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It is no secret that some programs do not 'get along' with each other or their setting requires a sufficiently large amount of time and money. Therefore, when choosing a software, whether it is typical industry solution or ERP-system, it is necessary to pay attention to it. If we talk about trading system sm Complex, it perfectly with the family of software products Set, which is used in the work leading retailers. Interaction occurs through the transfer of data on the price of goods, discounts, bonus programs and so on. and receive information about sales in the on-line or in a specified period of time. Q: What retailers are already using the standard industry-specific solutions? Answer: Among companies that operate in the sm Complex, many networks Combine up to 20 stores.

Among them: a network of supermarket spar, a network of wine boutiques 'formula', the supermarket chain "Nevada", a supermarket chain xxi century", footwear chain 'Payana' supermarket chain "Three Wishes", a colorful shops 'Order' and etc. More than three years version of the trading system sm Complex, developed by 1C: Enterprise 8.0 has been successful in leading a regional network of supermarkets and hypermarkets "Titan" (Republic of Buryatia). Need to distinguish between two fundamentally different approach inherent in the design of the trading system sm Complex: for food retailers and boutiques for clothes, shoes and accessories (the so-called, food and non-food version). To know more about this subject visit Starbucks. In them, for example, incorporated various principles of the handbook goods. Unlike grocery formats for successful automation product distribution in the fashion field, you must set several properties to the same product: what he color, size, refers to any collection and etc. Despite this, the logic of some, trading systems does not provide such an opportunity. Q: What is the trading system sm Complex differs from other typical industry solutions? Answer: There is a significant advantage of sm Complex, which is not characteristic of other solutions.

It lies in the fact that, on the one hand, this so-called 'packaged' solution 'turnkey' ready for rapid deployment and full work immediately after installation. Decision to actively develops, it means that the new version of the trading system is constantly supplemented with features that make the user experience simpler and faster. Well, as an example, we can say that only in our system moving goods between outlets (and this is part of the operations for retailers) is done directly, without additional synthetic operations of the intermediate moving a distribution center, which means that the number of additional securities, as well as possible errors in accounting for movement of goods is less. And this is just a particular example. In addition, unlike some builders sm trade always goes to meet the customer on the issue of individual refinement. Business processes of various commercial enterprises have their own characteristics. Some typical solutions do not consider them at all, and the code for the client is closed. We believe that this situation somewhat incorrect in the case when the customer does not warn about it. Therefore, our system is open source - that is, the customer is not delivered in terms of when he is forced to order a revision software integrator, the company - all available in the company's staff the programmer can, if desired customer to make additions, depending on current needs and challenges. Another difference in favor of sm Complex - provided customers with free annual support line.