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The study attended by more than 30 000 people from 27 EU member states and three candidate countries for accession to the EU - Turkey, Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. According to the survey, 61% of European citizens are trying to to deal with climate change. In particular, among all respondents 28% tend to use more environmentally friendly transport, and 27% try to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. The survey also showed that 31% of Europeans do not doing to change their habits in order to combat climate change. Those respondents who are trying to take any action to prevent climate change, believe that their actions will help in this, as well as state that are committed to protecting the environment. They also note that they are concerned that they will leave earlier generations. The most responsible in environmental terms, according to research, are residents of Sweden, 87% of respondents in this country have made personal efforts to combat global warming. With 60% of respondents in Latvia and Lithuania stated that no action is taken. Global Warming poses a threat to migratory birds Specialists British Ornithology fund as a result of years of research have concluded that climate change is one of the major threats to migratory waterfowl birds. According to scientists, of the 235 protected species of migratory birds in Europe and Africa, all but one are at a particular risk because of climate change, and nine species are at high risk and may subsequently disappear.