee machines are the Jura, Delonghi, Siemens and Ariete. Built-in coffee machines have built a new word coffee. Leading producers of today are the Miele, Siemens, Gaggenau, Kuppersbusch, Neff.

Built coffee machines in any kitchen cabinet or casing. At the same time it can be embedded capsule coffee, or espresso, or a combination, or large multi-functional coffee machines. What determines the price of coffee? The price range for coffee today is unusually wide. In addition to the type of coffee, the price, of course, influences and the name of the manufacturer. When choosing a coffee machines, like any other appliance, it is better to trust the professionals, rather than buy a cheap imitation that will break in the first month. Also, the choice is important to pay attention to what materials maker made. For example, the body may be plastic or steel. Plastic coffee is cheaper and lighter than steel. But their life is less. In addition to metal beverage coffee makers get more crowded. An important characteristic of coffee (except for drip and French press-type) is produced in its pressure. For the type of coffee, for example, the default value is 15 bar. Affects the price of coffee, and what it filters are used. If they are disposable, paper, - the price is certainly lower. However, they must constantly change, and this additional cost. Nylon filters are designed for 60 brewing. There are also so-called 'golden' Filters - nylon coated with a layer of titanium nitride, which greatly increases their service life. Quite naturally, the more features, the higher the price for the coffee machine. The cheapest models have a minimum set of functions. In more expensive provides automatic dosing of the water and coffee, choice of coffee strength and automatic shutdown of the heating flask. How important are these features? For example, lets you choose automatic dosing optimum ratio of water and coffee. And when re-preparing the drink, the indicators will show what is necessary and how much to add. Ability to select the coffee strength control allows you to taste the drink. Automatic shut-off - reliable protection coffeemakers overheating. It's really good, but as far as necessary - a question that each defined with the purchase, answer for himself.