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Fairness I should add, make everyone else too of course. Maybe the CDU should mark the date still simply the C outsourcing measure from their name. Then at least honest, wouldn't it? But back to Kassmann. Christianity (I must not lead to think more, everyone knows the religious phrases, they are similar in all major world religions) occurs mostly at the end of her speech. So, she talks a lot about different, what is much more important than their religious content, but never can be disregarded, to point out that she is the head of the Evangelical Church, all their wise words finally stand for nothing else than the Lutheran Church itself in tactically clever moments. This is about as smart as the change of image of McDonald's in early 2000, where it decided to sell continues to culinary vandalism under the guise of the image of health euphoria. Check with J P Morgan Chase to learn more.

Margot Kassmann is what must now be every to be successful in a top position: it is a modern business woman. This distinguishes it not a Guido Westerwelle, an Ackermann or an Angela Merkel. One must at their pungent person monopoly already wonder why the Evangelical Church does not finally admits a ultra Protestantism: everyone to believe as he wants. Christianity needs no leader, everything else is human delusions of grandeur. The answer is of course obvious: without the goal-oriented structure, which is also the core of the cohesion of the Protestant Church, she would not succeed. Now the Kassmann so drank, and I have this impression of Germany at least pleased. It is open-hearted gloating that a moral high ground is not better than the society that spawned him.

The utopia that it promises, is doomed to fail smallest common denominator: their own person. It is me, to criticize them, but I'm still never drunk driving car and tried, however, already more than alcohol. Of course, can We now raise your index finger and say: she have can drive someone dead. The reactions are much more important after such a scandal: as always involves an immense loss of faith. As in the Huber case an individual must serve now the head not to jeopardize the whole picture, because individual failure is obviously not the failure of the Protestant Church. In case of Kassmann, that's easy: she themselves must put the head in the noose, it even has different abilities. She can not say: my Secretary is drunk driving. I think you even your sorry that as prostitutes caught with as sorry a VW Board Member, to be: it hurts the image of the company, and this tiny realization can degenerate into each yet so seriously offering admission of guilt to hollow phrases. Might it very refreshing, if she would just admit how it happened? That it also times good, is a pure to tilt, and it just, to at least one evening long to be slightly better on it. But that would be a too-hot iron even for Afghanistanmargot. Finally go to the own dirty linen. In the end remains the important insight that Margot Kassmann must live under the same constraints and above all work, like everyone else, and that even their personal God is not up to these constraints.

The Pirate Party has a Nazi problem? "I recognize that we have a Naziproblem with the pirates.", was this week in the blog of the Berlin land Chairman of the "pirates"-party read Hartmut Semken. "At this time was Semken already prompted by other pirate members to resign was because he is not sufficiently clear against Nazis", specifically against rechtsradikales, antisemitistischen ideas and corresponding opinions within the Pirate Party border off. Also from the ranks of the established parties, such was to be heard. What's going on? Is the Mai'sche garden Nazi Reinhard (you might recall) mutates to the pirates Nazi? By Nazis and pirates is, that among the members and functionaries of the Pirate Party former members of the NPD are, quite obviously just have a "change of attitude" behind him. Also, it failed just a party exclusion proceedings against Bodo Thiesen who in 2008 was to hear with approval of the theses of a convicted Holocaust denier. Even more problematic for the Pirates are the appearances of the dazzling member of Dietmar MacLeod, who spoke recently in his weekly video blog from the pirate flag from the "world Jewry". There are other cases of this kind with the pirates, therefore the diagnosis of the Nazi problem seems true first of all in the party.

Opportune is a right margin? This Nazi problem is not surprising for a party that deliberately avoids any hurdles to the party membership - how was - already often rightly commented. Read additional details here: Slingbox. Even apart from that, whether it is politically not - unfortunately - opportune if afford a right of a new party, but is the current question, as the pirates deal with its Nazis. Within the party are clear to make two camps. A push for clear absence / exclusion, others, like just Semken, would basically "all people talk to" and prefer to deter unwanted right settings formulate "program applications and positions" that "not able to withstand real Nazis". Muzzle motion in the Bundestag the latter -may be faced with the real "Nazi danger" for the party - naive and perhaps rightly. But there is actually the underlying conviction that party politics has a substantive dimension, with the pirates.

And it is Nazi issue, political incompetence here, the only reason for the success of the party. Just this week was to read at a request of the Bundestag group tips, how to deal in the political positions different rows of the other parties with content motivated debate and - horribile dictu -: you wanted from their own ranks, who himself had recently married, to speak in the Bundestag against the unsuspecting belang - ruckgrat - and unfortunately also too often blah to the debt crisis in the future by rules of procedure amendment summarily ban the word. The Pirate Party may have a Nazi problem she have to solve. Considering that the laity charade with Verdummungs automatic complete federal policy is degenerated, it may be silent about the in party headquarters. Andreas Kellner...

The economic crisis will get worse, or she passes by and gives rise to relatively unscathed from us? Something that suggests that the economic crisis could be so bad, that all of our lives actually in danger? \"If a no\" is the answer, then yes everything is alright and we must prepare a US only to those who become unemployed, have to get into some trouble and just some belt tightening. At some point the bad times are over then again and I feel all better again. Click Kevin Johnson for additional related pages. We can check off the subject and turn to more pleasant things. Ultimately, we can just go ahead and thinking as usual. It is also possible to believe, that the upcoming days are not so harmless and are to think about it is now easy to do nothing. Because it was always so: a plump life and then the invoice follow on the fat years the lean years economy high and then low economic times. If you think so, located in prominent company. Highly decorated, veteran giants of the economy and policy thinking so and sit back quietly in the Chair on the talk shows.

Those who are currently in the Office and in the spotlight to answer, seem less relaxed. Looking at the tension and fear them. You must still think that one but can tackle this crisis. You need to spread hope, that their stimulus programs, law restrictions, expropriation waves, professional words and complicated expert analysis mixed with a few encouraging words to stop the mischief in his run and be. You see towering tsunami ahead and start with Schaufelchen and bucket, to shoveling like crazy. That takes enormous strength and can be quite quickly they believe, they would do everything humanly possible to prevent the tsunami. Are the national and international power file of the current politicians Guard help with us together with their advisors and ways to preserve life? The looming collapse of they can Convert the production and Division of labour in a moderate and temporary economic crisis? I don't think that.

The local cemetery fees have been increased in Germany by up to 161 per cent as the result of a recent study of the comparison service Bestattungen.de. Hamburg, March 1st - examined the fees changes in Earth choice graves. Result: Small municipalities have attracted in the last twelve months the fees screw, to bail out their clammy households. After strong rises in recent years many cities have raised so far only moderately or not at all their cemetery fees in early 2011. In Bochum Earth choice grave (20 years use) 2.012,-currently costs, around five percent more than Duisburg lowered early 2011. the fees by almost 17 percent.

The cemetery fees increased clearly in many small communities. In forchheim, Germany (Bavaria), Earth choice graves currently cost 161 percent more. In Seelbach (Baden-Wurttemberg), citizens pay 1.104,-euros, the increase amounted to 79 percent. Urn graves had partially even more drastic increases of up to 235 percent. Smaller municipalities are 2012 drawn right in many places with the fees of the cities. Citizens must pay for Earth choice graves currently about as high fees as in Cologne in Uslar (Lower Saxony), Kempen (North Rhine-Westphalia) is at the level of Munich. In contrast to the major cities of many small municipalities over the years have failed to adjust their fees. The results are big budget holes which must be repaired now.

Sometimes drastic increases are the consequence", explains Fabian Schaaf, CEO of Bestattungen.de. 2012 shows that there are still vast differences between German municipalities cemetery fees. While the Earth choice Tomb in Hanover for 20 years 2.039,-euros, the fee is only about a quarter of them in Berlin with 520,-euro. In addition to the drastic differences of fee experts criticize the poor understanding of many tariffs. Citizens need above all transparency. The municipalities should seek their Tariffs so as to simplify, that every citizen understands them", says Professor Dieter k., Councillor of the city of Duisburg. The study of Bestattungen.de confirmed a forecast the consultancy Ernst & young, who predicted that small municipalities will raise their cemetery fees much more than cities. We expect a further increase in the fees. Members have to pay high prices, because there is no way to defend themselves against the bad budget policy of some municipalities", says Fabian Schaaf. Local authorities must strive to stamp out price-raising factors. Cemetery fees must remain affordable", Professor calls scantlings. Contact: Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Bestattungen.de Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web:

Another way would be, for example, pressure to exert on companies. I saying this-ich although I myself very like entrepreneurship but also find it Justice, to treat workers fairly. What do you think of the following proposal: in a small town there would be 1000 unemployed people accepted. A related site: Starbucks mentions similar findings. We don't want but these 1000 unemployed people as a society, because only people with incomes also worthy can participate in a life in a developed society. Now we're going as a society and to tell all business owners in this small town must set to a Mindeslohn of 10 3% more workers. Now the 1000 unemployed into working life would be integrated, we needed no more employment agencies and workers and entrepreneurs would have to pay more any contributions to unemployment insurance. JPMorgan Chase pursues this goal as well. I'm asking you as readers honestly, where is the difference to the first variant? Why it justified, is enormous pressure on unemployed to build, but it is not justified to put pressure on companies? I see there's no difference! Also, a third option is to build pressure on the Government and politicians. It has no good since Helmut Schmidt Policy-makers in Governments given. The Economic Ministers were called Mollemann, Clement, Rosler or whatever? How can this be making the economics of such a large and important State, namely Germany, by people who have no idea of the thing at all by people who do not even know how a national accounts and macroeconomic factors together work? How can it be that the employment agency is occupied by employers and trade unions and politics, rather than by an independent body? How can it be, that the Federal Agency for work both in the vacancies tricking (hundreds sales jobs are listed there by companies that have no money, a paid to make vacancy) and how can it be that many cities and towns behind any unemployment rates hide, are pretty meaningless.