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Taxi: The story of the emergence and development of the taxi has long been an inherent part of modern life. Add to your understanding with Caterpillar Inc.. Now, perhaps, hard to find anyone who has ever not used to its services. A trip with the things at the station or in airport, returning late in the evening the guests are now no longer be a problem. In order to quickly and easily be on the other side of town, not pushing on public transport with heavy bags, just call a taxi. Even the happy owners of their own car from time to time choose to leave the steering wheel and the comfort to get to your destination on the "Volga" or foreign car with a "checkered." In the modern world has become a taxi so familiar that many do not imagine life without this service. Meanwhile, its history goes back several centuries. French "fiacres" The first taxi appeared in the 17th century in France, in the town of Meaux. At one of the inns near the chapel of St.

Fiacre enterprising Frenchman named Sauvage was organized by the park double horse-drawn carriages and open carting company of local residents. Each wagon was decorated with bas-relief from image of the saint, and soon this kind of hired transport has been called "fiacres." The crews have had great success with the public, business grew and in 1896 replaced the horse-drawn carriages gasoline engine. Motorized "fiacres" continued to deliver the inhabitants of the town and its environs, and the fare is discussed separately. However, after the invention of the taximeter in 1905, all trips are strictly charged with this counter. The unit began to establish a wage cars, which have since been called taxis, or just a taxi. Realizing the demand for this type of transport, car manufacturers have developed special issue machines, and pioneered the company Renault. Taxi different color - to stand against the general flow of traffic - and bodywork.

Carriage horses require good equipment - halters, ropes, lassos should be checked before departure. Horse legs need to fix a soft jacket, not tied tightly in bandages. Horse's tail should also be bandage and twist, as for racing. We should not tie horses too tight so as not to cause undue alarm, and too loose, because horses can fight or jerk and get injured. if the transportation animals is carried out in the cold weather, it should cover the horse blankets and wear hoods. Each horse transport needs to know that in no case be allowed, the horse remained in the draft, so it is necessary make sure that the trailer with the horses did not have drafts. In addition, it is impossible to carry wet or sweaty horses in an open wagon.

If the horse is nervous when traveling or has the nature of the obstinate disposition, is to introduce her sedative. But when the horse is transported for competition, introduced by injection drug can be regarded as doping, in this case would help specific homeopathic remedies that are need to give the horse every 2-3 - hours. Throughout the trip must be done to stop every 6-8 hours to stretch your horse, as her legs get tired absorb movement of the vehicle. In the long ride horses, must be accompanied by a groom or Konev, who knows the horse (or horses). You must also have a first aid kit on the way for the animals and telephone number of veterinary services, serving the transported horses. In any case perezvoki horses necessary to provide all possible circumstances in which the need is medical assistance animals. When transporting a large number of horses, must attend a qualified veterinarian able to provide first aid to animals. Remember that the transport of animals, places great responsibility on the horse transport and disregard the rules of transportation of horses can lead to irreversible consequences. So do everything necessary to ensure animal comfort and safety on the road.