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And I passed by, saw two pairs of women consider it in the eye. Two ordinary girls, going to meet me, have seen this handsome man of their dreams, instantly became silent and fixed his gaze at this fellow, so I felt sorry for them. They do not know that men, carefully watching his looks, style, white teeth and shiny clean shoes are likely to have obvious flaws is a 'human' terms. When you start to live with this, then understand. I know not with what is connected. For me, generally, a man sensitive to his dusty boots, - a monster. Chura, scared, suspend.

What kind of fetishism? Any clothing fanaticism speaks of misalignment, the immensity and inadequate picture of the world. Such a man easily frightened or angered by life's difficulties, such person or vindictive coward. In short, once again I'm talking about men, and it all started with women in general, and for me, woman, sexy, from the standpoint of the media object, often causes no emotion. To each his own on the street, I can point out a nice person to me in the manner of dress and eyes. I like some negligence in relation to clothes and intelligence in his eyes. (I know a few such I, and so we have a lot.) A man's attractiveness, I can appreciate only when dealing with chelovekom.Konechno, to each his own. For example, my friend, loving black tight 'uniforms' and the style of a business woman, like other men.

And it is, accordingly, like a completely different men, who did not interest me. That is, it focuses on its terms, and I am yours. I would, of course, took her all this smoothness and put to something cheerful, but then, as she finds her man? After all, they will bypass her side Still, we initially captivated by appearance. Someone more discriminating and principled, someone defines 'his' people from afar, on klechatoy arafatke and colorful bag and one of my friends do not even talk for a long time with a girl whose face he's not pretty.