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Capitalism, a term, an economic and (Democratic = majority-dictatorship ) social order is based on private ownership of the means of production, as well as decentralized private entrepreneurial planning of economic processes, coordinated through the market mechanism (supply and demand, subsidies = control/Cybernetics). Other characteristic features: striving for profit, contrast between lower workers or capital owners and wage-dependent. Era in the history of Economics is capitalism, supported by the bourgeoisie as delineated by the feudalism. Max Weber saw capitalism in connection with the formation of Western rationalism. For this, an economic attitude is typical, the Weber as ascetic rational spirit"has derived from the Protestant ethic (Calvinism). The Austrian school sees capitalism as a system, in which the economic Actions are aligned according to the results of equity". Additional information is available at Kevin Johnson.

Source: wikipedia.de, extract cyberneticist people consider as small machines or machines. People as supplements to the Assembly lines of Ford's successor with the Taylerschen compensation (salary). Unfortunately now global reality. Chancellor Merkel 2009 accordingly: we regulate something screws of our economy! "?" Hello, Mrs Merkel: the society is not a machine! Therefore, it has no screws... (s.

a. by management system...) Frederick Taylor (1856-1915) invented scientific operation lead (scientific management (1911), control, Cybernetics: control). He wanted paid industrial work (effective: what?) as efficiently as possible (how?) organize. This seemed to be possible through the use of naturally universal laws (physical, social and psychological principles). According to the Christian setting, that man basically is bad (original sin, redemption), workers would be not spent to the hourly wage. For the employer (!) he defined therefore time, space and motion-saving checklist-supported workflows (55 minutes of work plus 5 minutes break). All individual work should be paid off. The workers initiative was absolutely unwelcome. Pure obedience was required for the military. Humans = worker as standardized machines extension or replacement. By breaking down the steps and the extract remuneration, he avoided information and knowledge accumulation at the individual in the hierarchical system company.

This article gives an overview of the currently heavily sought after dual studies, including statistics and a future Outlook. Do you know your way with a dual degree? This article highlights this new and currently heavily sought after model in detail, lists statistics and gives tips for the search after the appropriate studies. Dual studies the emergence of the basic conditions that enable today's dual studies, were already created in the 1970s. At that time resulted in the nationwide expansion of the school system a student or high school senior flood, so the universities came to their limits. This large run on the colleges let arise the question to what extent a mass study at University and University of applied sciences had grown even the requirements of personal development and also tailored training for the economy. In the course of this discussion, the idea came up in Baden-Wurttemberg, to make the training through the connection with University elements, so theoretical lessons parts, more attractive. By the enthusiasm of school leavers for a normal was the large crowds at the universities, namely"training plummeted.

The cornerstone of dual training was designed in 1972 with the Stuttgart-based model. In the following years, this system of increasingly growing demand was, however, a shortcoming by the hand was to have: the graduates of universities and FHs had the better career opportunities with their academic degree. By the recommendation of the Minister of culture in 1995, as a result in the future to handle the graduates from vocational colleges such as the graduates from universities of applied sciences, this disadvantage has been finally fixed. And through the Bologna process, so the introduction of Bachelor and master courses, introduced this form of academic studies at vocational colleges. 2009 was the first college dedicated to only the dual study followed. The dual Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg is now "with over 25,000 students from one of the largest universities of in Germany." Dual studies Development and statistics show the meteoric rise of dual studies especially studies of the Federal Institute for vocational training (BIBB), which are shown below.

Because Neumann and Damha plan at least every three years to examine each value chain level to document ultimately also the developments and progress of the respective companies in the online space. Background information on the degree programme "business administration trade - industry construction and sanitary" on the DHBW Mosbach since 2007 the dual Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg Mosbach offers a nationwide visited SHK - and construction-industry oriented dual business degree programme for enterprises of mechanical and construction industry. The students of the program "business - industry trade construction and sanitary" (until mid-2012: "business trading - sales and cooperation management"), which is headed by Prof. Dr. Alexander Neumann, come from all three levels: by manufacturing companies, wholesalers groups and craft enterprises. Aim of the company is to educate industry-oriented qualified young as future professionals and executives over the course especially with the focus on the sales. The intensive course with 210 ECTS-credits has a duration of three years and ends with the conclusion of Bachelor of arts. He is supported by the Association of German sanitary industry and the German Association of plumbing heating air conditioning.

More information on the Internet at bs. Details of the research concept can be found under: background information was studienangebote/branchenhandel-bau-und-sanitaer/forschungsprojekte-und-ergebnisse.html to Damha marketing Damha marketing of the diploma in business administration Sylvia Damha 2004 as management consultancy with a focus on marketing in Rutesheim in Stuttgart founded. Customers receive everything from a single source from marketing consulting to implementation, of the marketing concept to the training. In addition to the classic direct marketing, a particular focus of the marketing consultancy on the online media. In particular with the issues of Internet design, search engine marketing, email marketing and social media marketing. In addition, Sylvia Detzel has more on the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg Lecturer in marketing. More information about the company and its services on the Internet at.