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Nails 4 U.S., chain international leader of applications and maintenance of gel nails, finishes incorporating a new franchise-holder to its network. One is Lydia Lepak, an enterprising young person who has taken to Aluche a center of manicure and pedicura without comparison in this populated Madrilenian district. To know more about this subject visit Douglas R. Oberhelman. Tengo still to learn much. To know how one takes a business is a time question, and the tax exemption seems to me a good method, a good formula to initiate me in the world of the businesses. They already have happened through everything what can pass a nascent one and have a developed and successful method, explains the new franchise-holder of 4 Nails U.S., that assures that if has chosen this one and not another mark is by the example that it had in house: my mother was clienta and saw that the quality of products and the system that this mark left to clientas very satisfied with the duration with the manicure used.

And I was convinced so, by same me, of his quality and its exclusive service that I did not deepen in excess looking for others. New Nails 4 U.S. that it represents number 31 in Spain; the mark counts on other 36 operative units outside our borders is located in the C.C. Place of Aluche (Reconciled of the Towns, 58.), the commercial center by antonomasia of the capital south. Of it they as much give to faith his consolidated baggage as a great extension (than 100,000 meters squared more, in two blocks) and one situation privileged enough. Inaugurated in November of 1993, it enjoys a location that for himself many great commercial surfaces wanted, since it is within the urban helmet of Madrid, to horse between the populated districts of the Latin, Aluche and Carabanchel. Thus, it is no wonder its management is conceited of an affluence of 12 million people to the year.