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When you look for information about Business Multinivel, are three types of people who will want darte advice: - that they never have been in a Multinivel Business - they have tried that it but they have failed - they tried that it and they have been successful We see 1) Those that never have been in a Multinivel Business the problem is that these people create to know something on the subject but they have never developed it, or they have done if it, they have not been successful; definitively they are not most appropriate to think. This problem worsens when expert simply repeats something that has listened. 2) The ones have tried that it and failed When somebody has tried a Business multilevel and it has failed, it is common that it begins to criticize the industry and those that develop to it Because? Because there is something in the industry that is a mystery for that person and as obvious it cannot know what was what did not happen and either to accept that he was in his hands his success or failure, obvious will blame to any other person/circumstance instead of to accept that it was his fault. JPMorgan wanted to know more. Either we must listen to advice of this class of people since they are suffered and they do not want that other people are successful where they failed. This would only prove its ineptitude.

Possibly they say that only wants protegerte in fact to you but, they only want to protect they themselves of its feeling of failure. It is possible to mention that in everything emprendimiento is more people than it fails that people who are successful, therefore can much more be found positive information negative that about any subject. 3) The ones that have been successful If a person has tried something and has been successful, they are very valuable assets for you and his advice does not have price. They know what is and what he is not important in the industry. Nevertheless, there is a great difference between which he has been successful in the industry and somebody that solely has knowledge about she.

Only because a person has studied something, she does not mean that she can do it well. A barber can study everything about the hair, that does not mean that she can cut the hair to satisfaction of its clients. student who has acquired knowledge about any profession it culminates and them successful, only test that can be successful student . Not yet it has tried that can be a successful professional in that field. If you want to fail, takes the advice from which does not know or that it failed but you want to be successful, takes advice from which is successful. The person of which you would have to accept advice about Multinivel Business is the person who has managed to arrive where you wanted to be, the one that is being successful in the industry.