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For construction companies these days markedly increased the cost of failure. Two or three years ago, profits could cover almost any unplanned expenses. Currently, construction costs are growing much faster than cost. As it should be. The most expensive property developers to pay for the land. Several years ago, agricultural lands were worth so little that, gathering documents and selling second allotment, it was possible to a profit of 3 times the value of the land. Now this "freebie" does not exist.

Not even in smooth areas of legal terms is not possible to buy for a penny. The category of "elite" (and this class is always in the exclusive market) is already filled to the limit: the number of proposed settlements several times exceeded the demand, and each year it is glut in the market all the more striking. Projects plants two years ago is no longer meet consumer demands. They are, in particular, has not attracted the elite country cottages, even in the 20-30 hectare - it's too small. But in the suburban real estate market continues to form new construction companies, offering more shelter $ 1 million for 10.4 acres plots. Most likely, the sale of such settlements would be frozen.

Every businessman, at least once in hid life, asks about how to preserve the accumulated capital against inflation, in which to invest money? And then many of us comes to mind - why invest in the hotel operating business in Turkey? We all know the formula - money must work! Do you want to invest in a ready-made business, but have not yet decided to what? We suggest you look into the hotel business as one of the most profitable and fast-. You have the opportunity to buy the hotel - a ready-made operating the hotel business in Turkey (Antalya). Even if you have this new theme with the help of skilled professionals you'll quickly get used to this kind of elite business. All the more so by buying ready-made business, you will pass happily all stages of its formation and may already have a stable income right away. This is especially true finished the hotel business, the phase of development which is "from scratch" takes time and requires considerable investment. Ready hotel business does not have these drawbacks. 90% want to buy an existing business in Antalya are investors from Europe.

Various agencies conducting study infotour Antalya, involving search and buy ready-made hotel business or other businesses, you are interested. Predastavyat you a complete analysis of the real estate market in Antalya, will provide information on all current selling hotels, arrange personal meetings with the owners of businesses and will allow you to personally verify the reliability of the investment. Qualified experts will help prepare all necessary documents will provide you with the notary, translator. You need a lawyer ate, to represent your interests, a company also will be glad to go to meet you. Advise you on any matter of interest to you buying businesses in Turkey. If necessary, find any of your specialist and will provide service at the best European level. Buying ready-made business, you save money.

Incredible pace of city life pushes us to the idea to buy the land. Plot available for periodic rest, and for longer stays. At a distance of 15 to 40 kilometers Moscow's own plots of land located near Moscow, which are especially popular among those people who intend to spend many years in nature. Country sites, 80-100 km away from Moscow, to the conduct of for them the summer holidays. The further the plot is, the better to take it. Regardless of whether that requires that the buyer can afford to actually purchase a built-up and non built-up areas. Continue to learn more with: Ben Horowitz. By means of research it became clear that almost half of sites are 20-50 km from Moscow, have already been bought, and at 15 km from the city there are no free sites. But not all the plots were bought by ordinary citizens only, but also different companies.

According to the calculations showed that a considerable amount of land purchased about 20 large companies. Later, these companies are going to sell the land, and while waiting for better market conditions. As a consequence, in popular destinations - Kiev, Kaluga, Novorizhskoye, Minsk, there was significant deficiency of land. . World crisis of 2009 caused the decrease in consumer demand in the land of the secondary market Suburbs. Meanwhile, the presence of the proposals has increased, many landowners sold the land with tangible discounts - up to 70%. . Compared with last year, now every piece of land worth nearly two times cheaper.

We discussed some of our business partners on leaseback transactions, when they rent out their premises for rent. Jonas Samuelson has compatible beliefs. They lay mainly in the growth of 5-10%. This forecast increase in rental rates for next year. A related site: Electrolux mentions similar findings. " Paul Vysotsky, director of "CLP-Invest", also predicts a price increase of 10% in the segment of commercial real estate, which is positioned at the level "B" class. "In this format, no problems with the rental of commercial real estate there, and I think that there will never be as it is a landmark mid-level", - said Paul.

According to Paul Seliverstov, chief department management of commercial real estate company, "Cora-TC": "The introduction of new objects on the market today is not quite strong market would bring down prices on the date. If a shopping center will be focus not on the market, and the price that an investor would like to see, then yes, the problem may be, as in "Greenwich." If the market price will be set, the introduction of new objects is not strongly reflected in the market, and with occupancy of tenants will be all right, "said Paul, in the near future will even rise to the most successful sites. And this is due to sunset federal players, and foreign trading companies in Moscow. At the However, graduation will be held at the premises of category A, A +, B, C and so on, as in big cities. Prices on the premises in good locations will continue to grow. The cost of the other falls.