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I am not going to talk about football. Even less of tactics and supremacies strategies which do not understand nor Pope and, also is given me a higa. Yes I am going to talk about, on the other hand, people. One in particular: Vicente de el Bosque. And it is her figure calmosa and modest, unhurried and unobtrusive, contrasts with the unbridled harshness of our media references, as it is now. In the wide world are today a series of quirky and frivolous, vocal types and cheesy which a good example could be Paris Hilton. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ben Horowitz. Domestic and most scurfy scale, the paradigm would be Belen Esteban or how you call that woman that I see screamed in different television dishes without knowing very well why.

Del Bosque represents just the opposite: moderation and common sense, the tranquillity and restraint. Those are virtues not provided them the position of football coach, see, if not, the antitheses that embodies the new Real Madrid signing, Jose Mourinho. Nor are inherent, precisely, to the Honourable post of coach of the Spanish. We should remember that before Del Bosque occupied that post the choleric and xenophobic Luis Aragones, blood and cyclothymic Jose Antonio Camacho and, above all, the self-worshiping and narcissistic Clemente Jabi. Against both unleashed ego of his predecessors, Del Bosque has given prominence to the real authors of the show, namely the footballers. The premium the collective over the individual, work on exhibitionism and the effort on the verbiage. I don't know if this attitude means that times of sport and of life itself are changing, in this case for the better.

What I do see is that our authorities, without political discrimination, value it as well. That is why I was glad Julian Lanzarote and Fernando Pablos encabezasen the appointment of Vicente de el Bosque as a favorite son of Salamanca. And they did so, moreover, before the World Cup. This is the final proof that the appointment is not tied to a mere temporary success, but some virtues that go beyond the ephemeral.