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These gourmet Gifts for sure will also appreciate your family and friends, those who have not yet had the opportunity to get on the shores of this fantastic lake and enjoy the songs sung there fish. More Baikal gives people a riddle, permit which is exactly even scientists are not taken. Read more from Andreessen Horowitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This is a freshwater lake - the habitat of marine seals seals. Touching and sly whiskered faces of these animals can not help smiling tourists, and a persistent desire to take home a "little animals". Please, take: there they are, at your service - well made soft toys that will cause a storm of delight at your young offspring. Just do not forget to tear off the tab for the Made in China, you risk found in the "carcass" . And if the value of the gift may seem questionable to you, then get over to him to set a truly popular toys - clay toy characters of fairy tales and legends and whistles author work. Each has its own particular timbre of sound: a low and mysterious figures in the winds and the shaman, or ringing in fairy-tale characters.

Well, if you remember that before these clay figures were cult objects and using them shaman conjured wind, then this author's gift at once would be a valuable and very old boys and girls. Buy whistles and other handmade products can be in the village Taltzy that is located 50 kilometers from Irkutsk. In this architectural and ethnographic museum under the open sky collected around 78 monuments of wooden architecture.